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WAAF - Home For Our Troops Ride 2009

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Thu, 10 Sep 2009|

Mistress Carrie visits with Manchester Harley Davidson and Attorney Tom Kiley at the Home For Our Troops Ride

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You're scaring them Texas routed out in Nashua, New Hampshire for the sixth annual homes for our troops charity motorcycle drag. They had to sit with free breakfast single copy we're ready to go yeah. I think count right now is somewhat Elmer 500 -- -- so -- they're coming and so fast we can't keep track you know -- to Manchester rally data in Atlanta we're gonna -- block an awesome motorcycle autographed by Steven Tyler from harassment. So check some of the -- is a lot of stuff on shine and her check out W yeah. Fractured -- motorcycle ride. And dad did tell freak out. -- -- -- -- -- Eat your staff and everybody is such a great job you know something beyond my step via natural -- -- has -- hog chapters are just amazing bill once -- made this flawless and they're my sponsors -- my stuff as well against I don't know but little that. Now I ask you one more question because Harley-Davidson released a survey last week. That women are buying more bikes now and then than ever before and ladies. They'll get a motorcycle OK it's fun it's awesome but I tell -- why is that all of a sudden there's so many girls buying buying. I sense a real good question I don't know how to answer that but that is the truth we have we get a -- huge selection women that are coming out. By closing about buying and renting their. Think women violates of this one right back and look I conduct my own. The the motorcycles can be lowered to -- -- really short I had to do that and. In the zone so it's comfortable and we -- have a right in the back again. You'd have to be really odd but that's not typical. Harassment that's probably lives. Well thank you so much for her for her helping with this great event today we got perfect weather it's absolutely beautiful and and to all the staff and everybody at Nashua and Manchester Harley guys did such an awesome job today thank you have a negative thing W two because we can feel you're instrumental. -- -- -- The veterans do you have -- -- right today yes it is my third one in a row and I would miss it to bring us great day today. All toss them. I'm hedging on talk directly out of personal injury lawyer representing injured -- -- bookmark it injured. My garage dot com we believe that allowed might save lives. You today. Right now most of my life I'm 46 so it's -- right -- young kids of my great good good many years and what you -- today Ivan 06 to provide custom. You have -- the marketplace and yes I do it how do you feel about rod pump prices I think it's a very strong back to sit -- they they really do want it -- enough distractions on the road especially for a motorcycle. We work hard enough to see so you can hear me hopefully it is our look informing the -- elderly drivers -- so distracted against many things distract them these days. I I I think I have a right to draw their attention to me they can -- me. And again is that part of his safety strategy and that's right absolutely. Absolutely didn't think of any instances where that you've gotten the attention of promoters and otherwise not a senior. Oh absolutely. Several times in sections where people are paying attention and I don't see you commented I get a little crack and get their attention and they start looking. And I guys I honestly think that saved my life more than once. More than once and and you had any incidents -- anybody. No. Not at all we must feel good right I'd try to be an accident had been don't have profiles -- I gave myself a citizen not distractions and motorcycles aren't saying so. It's. Just got to drive defensively Silva fights -- defensively Paul -- and it could have been. Thank you -- Jack thank you you enjoy the rest today. NATO today from Israel which unit Chris -- -- go through your head. Always been right. Volunteers. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You feel about the proposition that -- -- save lives I think -- fight to save lives. -- -- -- Hot while if you compare -- -- -- bites in the coming up behind you things like that you can't hero. And here in a car is that good chance you could turn it their way things like that because -- Like anybody right out of your -- strategy when you're -- dad made part of it is that they've -- reason why yet. I like the sat back and stuff but it isn't -- Did you -- get the attention of the sarcoma. Dad dad. We became we had an advantage over the motorist to. Think so. You know like I said before there's definitely good territory it noticed. Other people not notice another fight because it was so quiet. Luckily I have met you gonna close faltered in Baghdad but I've definitely seen. -- -- -- -- -- -- Well go right by New Hampshire law day. Just barely passed so that pretty loud yeah absolutely illegal there's still -- outlook has to be okay Barry yeah. Especially if you wanted to come out. You can get it -- did you enjoy the a host of that veterans' rights today I love that this is my second time doing it. I missed it last year for other reasons but -- a great great time to try to do every year. Well we hope. All right -- thank you. They do it today I'm doing fine how are you gonna be enjoy yeah sixth annual host a veteran right cherry pit. Which in my name's Jim -- freed from them from Derry New Hampshire. Oh you've been writing for the right now for about thirty years actually. It would be riding today. Right now I have yeah thirteen hundred. Yeah that's the marketplace so it. Yes I do I -- in tonight's 200. You feel about statement loud pipes save lives -- absolutely. I believe that a 100%. Just last week guys CNN. Pick up truck pulled up front of somebody and a guy who's a little bit lot of noise was there wasn't -- -- thing that would have everybody drive. Is -- audio writing strategy. That's the -- of my heroes Paula absolutely everything and I'll just kind of let them you know I even knew myself a couple of weeks ago -- In the section of 93 and -- 128. As bad as America is now neck back -- -- -- I'd -- in the -- and in handy when I was that -- -- finally know. My wife is great revenue both together here right now are quite right mind he didn't notice it but then he heard the -- behind me. So otherwise vote would -- your probably. So a lot of fights to save lives I don't care what anybody says. We'll thank you we appreciate your time and hope to see you next here at the same run. -- veterans capsule. How was your day. There was grade is a great event it was a great turnout. The food protection roads or -- smart he was fabulous and -- just -- I've been big serving your rips through one of. Right like this when you UC. Hundreds and hundreds of flights and thousands of people you know I think a lot of people have a misconception about bikers they might be scary or whatever but. It's the most generous community bear the greatest people I have made more. I in my career my thirty plus year career being a -- represented in representing injured bikers. They're always -- helping hand if you break down the side of the -- -- don't know -- it's just a great group of people well it's been such a great day and a lot of money was. Race for the charity and you know everybody just had such a great time and it's one of those days where you just kind of walk away he had fun. He got to raise money for an awesome organization and you got to hang around with your peers and people there really are just as passionate about something as you. You're right it was just a great day and the the flag that they gave to the parents and that deceased veteran was so touching. When they -- they receive the flag and you could see there's been choking up. The fact that you wanted this time today and I was happy. Put -- part of that. Well it's been a great day. It's the sixth annual homes for our troops charity motorcycle ride. This is Tom -- I'm Mistress Carrie thank you so much for checking it out. And we'll see you next year.