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WAAF>Home>>Pop Evil performs "Deal With The Devil" Live at the South Shore Music Hall

Pop Evil performs "Deal With The Devil" Live at the South Shore Music Hall

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Mon, 6 Jan 2014|

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Okay. You guy. Yeah okay big is another mister -- from W. They have a good -- and you guys have breast cocktails are you ready. Okay. It is my show every afternoon on W I -- knows how much I love our soldiers and our veterans. I want yeah. Up in the area you're older gear and Marines -- in the airmen veterans where are you guys -- and now when you're out there. They around those people had their hand and right now they should not be buying drinks and you should be fun. Or at home. -- make -- those guys are good -- it up tonight just to thank them thank you guys so much for your service thank you for everything that you do for us. Are you guys ready yeah. Please you learned. And -- night. I just let it got its for the first time and I and -- TTV interview it WA AF dot com it is all of them. -- -- it makes it might want to get they -- coming out there you may have logo so big you guys really think about to drive station W I have. It's a lot. Okay. Okay. Okay. No I am. Yeah area. Okay. Okay. Okay. -- -- -- Okay. Okay. The the the.