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Live From The BMA's | Interview: Big D and the Kids Table, Ruby Rose Fox and David from Eddie Japan

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Mon, 6 Jan 2014|

Live From The BMA's | Interview: Big D and the Kids Table, Ruby Rose Fox and David from Eddie Japan

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97 point seven winner of seven point three what you see at these Iraq -- -- quote. And this is not -- hope -- is. Raines who -- to award. But this is this is a big key -- did wrong -- that you sent you last year well although the witness I. And they wanted it to. Congratulations. You -- Hip hop about what is the the year at this is great so so they these guys have to be black violence and Dan. The winners regulations. What and rain. And you and we've -- like. Where we're not here we've got -- well. With sweet guy Eddy -- We. -- -- baucus yeah. Act and it would replace them and keep and it's a -- we -- fox is to keep Buffett's. What to squeeze it's a Pope who today and rain that just brought up -- -- that's -- Where it -- well we use that this not to be last year yes. Beauty with the game it's not it's not as that's just come out. I didn't. And it is. I just back fortunately. And greatly guys want to that was a tough category this this analyst the graduation. Thank you might feel it. The good the stuff that you wrote I'll -- that -- right up close your site this that's that that's two years in a row now. While. The businesses. Being -- pop artists and the city. Is really itself a lot of is -- a lot of that stuff out there very this I absolutely had stiff competition and you like it this year especially. We explain Rex -- guys feel that your bill. All of equal go learn but we'll -- -- councils of the vote so. A Purdue on record of all I. Around. Yeah that. If you Larry ring ring I am most the Ares I. This. Is frankly early group well open rain cats. And those of those of you it -- -- yard group. Yeah that's the point. -- the early those pacts fewer -- -- Phillips at the awards. And that is probably the apples that's. Crazy -- the. The -- every year it gets you we just kept it more people. It gets crazier. Than us here at the classic music awards liberty hotel. -- it's just such a beautiful spread and the music is just days. I mean spread -- terms folks just go from room to rule. The president's threat. Not that this -- And I are are what's better RI public givers that. That's not a diet the the which jacket to. Both -- -- there yet anyway. And we want it went immediately -- leaflet that you and that was -- you know it's immediately. Scored maybe having you on the show itself. Yeah you'll realize this report of love it you know it I mean it's the vote yes you view. Is it true. And that we get the Bob's I think we've got the right spot. Crass about it wrestlers me you know. He lost his life. -- I lose it back where we're working on company likes to that we. My lights. Let my mind so what we can do it and brought over at Fox News. It's not -- -- you then I saw you it is -- little earlier in the what is it adversary. This year -- had. Well speechless. At odds beat you started seeing it and I guess this. The thing and now that -- category. Yen or email vote. You. Know. That's that that's that category -- -- what that. Week which. The couple days. That's one of the categories meaning items okay. Okay what do -- medical -- -- up look at this. Remain -- it is ruby rose box Rachel -- she rose. As -- famous people's eyes. Like your god. We -- fox. Votes and an honor to. If you haven't heard. Merits not the way learn a little bad it just a few moments and yes -- bonuses that she. I mean Jesus cavaliers if you have socks on we -- this this year she's blown off. Just an incredible talent. I just can't really look at what -- like -- It's great to see you I have been on the show now I hope we want to live report and it's not that. We're not FaceBook friendly. Yeah. Right now. So. I want to pay you so much room -- grows stocks are doing it that way. Base hit rock. Very exciting now I'm really excited about having. Well ultimately. I'm Ruth and gross box literally we're gonna have to do and can we do it why all day why don't we do the same day. We will discuss that and his -- asked. To be discussed by -- Upgrades and that's right. -- -- -- -- -- -- Is -- Hi how are right it will that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I then I hear our right to start writing that like it's so -- what you about a year if you've had a. Closer who won't come one I would we got it right up next questioning got like huge loud speakers that are thank -- And -- it would be the tip of it. Seems like it's me. Close to there you are. All right we've we've got needed -- -- -- So quiet. He doesn't perform we did. -- to work. Wow -- -- I got to have a guy you're a little. How have coupled with my right squeeze his mind. We'll keep you. They've played it you you you're category if you. Artists here. -- congratulate him thanks. The only -- we've got both vote. So close. To two with a city that's right group of us boxes and we -- three years ago. Gradually three -- we expect something you're in -- category that. The you know -- Republicans pretty. Pretty large fans. Categories. What. Is ready to take it -- it's. -- group. In the rumble maybe we did we that's right. That you guys in the race. He's just there is no complaints. -- show up riots. That -- across the same time we're we're kind of what we're gonna do right now. It's beaten and abused his what he we will. Significantly the way we are we both know we're gonna it would replace them. Eddie kicking in right now. A town called nowhere it's cool at that right -- -- -- -- with a group -- -- here. You know what -- it -- recently updates. Your city to.