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WAAF's Spaz Hitting The Streets

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Tue, 28 Jul 2009|

WAAF's Spaz Hitting The Streets

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It's everybody it's bands and hit the streets of Boston. To find some whine -- us. To see who they think about the noon alcohol tax. What would you normally -- But -- but manned that night we did maintenance rights. Matty ice any day how often did you buy it. Daily. -- with several times daily because it's that cheaper or. Because in his seat and -- -- into the -- -- Massachusetts recently increased the tax on alcohol. -- that it. Do you think that's a good thing or bad thing. Depends on your point of view I singles already Biden and six back. -- -- -- And nighttime continue -- cheap and then Ryan and his sick bed. It ended twelve Atlanta. How often do you buy it Hayden. -- asked how often don't have who do you blame. For tax is being raised. We've got to Texas race. Have to blame. The -- and I -- is the president. -- goal in non. The government. Well wouldn't -- anybody remember the governor. Because you know I'm sorry I -- and the governor have the brand that. The -- economy. I think it's crazy we already got enough text message. I think -- and we know taxes at all really. You know because I'd feel that it with bad tax on everything we body pulled everything why do we get the paid taxes on everything. In the garbage and we already spent enough money and we have we get the economy down as of this. Taxes on cigarettes and alcohol. Even though it fast food restaurants that taxes -- going out raising my taxes going up and again. Is that governor or is that people. There really. They really don't know. Little bit of -- I've said. Think governor. I do is the government that sex is it Texas and people Texas's aid. If you were drinking would that change your drinking habits now. Not at all will it change your buying habits where you stop buying alcohol -- an effective that way. My mind because it begins to be too expensive you can't do reported in the Texas and ridiculous right now I'm gonna give you a time. To give your your sports opinions. How much about me being a brand of the Red Sox and the Red Sox. Total is that. Tim Wakefield was going to be in the play off. And lost. And we should note him way you wish you sit on the bench and an amount going to Red Sox correctness on net. And give us understand the net on the radio station and give us. Gonna notification. That fans wants to know what's going on about this situation. What Tim Wakefield -- playing on the mound in the --