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The WAAF Set List

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  1. Sex Pistols1:58
  2. John Bonham2:21
  3. Debbie Harry0:25
  4. Chris Cornell2:54
  5. Wal-Mart2:51
  6. Taylor Hawkins0:25
  7. music director0:44
  8. Foo Fighters0:26
  9. Billy Crystal0:16
  10. Monty Python2:03
  11. Atlanta0:30

Fri, 9 Aug 2013|

The WAAF Set List

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Welcome WA AF set list your weekly wrap up of all things rock and more on mr. -- The official trailer for the upcoming film CB GB was released this week. Alan Rick and from bring me the detonates his fame is gonna play club owner Billy Crystal who opened seabees in 1973. Other notable appearances in the film include Ashley -- Bradley whispered -- an act as Debbie Harry and Taylor Hawkins from the Foo Fighters is playing -- The movie hits theaters on October Atlanta. Well polluted 2013 was held last weekend in Chicago and it's now one of the headliners and you can watch their entire 22 songs that. To get ready for they're showing us including new versions of some classic nine -- on my music director lined up way up dot com. They've also announced the date while we're at fourteenth which is gonna take place on August 1 -- and are now -- your vacation according. Cage the elephant have released come a little closer the first single from her upcoming album -- phobia. The title means the fear or hatred music. Symptoms include -- but that's excessive sweating nausea dry -- heart palpitations inability to think or speak clearly. Fear of dying and becoming mad or losing control and the sensation of detachment from reality. It CDC is getting set to release a new line in September called EC EC. It's a super premium 2010. Barroso ballot -- rise. That's matured in American oak barrels for two years is present an exit box and bottled in -- glass from France bound with a computer. From a guy who -- everyone at average. Stay classy Angus. LNG partners signed on -- on the forthcoming -- rock documentary. He's best known for his documentary work which includes. Never mind the Sex Pistols who killed Nancy rebel truth historian clash and Monty Python almost the true. I have to ask is there any left that we don't know about yes -- seen where it needs. Letters of Credit Suisse Scheyer have begun a campaign to erect -- -- to its most famous read -- late let that drummer Jon bon. The John Bonham memorial fund has begun raising money for the statue and -- proponents hope to have a memorial erected somewhere in the -- -- In Iraq general health news drummer Charlie -- on paper anthrax underwent successful carpal tunnel surgery. Brian April queen at successful knee replacement surgery and let me promoter at has been advised by his doctors to read I. A prayer of getting -- back. Do is turn it doesn't seem like you why I got. Although he would make an amazing Wal-Mart career would be -- and finally Chris Cornell has announced that he's taking his song acoustic show on the road again. With a stop in Boston on November 15 at the -- Tickets on sale August 16 at ten and all -- and I'll be found on our sponsor paid at WA AF dot com and that's this weeks that list. Thanks for watching on mr. From my exclusive on demand video keep checking in at WAM --