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WAAF- Rise Up Against Hunger - LB Night 1

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  1. Denis Leary0:27
  2. Tony Molinaro1:05
  3. Rcn1:22
  4. McDonald's1:18

Tue, 4 Dec 2012|

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Again. I guess this. Could be video number one and it is. 5 o'clock hour. Yeah -- Watching. -- Great spirit thing. Not good video. -- that was. With Denis Leary and night. -- -- -- -- And it's spotlight. And -- and I'm definitely gonna get. So many. But today. Cabinet today just for the record there's Tony Molinaro window and I do think candidate you. Act now. And. -- -- -- -- McDonald's. I know. Rcn you guys there are some items quietly go. Get to everybody tomorrow. Thank you can -- you more classy team. Analysts today if there's nothing going on out there.