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Live From The BMA's | Interview: Gracie Curran and Potty Mouth

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Mon, 6 Jan 2014|

Live From The BMA's | Interview: Gracie Curran and Potty Mouth

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And we are broadcasting live from liberty has now lost to the words apparently that. Gave president is still up high but he's taken a lot of great photograph so there. And very and it looks fabulous. As I it. Everybody looks great -- -- city with us that we X rays aren't. Me see what advice and we got out body up we're going to be talking to. It just. It there is no idea -- and allies are used this year I saw you -- eyes are you about surprise that we everybody. What a great thing that -- spoke at a it back based parent and I was just I can stop -- my tracks. I I just it's still in the middle Abbas rob and watch you warrant. It right to the last -- Like last note and it. And at -- you commit to the -- that -- really close races. It's really. That we went picture. That everybody -- WA AF write it again and I resentment at the background I there are. At Gracie came to the blues artist category we did yeah we're really thrilled that there and it's a great -- -- that actually late first album ones that we could not be happier everybody's -- -- -- was apparent that isn't what -- I -- just. Dominating you now -- Also absolutely. It's edge that's what you -- whatever it spread to and we had a happy for each other and you know we have that -- year with. Will there be and we had we had much male listen they were all -- Matter who won and -- we're very lucky -- -- Boston -- -- -- being nominated to be here playing lives. I'm happy votes. Listen to your music in line knows all about you. That your name is out there and figures now it's out there so that's a great thing that you play. And that's sixty it is so thank you for playing music that -- I'm wrong and I have much we appreciate that. Oh it's every night every night we lit up like gauge what a -- -- the -- aren't it's slowed nice to have you here and I. Ankiel hit a little body well. Yeah and excuse you ladies can hit it to IE. Love your staff was definitely the latest on yours how loud and with it they rested she which is one of your songs that you can't beat new category can end at. You know I'm gonna have to have cheating in the area like she -- yeah. And how do you guys there. Had to meet a guy I have no idea what. Eat out and party line and they are dear friend that it -- -- and again we're really proud of and then there means paying in you know we all love their hand again there wonder. Grades so he does drop brands in this category -- Man. It was new categories in Europe and start at the. And it's great to be too quietly. Well I yeah -- maybe I would been listening to your music. And really just the opening minutes and where where -- -- does it mean warming. Next. -- my concern now or doing a tour in January it just needs us to our it's just we. We have -- and pretty busy fall. There -- to speak -- and they wanted to matter album and go on tour and we are taking me operate for at that particular news -- report it's and so. We'll be right back and dreaded January. Is always busy December anyway -- it time magazine yet at its regular thing you've done enough you know -- It's it's so great to have you all your body -- with us here. I go folks can't seat body now they're grace but these are like incredibly beautiful -- you. You know it makes -- You're up you know -- wouldn't. And you know body -- -- not funny about the earnings. Had gotten -- Thanks to grace grace charity money about security at the end how it -- quite -- sharply right now at what's campuses -- shot. Here at 97 point 70 what a seven point three WA HSBC. Run.