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Motorcycles, hookers and haunted castles - Mistress Carrie chats up Pop Evil

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Tue, 26 Nov 2013|

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The western music com we our backstage guys pop evil did you guys come and hang outs that's tonight. We literally like everything everything out and like you don't give any like I am so I don't know that it wac and we thank I think I -- -- I'll -- it nice to meet you guys finally is used up welcomes you or at least blocks will they weren't Wendy. We're talking about the -- you can get hookers -- after midnight -- I -- it you can't play 20 am pretty sure you find everything out. At midnight so you guys are good enough and that's -- we're in the right so I haven't you guys who are still it's nice -- I want to talk Cuba video. -- I heard about cats at all and I wanna hear all of -- light creamy taunted stories about. The capsule -- it was very cool yeah yeah we're gonna -- touch anything times. Stay focused on the task at hand this is so -- it's. Gothenburg Sweden. He's. You know you guys relaxed you know let them kind of talk about it but I definitely was on that's for sure. Yeah like what weird happens -- generally can be a huge. -- -- think that's the advantage in the got all the weird stuff happen. Yeah. -- we did. We're like yeah yeah. -- it's usually there and I come. And the -- means you are so it's right there beside that little farmhouse style news we'd like always ask. Probably one of those guys I've ever made his business tonight again. Doesn't let me now is pretty cold out and it was cooler -- profit. Not ideal -- -- nominee he -- talk -- coming -- -- easily taking. A Harley for our customers to attack. -- really strange Newcastle England including master and you heard a lot of times and apparently you realize. -- table and everything like but it was 60000 dollars if you look at this weird. Well yeah Larry -- the US is we think you know especially in Boston and -- a few hundred years old which really holds. You go -- like that they're like oh that's you think sending -- a few hundred years old is actually a yeah for a thousand years old don't tragedy today. Do you actually read your motorcycle that's all right. Unfortunately no we cannot tell us travelman match and I boat ride. Time and let's Tarver I last talked about yeah how we can -- -- I've got its name changed again project like. But it's forty buildings aren't gonna -- your tale moment you hit a bomb yeah. Design background you know again. On the ground. All popular exigencies. -- when you guys are on the road is that where you guys can all tracked him down like in his garage the differences that we Iraq. -- it's great projects. So when you -- down the -- like what you guys doing what's your what's your lightly I guy that's -- my thing when I'm not his studio liked about it until you guys did. I've probably traveled the most nine stuff and travel and. Tell them yeah. So much at all reduced alcohol didn't play well again I had -- -- and we didn't do enjoy a -- of the finer things don't like what we're on the road was a busy day you know -- ago. But I tonight. The most energetic -- golf. As much as I really. Attorney you know -- kindly your old. We get like really competitive about a lot of things we like you know it was ridiculous yes I absolutely do and -- let -- I was. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. -- Oregon I let me get. Golf it's not a relaxing. Most people and then hit it like when I get home and she -- yeah -- pull the blinds and what's for dinner and still. And here is we'll. Yeah. -- -- -- -- Just hang out on that deployed. You know this you know you don't think it's good movie yeah. Mall yeah will be his. So different that I wouldn't did you it's. What I what I also -- Which I think it's hilarious is that you know every kid is there as -- like their parents did you got Denny does FC and the carrier. This is totally completely embarrassed that their dads are a rock -- Neither did the Siegfried and. It's. They think can be very low in Paris. -- -- -- Watching the thing that might be your dad and I don't know what they are now I have no idea where yeah. Now why doesn't. Or did you guys -- one of the biggest most passionate. Sports town I can give it an eagle on stage tonight if you do nothing else if you just if something. The Red Sox and patriots the crowd will be eating out of your hand can't. I don't -- we have. We have homers here today we're doing easily manipulated for loving you I just mentioning my direct. I think it's great for you sports fans doubles more than others but I mean. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. Yeah we're -- -- sports it's football probably the biggest on the books so that it. Hockey is probably close second in the problems aren't certain cities that these sports fan is more than just. Like recreation facilities like a break ended when you -- -- call I was watching the game on my phone so we can see. I'm sorry into the competitive advantage over. And it really. How handling in the east tour without playing Smartphones and Twitter drugs. Yeah Obama yeah. The cathedral so -- this -- I promise you -- odds weren't quite. I think that's guaranteed I promised you an answer. What people behind McCain yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah Brad instead of the owner owned the app -- June didn't have drugs and. So what you're talking about traveling -- You know you feel travels you all that but when you're touring bait. You always find. He is pleased to get booed like this afternoon aren't. You know a hole in the wall place is that when you go and I think if you're like oh my god we have to go there's. You guys -- track ball like -- We should put it WA AF travels the world so if we we're gonna go on the road get a plane travel tips. Complacency and that you just that you just love it can't live without. You know one Atlantic City the most loved that I'll I am muscle cars definitely out there we'll casinos that you remember. It because the girls. Dreams are all -- -- them. The only -- to go on for a lot of cities in his -- one places I'm gonna be super. Riskier go to New York City and others so I'll -- there really any harder to play and it's not. I think that as well no that's wrong on the Brooklyn until fat so it's barbecue. It usually. Any candidacy very you have ever you want about his all kind of feeling an amateur and I had can -- lucky I was really start and it was good tax dollars. Pretty insane amount then what is the problem can see where he probably was yeah we're -- like twelve hours into the night. So I had a chance to like look for the local favorites I wait -- like you all the big east gates barbecue in this -- it was a good but I. Doesn't that. And easy to go to like. Don't need you got a final hole on the back someone that lives there has got to be like anybody at -- I hope I definitely that's my -- can happen that the place and I got a really good spots you. So I was in OK okay. Why all happened when you can't mention the name of the place I -- hear this story and maybe we don't plan yeah. It's kind of like in between cities to go through your -- They keep these people who -- likely -- the -- when you are as it is now yeah. There's little concert. I'm calling me anyway yeah Hamlet but yeah. Doing great things around. A lot of you. Can we just perfect place and I. Yeah yeah. What do you if you watch. -- -- -- We'll let it is kinda like fly paper I mean you just walk anywhere around a concert venue with what eleven is happening lately. -- these kind of guys who like law that. Yeah. You're okay and it kind of idiot anyway and it's certainly. Yeah this is a -- yeah. Yeah did you leave any kind of -- the show for people like us. And travel shows our sports people -- -- shows -- movies people that you know are looking like. Craft Beers include there's no play that tells rock fans like where to go only the underground he plays again. Good drugs to keep women and barbecue place we need to start Michelle. Brilliant idea that's bottling up right here no yeah. -- like this is gonna happen and your network. You're looking great right. And England just don't get places like looking at Salmonella like yeah -- accidentally. You're like yeah. Your hand. I think that may be happening or pain after like night and drinking something. Let me bring you that everything goes yesterday -- Yeah do you have any -- -- -- -- -- -- ways diluted. That yes they don't yet hidden -- and yeah just. You don't know exactly times on the bar and we just we say it -- prominent. Whatever it is you need to prevail there. Please a little. Hospice fast but it was I don't know that I know it's brilliant it's definitely happened -- and it's. Can't forget NASCAR did you see this -- We don't have the list. Does not see -- don't write it down you can you know we'll do like yeah food tour it's easy craft -- there somewhere lost that when it was like in any way -- There's signs that. Sunset grill -- for all. All the beer and it was like what are those of you walking like movies T and just as the Pentagon view on his kids if they fear that. Nobody ever seen him get inaccurate the and he's headed to Atlanta we didn't write me if I could become like this -- -- talking to locals like let's and we want a lot of we want your food -- craft -- and you know sometimes. I got video outwardly. This is selling the placing it over crap you tell us things that -- like. Yeah you think you know what inherent at a young girl and look at it and around it -- yeah. -- Yeah it's close to being used as drunk college kids. I looked more like you guys don't talk. You -- what about people in -- where. Because I mean every day and has there influences everybody has their heroes. When you meet somebody that toll is -- you. Pain and you're like a little kid at Christmas Eve Santa clause like. Who do you guys toward wit or -- even light pollution I mean it. Yeah. We've had a lot there's -- somebody just -- was a big one we put Tesla. It's. We've got -- Wait just -- Really and biggest fan out there. Yeah. Okay. -- and kind shape with the change on -- again seriously here. That's why you like. That is of course I'm still line. When you play yeah -- like you teach you it's time. My dad. We'll continue U of I got to start pistons and call my god get me your bar. Yeah we just I. I think he's sort of fly and serve finally -- everything -- did -- he's. I mean I love you -- your pocket and handled it. Please change so please. You don't know if you go to college and you're pretty much at all that was one of those -- Potential yeah. It's. As far as from a fan perspective at least -- that you're totally -- I was hearing we've been poisoned these you know locked in and actually out here -- I was like -- -- -- -- They -- health care what. Because I just -- after -- To friends yeah -- cheat and look immediately. I don't know -- whatever he's rushing -- A lot and moral hygiene with point. Yeah nobody has it's. -- guy getting -- -- -- copper rose. I mean those guys and doing her -- -- -- -- -- -- like twenty years at least there's evidence played in this job they're given only a 120% select I want some every night like. -- that's exactly where. So I guess in my room. -- -- -- Well I really appreciate you got it down hanging out at me and me and we're going to show thank you for coming creepy things around you guys -- -- -- -- couple months going through hell part we have tomorrow's hearing. It was a little warm married adding that's gonna come back in the summer with the college chicks is there isn't -- Really yeah you're the -- I really -- -- season progresses nonunion like Kryptonite Superman now. Yeah. -- yeah. Tacked on like Lou meanwhile nobody can return -- and hookers so yeah. There's this giant guy over there. With all of. Illegitimate children nationwide that he doesn't have any idea of the and it is so good for a really good blues. Great strip clubs and yeah. The next ten -- Montreal -- England club. -- computer that it's great I just -- all the giant. It's not about yeah. Yeah. -- -- The Pentagon there's so that you were on you yeah. Yeah I thought of the Strickland. Yeah you -- your personal Montreal and won't until people so yeah these are watching it WA AF dot com. -- -- -- Doing that apparently you. Google I don't get used all of this crappy radio link -- to be able to -- -- and -- give -- -- analysis on the cameras everywhere like we have to shower before we come to -- and -- Yeah. For more exclusive on demand video keep checking in at WA AF dot com.