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Halestorm Interview Pt. 1

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Sat, 11 May 2013|

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Hey mister Kerry thank you for checking out WA AF dot com and I am here with pills to opt out I don't know I'd like to -- -- A lot of stuff has happened since the last time you guys -- here congratulations. On the grand thing that little thing there is still we're still waiting for them a call and and -- -- -- I'm so sorry that was not be learned that that -- and -- it comes -- -- when I talk to you right after the awards ceremonies to that they just -- that things you did the -- -- we still haven't had to leave an out -- that we haven't seen -- we don't have it yet you know and we got -- Certificate we got -- got -- -- we finally got that he. Yeah yeah -- certificate thing you have to mail you have to sign like consent whatever. If we can't do anything stupid with because and I don't putting it -- it will take it away and Grammy police come into the -- astronaut team yeah -- is like -- yeah so you're not allowed to be almost like idol to Grammy that anything it's that they trivia. Being a parent I really I found out today that it comes disassembled you have to actually put it together. -- -- And of that split IKEA furniture -- they did -- We're. Was a required of I think it got grit like they can't they just didn't wanna pack it in a bigger -- and -- -- -- -- -- it's probably -- I -- never -- to -- -- these -- things I would -- -- experience. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- going -- it will be the ambassadors -- -- -- QB on the yeah I had a hit it -- when you get it I wanna. Does that come with instructions and how many languages of daylight today senator Evan elements yeah that happened exactly. So you go to the grammys I touch you right afterwards but I wanna hear about. The Grammy experience. Because it's one of those things that's been on my bucket list -- that someday I just wanna go to the grammys. So you find out you get nominated and you're aware. We're in medicine -- -- And I think -- majestic theatre on stage. And we we finished we we we came to the part or -- just because I don't piano. Play the song break in on a new album and we got a text message from our sound guy -- also our tour manager to message him. There are manager message to him and said. Get the message tales are there nominated for a Grammy and. So I'll let let him get a better RPM texts -- guitar tech and then our guitar tech tells her guitar player who walks -- for the song. And then and then I'm on the drums and generated the -- the stage was teased him about. Until conference about it -- -- comes running back on stage and whispers something it was easier. And -- just goes on actor -- was going. I -- many black and I'm thinking like -- -- legally what went. Tragedy that happened and our outlook yet I was like what little doubt about that news. That knows exactly images that we. We got nominated for a Grammy onstage and the crowd erupted it was like and I was like to hear that correctly if that ended that was that was all of that was completely unexpected because we you know. And that's up anymore I mean that it happened like athlete and we did at our heels for sixteen years -- -- ten years that. Point Jeff that all men don't you ask me I mean after that cold rock he. What Powell we're excited paying attention metal -- to find that out with an extreme honor and then. And equipment like OK does that mean that we can go hole in the house -- gonna go until we feel like. Talked about it like if you kill a red carpet. Parties that -- Qaeda in what we're not -- well we're not gonna win because that's just impossible were already pushing -- being nominated so how long after. You find out -- nominated to the phones are ringing with people that they wanted to -- well. I don't know and all was well on the ball all right well it would it will it that much. I -- an interesting thing with my mother because I like I I I -- to death -- -- she's you know always been extremely supportive of questioned in the poll rock general things so. I remember seeing her when I was like thirteen years old when it was a joke for like eight years felt like OK if we needed the grammys in -- because -- -- And she forgot about that. So she's calling me up like right after the nomination and she's like crying and such -- like I hope we can tell by the Clinton honestly not in it he televised because it's rocket nobody cares. You know rooted and when you -- three that you need to do guerrillas on a sheet or my ticket after that yeah. She didn't remember until all the LaMont hill. Don't worry about it being televised as you -- -- one. You know it was it was a cool moment for all of our parents like our -- were crying on the phone you know after we told them we line and it was that it was a big deal the whole day we blur after that analysts Risley. The beginning of the day like we get into our armed -- like we happily it's like 7 AM and as you have to shower yet. I don't harass our area I was actually -- -- -- -- light yet he -- -- it more of its more appropriate you know against you you have a point. Yet unlike today thanks a lot for yeah. Because -- -- anything -- he gets all of them here you. But definitely we held on optically they have like Mika. People here and we write in my drastically in the institute and I'll be like companies like we're -- -- so and then we get this season -- cartilage in his right. Her words you know we in the car we get a red carpet and -- -- penalty in essence they're real because like you are watching this on TV the extent that will honor the rest -- hair -- watching on -- that's so cool hand and it it was really needs you know -- -- be on the other side of it you know and when you're used to seeing it on TV and then when you're there it's like it's actually kind of smaller than at them. We're going to really get all the press and public. Like three foot spaces that India on the red carpet pretty like talking like I'll dot com -- -- you know luckily again it looks like. Yes he and you told me they were like stocking Dave Grohl from the food filing is very. You completely nerd town we -- we all have said that if one of us came closer with like in a bathroom line or something with Google that somebody had -- that I was actually trying to McDonald's with this relics. After the Grammy you know what are you what kind of -- have to win that -- only played that was open include all yeah. Don't you know I I was. The biggest thing that after we won and the big push -- -- media row again you go and take pictures and everything in and we have any instant and and this is brilliant and what -- going to -- Alley because you have to give that about Atlanta back you know that -- it's. It's all it's all front. Perfect and I had a little girls look like polishing -- and their like you know I'm not sorry -- Saturday at all our you know different thought that they handed the next guy is basically the it's like hold it might take pictures the chief or Miami as a police had a real quick programming -- -- this thing. And I felt like Dave Chappelle unhappy Eagles like. And -- yeah it sorry I can't believe you went to McDonald's after the -- For more exclusive on demand video keep checking in at WA AF dot com.