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WAAF - Bond girls then and now

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Wed, 14 Nov 2012|

WAAF - Bond girls then and now

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-- -- I don't like to a few billion of you were introduced to the -- on this weekend and these are low very sexy. Being a bond girl prestigious honor the timeless -- or is it we're gonna take a look at some of the more legendary bond girls at the time has treated them starting out with the first bond movie doctor now. From 1962. Ursula -- That's beautiful the bikini. The night. The bikini. Now let's see how time has treated her. So basically she became the role model for the crazies on the lady Walking Dead or something. Now to 1960 -- gold finger and pussy galore best bond girl name ever played but locally honor Blackman top. -- pilots awesome sometime between then and now she became Dick Van -- Yeah I think. Now we're gonna go to 1970 ones diamonds are forever and my favorite bond girl all time. Tiffany case played by the beautiful sexy -- St. -- best bond girl ever trust me one real tough -- Now she's. Now she's apparently Olympic gold medalist Shaun White. Awesome job. And held it in 1970 ninths moon breaker and holly good. Another awesome bond girl name. Played by Lois chiles -- super beautiful scientist I believe that may have been the first sex scene and outer space in the breaker and now she. Now gravity as death toll taken its hole on the space scientists. Now from 1980 five's a view to a -- Grace Jones. As May Day super scary bond girl and now. And and now. No change apparently Grace Jones is immune to time or she's a robots. Which would be very bond. So Lagos some of the legendary bond girls at a time -- treated them. Maybe get about thirty years we'll take a look at -- -- yes she does at which point I will look like this. -- action that's being kind. For more exclusive on demand video keep checking in at WA AF dot com.