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The Street Dogs "Full Performance" Live on Bay State Rock with Carmelita

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Mon, 6 Jan 2014|

The Street Dogs "Full Performance" Live on Bay State Rock with Carmelita

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I don't I don't play. -- short time because thanks so excited you guys -- here and cut the music. And that's further ado please welcome live right now on the airwaves in 97 point 71 instant library. WA AF that's unique is that -- he Iraq. Below the street dogs who -- the thing WA AF income we've ravenous. The film goes out to the memory of the rascals on call pull telegenic. Weeks and satellite radio. Pool. It's. Taken its home yeah. Good they hate you thing. Yeah yeah yeah. You're welcome it's. It's. -- -- and beyond season it's. Yeah I'll have them ahead you. One love India and yeah. It's. Yesterday. Love. It is. It's. The island I'd go to him. Yeah. All the time. Well yeah. Good iron yeah. -- -- -- And these Atlanta. Game. Three and -- yeah. Yeah yeah. Yeah. OK but -- love. Yeah. Why -- Yeah. Yeah okay. Loved at all here instead it's the head to head out all of them right ahead and leave the -- -- battle back home. Things that I think we'll update you in the days due to pain then wound down planet yeah. There in that he'd probably. Yeah. You know the I had we'll. Yeah it is. In my view then. We'll. Yeah. Let me love. OK okay. Yeah. Okay okay it's. Yeah. Yeah -- don't. You go about the feel pretty. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's. It's. -- -- -- It's. News. And it's. Its. Okay. Yeah. Hey. If there -- a lot of okay. Normally. And help. It's. Memories. -- yeah. It's. Yeah yeah. Okay. The no doubt. And -- -- to. Yeah. It's. Yeah. Yeah you know. Then it's. Yeah yeah. Okay. It's. OK okay. Yeah. Yeah the. Oh yeah. -- -- the okay we'll -- Okay. Oh yeah. Early own -- the John -- -- bridge. Atlanta. It's. Not. It's. It's. We're. Okay it's. It's. Yeah it's. -- It's. It's. It's. It's. Yeah. And they gave you a lot of great -- hey I yeah. That little yeah. It. Also I would be permissions. And mentioned distant according -- Saturday December 21. At the house of blues in Boston. We do an annual -- the -- we have the comedians nuns. Stars and stripes the unseen. And you're -- who moved beyond it yeah. -- Birth to Britain for everything right. We got matter of their -- video. Going on that. Without the YouTube. -- This girl procedural not a thing that digital. -- The last time in the. I was losing coupled with a couple to the good value and we got some clarity going out. Contested ones do you have to. Our our rhetoric read. The -- Colombia. Get to each school. -- It outside the thinking about -- nominees who bit it. -- So what struggle we all got to. Know the secrets uncle pretty. Night. -- Yeah. -- It's not the -- Fans here that. On. Yeah. Need okay. Match. It's. Community thing it's not that quiet will yeah. Well yeah. We have got a little. Yeah. Yeah. There's a leaned yeah okay. Okay I'll. As an end here and it. It's. Just no way. Not enough. Yeah maybe things aren't. They bring -- now. -- oh yeah. And you. -- -- -- Had little. Yeah. We have got -- -- It's okay. -- do the. Yeah. And we -- and it's -- common problem as you hello. You know. -- OK okay. It's. Okay. Yeah. Wrong time yeah it's. Me. And it's. It's. Tall. The he's. Yeah. We I don't know. Okay yeah. We have a little. Yeah the. Okay. Yeah yeah. OK. Okay well. It's. News. Anaheim. Okay. It's. Okay. It's. Yeah. Yeah yeah. It is. Okay. Yeah. -- Okay. -- -- -- -- -- isn't news. No one will probably get -- had it right. Yeah I can move. Blue or pink yeah -- in your hands. And admitted it instantly got to equal is. I think it finds it I think -- else. -- -- It's apple look -- later. And we get I think we did you do. Okay. -- -- all right but a serious note. Would like to dedicate this. To all the great that a woman. In the armed forces serve and around the world tonight. Much respect and gratitude so called final tradition. Yeah CNN. News. -- -- Teaches. We can't welcome news on all Panama. -- Okay. Yeah. Call this. Yeah. Now these are. -- -- It's. It's. Yeah it's. -- Okay. It's. Okay. Okay kids but. And Obama there. But I have little -- and it is being. It's. Okay. Yeah okay. Yeah plus plus. Yeah. I went ahead. OK okay. -- Okay. But again. All. It's. Okay. Okay. Okay. It's -- and that are the it'll turn it is. Yeah and it's the only thing. It's. Not a okay. And aren't. Then yeah. -- -- It. In cities. Prayer -- Britain and flew all utility here. Wounding got roses and applause it is bonds on -- and he. It and that's. That's that's the yeah. -- It is really do about it news to me. Bat well. He's -- Okay. Well. Do you it. Okay okay. Time. Yeah. All the little. Okay. Okay. Now. Okay. Okay game. -- not out of the whom I have I have still have a disadvantage. Yeah. Those there why not -- you. It's a little bit of business development projects it and not let those good -- was good. That's got a really only got in -- We still talking to everybody really a blue that we are actually I got -- video related. -- real people listening on the Internet listener -- 97 point seven FM. Plus seven point three WA AF based in Iraq. I -- if you gotta pick your particular video. Via all kinds. -- the letters. -- you know. There -- people. You apple got -- bullets that got -- what is right I'll join you with. -- I think these Iraq's turn into a sports show that that's bull that's cool off the -- Yeah yeah yeah yeah. So did you decide guy songs that you guys -- was able to look at it quicker. And you know. So what's with separate did you learn how to patent you're really thought I won't let that old -- Ashley. These guys have to save some energy do you want you know signed when he couldn't take. Signal that really I don't play anymore. -- not you guys as an awesome it's up do you if you decide give each other the signal our talking. And just say -- when do you won you another. Pick up I think we got a global awareness. Well I don't need -- I'm not here to tell the difference and I am going to heaven more than 700 WA AF -- -- you dream -- and. I think -- back. It's. -- -- It's. Idiot. -- -- And again. It's. -- -- with the big dogs. Zumaya kids doesn't preclude it -- here we go check out. Okay. OK. You know who the days. OK yeah. Well. Do you call nine. We. It's better than it did that -- Now. It's. Add. Are you OK. Okay. -- -- Yeah. It's. Okay. Yeah. When I don't. You have. It's. Relax. Oh yeah yeah. It's. And we. Loaded how how. Well yeah. An easy game. He's okay I had done. They -- alert that he hadn't been in that it has been that are being. So it's -- It's. Okay yeah well. It's. You -- Two. It's. Yeah. Yeah and any news. Yeah. Yeah. But -- -- the -- old. Steve Jobs here at 97 point seven winners and pointed WA AF they -- Iraq that was so fabulous scene you just don't even know how much. Pleasure in glory just give us off here and seek out into the ring thank you giving. But these -- yeah -- it can't ride. And not. And for more exclusive on demand video keep checking in at WA AF dot com.