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WAAF>Home>>The Street Dogs perform "Poor Poor Jimmy Live on Bay State Rock with Carmelita

The Street Dogs perform "Poor Poor Jimmy Live on Bay State Rock with Carmelita

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Mon, 25 Nov 2013|

WAAF 97.7/107.3 FM | Boston's Rock Station

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-- I don't I don't way. Anymore time because thanks so excited you guys this year. That cut the music. And that's further ado please welcome live right now on the airwaves in 97 point 71 -- lighter. WA AF that's unique is that -- he Iraq. The -- the street dogs would like to think WA AF income -- ravenous. The film goes out to the memory the Rascal out some call pull telegenic. Weeks it's the satellite radio. Rule the it's. They get -- home book yeah. It didn't. That's how are they making. Yeah yeah Lou and we'll pay you well gone that far it's. It's. Those. And we all need to know yeah. Yeah then they head through the why love yeah. It. It's. Well let's get a you live. -- me. But it's. I want to I'd go down there and it's. -- warning. I'll -- Johnson it's. -- learn and live. Didn't know the windows. And these red lines it's game. It's -- yeah yeah yeah yeah. Okay. Yeah me. Why is that. Yeah. Decade. Not being those -- back plug at all. Instead the whole. -- all of -- -- -- -- he's made ten battle back home. -- and I think we'll update you greatly due to pain then -- down time that. -- -- pulled out there and that it. It's. Dictating. In my -- even. We'll. Let me. That's. I. OK okay. -- -- Yeah no I don't.