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Live From The BMA's | Interview: Josh from You Won't and The Field Effect

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Mon, 6 Jan 2014|

Live From The BMA's | Interview: Josh from You Won't and The Field Effect

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Haven't quite a seven point three WB. At peace in Iraq and that is you won't. -- -- television we get Josh are you won't hear. Promote Josh told that. So that might live with a aren't exactly. Pleasant ride over. We've got we've got. -- as well Josh is here is that the deal with that at that you can folk artist category. Yes and did you Iowa. I I just give it up I try to figure out why -- like category. With -- -- -- benefit when the vote that's right. That's that was to have category. Yet we were actually make that -- relaxed. That's that was Louisiana that are so please listen. If that is your had gotten lots and -- you know who are betting money we're betting beat arch -- -- Five dollar not a lot of states it's time yeah -- -- -- didn't -- -- that I would ever. I do ago. -- -- which is happy being -- you know it's it's a present. I mean that it plays that we I don't know. How -- -- lies that the bosnians who writes I mean it's the swanky escape we've ever and it is certainly the best stress that's no wedding and never put weddings before we haven't done wedding. -- -- And ready to go through it Snyder now he's -- -- wedding some time that there was like you know with the Yemeni president thinks it. South covers actions anywhere we play this thing clear the other day you opened her friends -- -- and after late -- signs. It's easy gangster -- -- standards. I was and got free -- but like other. And I had to rent the secular they -- you both to save free bird appeared granting skaters. UST adding yet he lives in Israel intentionally. Differences yet. I mean brisket at hand that's pretty cool knowing he had -- we talked to Josh for that you won't. And at Whittier -- extra doubt these days. We -- sit there and it was -- the winner were to be out exit leases through an actress and T. -- the damn well -- -- -- month it is. Episode so we get that you know we'll get to see you live yes. I don't cross I don't know winner next gig at the bus and -- we'll have to see who it's Wednesday. That you look at I don't have planet you load music -- And if you Google that you have had to say it was the first results that a lot of SE or more years of Internet. Ground where we're finally there and this is that Josh review won't. It's great to -- yes these wars yet so that the break adequate rest -- I know is that they -- that they never he -- them then that feeling is that it's no movement. It'd be whatever it into -- And we are happy and happy years in so I start -- award later sitting right next. An award. No I've got. The first award that is Bernstein warned that we've seen those the field that yes you guys to -- sound did. We do. He wants to elevate and who. My name's Doug and see. It's. And what do song. Lack soccer. Let me. What inspired what it spies that we played well I actually. It was a summer romance thing and I rented -- car and there are the girl that was about California. And -- and a house me and I. Last minute went to go visit hired just to spend a couple more hours with on the beach and and he drove home that -- Started right some support it. Ever realizing that you obesity in the -- awards. With an award -- your allies on. -- song no no no clue did you know that he was the best song and record. -- I actually I remember when I economic growth the first person of course say I'd texted our drummer Adam -- I'm writing songs. Really like it like any song that -- that I -- I'm really about it. Self confidence so. With you get this piece of plaque if you will yeah that hectic few years it's that it's a really fancy paper away and yeah I didn't I think it's I don't -- -- really thought to have it. Congratulations. To -- the next night they just not -- and way to play that song right now let me Josh. Were for purity test for you won't. It from the field but that it gradually since -- -- The attire -- -- and folks that you're gonna fight it out right now why. This song. So rocks is the field that. They took song of the year. A circle that got what it means you're live at the -- is towards liberty hotel. But 97 point seven what a seven point three WCA. At this Iran a deal with that.