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Live From The BMA's | Interview: Speedy Ortiz

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Mon, 6 Jan 2014|

Live From The BMA's | Interview: Speedy Ortiz

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You're -- it is basically had to practice this week is this case I think I was gonna say. Rock music pays off. And rock music -- here joy ride. Rock music cued him up the health city bus. Rock music will always been that for me. That sells lingerie and. It sure rap music days -- stop that this is it. How do you know I mean you expect this -- we not only that he was dealing beat her so we felt that we originally playing rock music in the Iraq music and paid out. -- That. Absolutely came out. And so folks if you if you just over the years out US I don't I don't that evidently you can't really didn't mean it can't -- types hit that guy. Aptitude for each drink -- -- -- -- -- of -- -- that isn't -- reality was -- well post again Beers and at the entrance they said. Isn't that you don't need a real -- I had to be a leader Alex. We're -- now and he'll take in years nearly a bad. He added we went that -- in recent -- is it pays out. He had -- the and ethnic people we didn't happen adversity that he has it that you were saying they don't have -- part of this. I had the idea that he had he matches that you free beer and -- is. And I can make it and -- -- -- -- that I did I feel like I hate to pretend that I didn't I had to pretend that I had one of those. The party that didn't work it didn't work that you can't yes it and that's you -- Well opposite than eat it plain that might rear its -- Do you that. They try him when he tried it I think I liked it gradually use speaking Ortiz for stealing -- that it. Congratulations what we're doing is not there including -- and we're gonna play out as we even steal that -- I I like I yours mine I I like -- -- -- -- us. We didn't steel that's owned utilities. You're playing -- and we didn't have to Brittany had a bad night oh I don't know it was all read everything they obviously want. That's it that's an evening's -- and I think it congratulations. Nice image for the week. -- -- -- -- -- -- They took you artist who worked and supports him instantly the best new artist of what exactly I don't know that you. I don't know he loves Boston I wanna know what I mean. Best new artist of the year and we'll all year so it'll year a lot of -- -- -- -- Life has been the best new artist -- like. They like. Fail they don't want that for. Where are you guys out -- that's another thing that's not that bad it's not there. I've been edited afternoon bill not now it's not us speedy Ortiz right these athletes -- -- what -- simply -- WA. -- -- --