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WAAF-Rise Up Against Hunger-What's in Spaz's Lift

  1. Brew & Chew with Mike Hsu - Scoreboards

    Mike Hsu heads to Scoreboards in Woburn, MA to try some of their specialty menu items, see if he can conquer their wing challenge, and sample a variety of Sam Adams beers they have on draught.

  2. Mike Hsu learns about Boobification

    In celebration of Breast Cancer Awareness month Mike Hsu heads to the Good Voodoo Tattoo shop to find out about 'Boobification.' A organization that helps female breast cancer survivors cover their chests with beautiful tattoo art work.

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Tue, 4 Dec 2012|

WAAF-Rise Up Against Hunger-What's in Spaz's Lift

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Hey guys it's now as -- back can't there's no food and yet it's just equipment. Right here I got a couple bad did you have a few Blake -- and number I got my megaphone I got my broadcast equipment over there that's a kind of a toilet. And some more -- it's stuff like that we're going to be -- hit the three day's biggest cross. For more exclusive on demand video keep checking in at WAS does count.