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Live From The BMA's | Interview: Barrence Whitfield and Will Dailey

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Mon, 6 Jan 2014|

Live From The BMA's | Interview: Barrence Whitfield and Will Dailey

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But what does that accurately A half days there rock act currently Christmas with me -- we are hanging. I love that that term we need you now. Lies that the Boston music awards here at the liberty hotel and that we just heard parents whit field it's not yet. I'm wondering if he was iffy so what's rocky -- harm. -- you happy with that song. Parents. So it is our hope that Mike right and I get that right very gas prices that yeah that exactly that is technically -- that'll slow it. -- Not to do -- that's not -- on times. It's good to hear you know it is the night it's still good. It's that it's what brought me to prominence. -- you -- you perform tonight yes we didn't hear it and I did everything go. Swimmingly. With mine you know I just who I discuss the months Dave justice -- screen itself honest. Rock. -- Parents Whitfield here I WA AF we often will the elite. Right next parents and got -- both these guys were. Both the UN BC nightly talented. Guys were were both at the same category this year. We were a -- guys are competitors that we spent so much time do you 22 with the other guy won a. Ha I know and and that -- hate it and I Travis so that was male vocalist of the year and let you know while. It's not that they don't have the best category it's just male vocalist of the year will you want this before. Have parents is this your first year being -- you've been nominated. It through this before apple. You actually you know I haven't won a music awards that's. Get this 1991. Lot and let you know one before that -- 15 -- Do you think if you've been very active lately you've got a new album now. And that you played you know. Board that you were and wine -- grant. Yeah well we got signed to. Let's shot records out of Chicago. Earlier this year that with a record out and August. And to a lot of fans there. A lot of critics. Really -- the record. That we went down with two England did. This the jewels Holland -- UK. It was fantastic guess we played with a of that show the -- While I was Delaware meet Julia and the exceed those that have also. Not the house themselves. Our whole while. That that -- plays out this tax and you know what's amazing about it is he has C accident. American act and you ran right by you ran through -- you glory. Who is currently subject like yeah laureates are -- the. But he -- but he's really wasn't nice guys Tony to that you down payment down payment. But now. Look at that we'll get -- right but it always have that really showed jewels was fantastic. To do something like that and you we've seen thousands of people. It was just one. It's great to have you back in the limelight with us again parents think Monty is my parents -- And it's great to play the music. And it tonight went well. -- went. -- that's good thing about being here tonight is beating you know. These wonderful -- is exactly so it's it's it's it's it's a double thing for me. Especially people that oversees. Talked you'll -- only do that. They were closet stands for many. It's oh yes viewers through -- -- well. Parents we feel we -- talking to right now. Once again. Berenson will daily where India male vocalist of the year category. A lot with John Powell I don't. -- -- -- And ward heated and Whitney took it this year. And what an honor is to have both sitting here. If you when I know tip my hat amazing. It. Musicians songwriters vocalist. We close. Parents with -- -- will daily you know that's right now thank you. And like if rate -- -- the news tonight. And I know a whole lot of people at home before but ice pellets as -- -- the -- The ice comes out before -- -- as though I haven't gotten all -- it looks ridiculous and I -- the region that are together reaches theaters putting on a rock and soul -- concert next week. One December 50. Oh you're gonna be playing at the regent theatre this and what what is that Arafat ended December 15 that's next here are what if you will evaluate has to be excused for -- in Iraq that. Anyway. I would let you best of England Italy -- here every Friday night your own I don't know why but I think that's apparently show it is entirely -- it starts at 730. And all your favorites like the fools Charlie. Great outstanding line. There aren't -- so there doesn't have. Was -- And here in sandy claws at. I that's so cool well this Santa Claus. Doing. You know I -- from the Mon sun. After that sounds like someone I'd -- Christmas present. -- -- to move it will -- right now well welcome back to move. Thank you don't have that we knew that I show. I think I'm really nervous yeah lots of music awards -- not that we way and did you learn -- this year. Yeah you're ever worry that you're -- we disagree. Lead that we're broadcasting broad line -- liberty right now. Really UK -- at a. Torre's yet -- us towards each year. Songwriter who writer and novelist. I did. You a lot of awards. I -- awards it feels it feels nice when it feels great. You know songwriter category in the we're category I didn't you just let -- -- -- -- that I can't I daddy what Billy is our agreement that this large and that's Riley. I look at this I know still getting over her record myself so this is -- that this is quite the category mrs. Yeah I can't let me hear a lot of pages. Some categories. We're still thicker and one that's largely and a and -- one Texas -- I'm just looking at this as a category. -- -- it really is the kind of this year we played. There was the a benefit the victims. Of the bombing it Johnny he's -- but Summers in -- -- -- -- in the senate leaders on shape with -- yes but we're just don't still. Composed myself. She's rich she's had such a sweet toys yeah it's great great weighs just. Great job uniter he would -- -- since he subjective. Community up you know. It's it's it's Agassi. -- supports music you -- do it. I indeed and you know what well. He quickly. Will this is a real Daly knocked it. Lord can't and and we failures I -- you're thinking. Your music is beautiful way to play it -- my favorite songs that I saw you perform here. Probably about 34 years ago and I felt so proud -- what and my performances appeasing. You can get a category to guide. We gave champagne -- chance mean. Will daily if we're sitting here Mike James Lawrence -- QB Ryan. That's a tough category two singer songwriter of the year and what will. Say this not as talking about was Alston. By at that moment thank you I hope you don't mind and I don't mind what I -- that's such a beautiful music if you are and are we gonna be able to see you out of Austria who are you. Playing any shows I hear back from France and I'm. Kind of wind up with you but I will be it throws the next few Tuesdays with. Very trio. 730. As soon be used in Connecticut -- record thank you. Congratulations. Absolutely and sent it -- student yeah. And and also -- and let people. Witnesses for those of you. Legacy will. On Tuesday night you know it's early it's also a reason it is. He's always over -- always always get a really great year and so the combination of free. Great to have it will Daly is -- it and that of course is -- have it up this Sunday night. At the regent theatre this parents Whitfield is going to be -- parents know that why it's so loud and here it is. That we've got that we get attacked writing these bikes I wanna think you guys so much -- -- -- think you. Happen thank you for -- -- -- wonderful that I wanna actually dedicate this night. And also in honor of the late great Nelson. Thank you thank you -- we feel very WA -- hiding. Massive and will -- went by Paulson. When I will daily and so nice to see these guys to get more interviews where he's coming up right here WA AF is that.