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Charlie Baker 8-28-14

Aug 28, 2014|

Charlie Baker who is running for Governor of our fair state stopped in to give us an update on the campaign trail, and also to play Name That Tune with the prize of having lunch with and Greg.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always I'm. And on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Put us in the studio this morning our friend Charlie Baker who is the Republican candidate for governor. Good morning and when it comes to Danielle hey fellow swamps dot resident yes you let -- Charlie less than a mile from Charlie yes -- -- -- hearings outside my house with authority. Hi again at all. You know ever been invited to a barbecue over it and haven't unfortunately the baker an innocent people that were read one within the other day and a surprise party last week that sadly I was not -- -- -- can Daniel virtually no idea accused. Did they give that up to -- commenting her next barbecue absolutely I'll be happy however there appreciate that. How are you today good we were just talking about F one racing. And the fact that our mayor Marty Walsh wants to bring F one racing to the streets of Boston what would you think of that. If you were governor I think I can't I can't think of it. City that has better streets. And at one race. And that's Milosevic and I plan that would be a some of the obstacles you could put America callers people who write you know you have people writing. Riding mopeds and other kinds of things along the -- WW parked automobiles triple parked automobiles. Chairs and people's. I think this is intimacy happening in the trash can -- a -- Yeah I have been pretty. It nothing. Could be pretty -- at a well listen this is a busy busy time here feel the elections right around the corner. We have we have a primary on the ninth of September so that they're not enrolled voter Republican. And you'd like to vote for me. -- not vote in the Republican primary on on September 9 in the middle of final election is November 4 the whole thing is lessened. The primary obviously is there's like twelve days from now and the general elections like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The DJ is literally have stacks of but speakers and amplifiers. Literally like 1214 feet tall are. Flat bed bath and it's really more like a dance party than a parade. You just you know you you literally just kind of dance your way across the parade route in the crowd on the side is basically. -- along with the and of the speed of the base is so loud that it moves your clothing and the I don't think that's final scene in. That Mark Wahlberg movie the moment. When they steal a base steal a gold bricks. But it will in here talking about the two guys that on the Jim -- and I'm on my off time is -- did and I don't know sorry I don't. Regulatory job guys the speakers these deaths are applicable here because yes yes that's -- -- those -- like that's what it was like that's exactly what it was like. I'm so Charlie we're gonna do some cool today which rally. Because we were that we were talking and and I didn't mention to Charlie. That I saw him. On sixty minutes they did a piece a story on Aerosmith. And they showed a photo of Aerosmith from the seventies. I do you know what year was I don't know exactly a year into awards show toys yeah. And -- show at the Providence civic center and Ireland they're showing like the front row and there is a young. Formative Charlie Baker came up -- in the front row and Aerosmith. Yeah I'd like to feed on everybody that's how how we knows you know and so that shell -- -- when your first what was your first concert. Member John -- -- laboratory of Boston -- okay bad ice -- would that we get into discussion it was we were happy it was we were having dinner. It was me you and our power Reebok. And so then we got into a discussion about music in -- easy huge music guy. I happen to be registered musicologist. So we're licensing body for that anyway. Yeah yeah. Is -- music industry of world love. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So Arnie said that he had a lunch thing lined up with -- -- and he said why don't we give away. A bunch of spots at this lunch. And and and get some listeners who want to meet you maybe some people who wanna talk politics maybe some people just wanna start -- -- music. And so. We're gonna do the lunch on Tuesday at -- frescoes. In the seaport. Which is it have you -- -- Dolph Briscoe sanskrit. -- unbelievable restaurants and sell Anthony in the crew over there. -- -- are fired up about this. And and I think what we'll do is play a little name that tune in this morning and I happen to know. What -- what a what I believe you said is easier favorite. Rocket will be in a long time. They are in this if I'm correct if I remember correctly so I always get to do is call call right now. And Omar well get it lined up. -- name that tune. With Charlie Baker and then if you win and if you beat Charlie you can -- with -- so we're going to be can extrapolate. At at -- risk goes on Tuesday. After after the long weekend so call now 6179311. AA 617. 9311223. At Texas also loves Elton John's music. And they want -- all of that's conduct unbecoming of the mantown resident. John legit back is not a pretty like gray seal. -- right Elton John -- That'll that'll yellow brick road. Double album ground it was just -- Phenomenal record I have no problem saying that I had -- ethically outlook -- -- just that -- on globalized believing you're right child just a great great -- I mean if I went back concert today in a series nobody -- he's -- a situation you want both sides of the guys -- debt and everybody a excerpt the text -- wants your opinion on Romney. After Romney demolished everybody. In the Iowa poll. Do you think Romney runs for president. I have absolutely no idea and I am thoroughly -- great time primary in twelve mile an idea yeah. There's been a tough thing in the world really matters to me that. It doesn't matter you're only you're only focused on the primary lacking here with the Belichick can't talk. Yeah well I told about it that's. To get that -- -- -- mark yeah. Isn't Martha Coakley and Aerosmith fan. I have absolutely we don't know I wanna -- could somebody tell me if Martha Coakley is an Aerosmith -- are you ready to play Charlie ready okay. Here we go. And this is Steve -- up first this morning hello Steve. What's going none. We're all right Charlie is here one of the great things about being governor. Is that you get to move into a brand new eleven million dollar office are you excited about that -- wait to open the door -- their refrigerator now to the side I think there's like them granite counter tops and a couple of big screen TVs and some kind of like a -- couch in the corner and that places going to be sweet. The yeah -- them. It's supposed to be a working office with a lot of -- and museum doesn't reflect the impact of the state -- historical building on that but I seems -- violence maybe could rent it out. -- -- -- good -- so if you get if you get elected you should -- there rent those digs out and you take like a -- with everybody else downstairs. I think that's a pretty a pretty good move. Why are you ready to place they've heard it. All right so whoever gets its first Charlie can you did Charlie can you -- okay there -- of the Charlie can hear. All right go ahead and let's roll that name that tune with Charlie Baker. Name that tune what do what's the mechanism for lake. Yeah and it just can't buzz and you just have to shouted out I gotta you gotta against just shouted out Steve are you ready. Rick and Steve is I'll plug ins and he can hear the music yes OK QE. It's that's. Sorry Steve are telling them that he's the -- million absolutely c.'s Steve -- that -- Neil Young is the most popular artists that Massachusetts. According to answer media about it -- yeah -- now. Andrea he has a phenomenal live performer really -- yeah I I've never seen -- amazing that I never had but. He gets a little whiny sometimes for me but I but I but I but I do I like the article was predicted that apple is Greg McDermott Springsteen's. -- he is oh wind if it gets a little wide. Well hello Mike. Ever thought -- -- what's going on Mike. Would never know -- I'm doing fine my Dario. You ready to play Mike. I am Charlie is laser show and -- so far email that the principal. We are playing -- were playing name that tune with Charlie Baker if you beat Charlie. You'll chin with Charlie at Bill Frist goes on Tuesday will have lunch and we'll talk about everything. Music and politics and tolerance that I -- -- chairman all right here we go. -- -- -- Yeah I -- Nobody is gonna win and quote what had happened called acting Cumming Georgia for him he is that is that they do in the game shows to firth who. Mr. baker stone sand. Big one ever CM. Now now never seen the stones -- All right. Oh here comes Mike Hsu oh boy and is -- me. That's not called -- all you have to say the dude dude dude dude dude yeah that's not the name of the song while heart breakers and pray I called file here it's dude dude dude dude dude dude do. Parentheses heartbreaker. It's five -- obvious that if five dues I just standing up for the common listen. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In the studio good you know match match whoever remembers the DG news do. You know that would the dude I think Charlie that's I think that you didn't do it doesn't they named it. -- there I'm completely serious and nobody knows that. So I saw the guys who wrote it right yeah I -- -- and minus zero each room music gone downhill mound was Stewart title fight in the duty due to the title. LB would have thrown out the heartbreaker Francies that he would have figured no one would've not -- died instantly say heartbreaker for -- -- -- -- gimme. -- I'm I'm on -- map. Hey on the. Inaugural. Invite list scratch Mike Hsu OK -- Scratch and it's no longer there. I think he's not coming -- big -- -- -- Actually my little luck and yet to -- the repeal -- -- new name. Okay so big is that there are Omar knows I get confused easily and there's two mikes I won't know one of whom is whom. Let's -- had a Charlie. Tell LeCroy and got this important little -- are so cute really. Let's go ahead of that kind of confidence. Name that name that -- who is the Republican candidate for governor Charlie Baker. What did you say hey you know let's go. That is. And it's not that people had an -- and everything I've underneath guy and are able in my video of the that was big blossom music is that what put her out that's not what did you use that would if it's not sorry -- under article. Yeah because there are big us -- to -- big twelve years past might yeah. Rocket -- high school from the amounts which are yeah I think you told me is your favorite. -- -- and I love I love the Ramones -- other months yeah they're great parents never see them. As some once the paradise really and my favorite part about that was -- at the end of the evening. Virtually every table in the paradise had. Footprints on. -- I was a real indicator of what kind of show absolutely. Absolutely back at all. There -- 10 is that an excuse me it's -- rock and roll radio. -- Now the film is called rock and roll high school. -- marina and an honor and admiral radio do you agree I'm giving it the big well we know that sounds like pretty did. The EU Reid and Barack -- radio hello Dennis. What's happening. Are at odds I'd Charlie -- Out there are you doing Dennis. -- Now I Charlie ever been to a Christian I have many times the movement titlist actually all that other pollutants and usable. Excellent. Here comes Dennis you ready Charlie you're ready we're playing playing name that tune who is Charlie Baker candidate for governor. -- Yeah it's a nightmare go go days. Libraries are unbelievably. And his show unbelievable. It's easy to pop in the news today unfortunately. But I happen if you slip and fall. And break your -- Are you too old to be rocking and rolling. -- yeah. Most inevitable it was on the tour bus yeah it was dusty hill dusty hill they have they had to they had to cancel their tour. Because of -- at all while he's got to get it transport the broken hip as a real that indicates publicly later -- thing now though is they have that they have transplants though you don't have to go through my a year and a body cast figures that are here and put the new -- being -- -- apparently three week -- that. At least -- easy path. And ever cinema concert like a lot of people I think they're great they I think they are the -- yeah I had that are. Or ever -- this. It you know you're thinking there there after a jury member there's period of time there -- like no one outside of Texas even knew who they work. Yeah but they can literally just go around Texas from football stadium football stadium fill them back every time of one of the largest they have one of the largest tours. In the country. Without -- Leaving with a political that it really gives -- many people. And you know great videos I would like sharp dressed man. She got legs absolutely -- -- How hard it all great where you -- Honestly isn't it great to have a politician who enjoys rock and roll music. And I don't know -- in and he's been pretty laser shows a five. I know I'm gonna be you're going to be. Confident appreciate the -- -- if you don't if you freedom you'll chin with Charlie. At delta risk goes for lunch on Tuesday. -- here we go. -- -- -- Slowed down a little bit I want some people like how how it's being challenged guys you hand look -- I was considering. There Romeo of compliment yeah. You don't spend my Saturday or you have to you probably have the companion and campaign from and yet he campaign every single day all day. Pretty much yeah that's -- we'll -- -- means for you -- finally yeah Gibson yeah I'll bet you I'm going to be at the -- shows so. It's a -- -- I'd like you and I broke -- concert group. If you get elected we -- in my broke concert group I don't really mean it's Meehan my bros you know just sign a contract we we -- to Rochelle is you give us some credit actually like imagine the next Counting -- show comes. I was high fives and chest fumbled -- -- in the weeks -- and you would be offset terrible. I want on my -- concert crew IU and we get America. On criminal like early phase I mean that's my wife thought -- did not get for -- wanna say no way they'll -- you guys -- Yeah AD after -- kids if you do is give your thumbs up I don't -- have -- -- a look this is gonna. Listen I I I just I feel the need to confirm again your promise to me because Marty Walsh to Laura Welch and and I know you want to that. But we agreed if you win. That you'll be on once a month -- correct correct on this show in this studio once every freaking month correct correct okay. It'll be like you know. Wednesday through Charlie year fairway it's of those Tuesday's memorial notices yes all right so that's a promise -- Okay I just have to hold to them sometimes these people forget what they promise hello Alison. I hire us and AM are you ready. I'm glad I am not I am I navigate hang out so hopefully it and beat them on trial don't. -- patent pay attention to driving a man. I. This is your opportunity to -- with Charlie. Bad Bill Frist goes in the seaport on Tuesday for lunch. Its name that tune with Charlie Baker here is your selection yeah. -- But -- not act. To -- well. These people are fast I don't know there had been revealed. Alison congratulations. Hey efforts will see Allison and a guest at lunch we have more laughter. Okay I this is Rick Colo -- They're great I don't that highlighted by that I love the show ever looked good from the -- law I really appreciate that -- at a Charlie stage -- you're not all articulate -- -- I'd love a good lunch I knew we don't -- Had a reprieve death. Thoughts tallied -- sorry. Back. Bruce Springsteen seen him a couple of million times greatest live performance artist ever correct. -- now. If you don't agree it's okay he'd be right up there in my analyst who has absolutely wells would you put up there well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 1980s. The best normally that the rivers looks just thinking about death that was the repertory Zaire Taylor yes it was. I was there as a young -- my formative years Charlie. Not an avenue our guard was just an incredible venues -- -- dad so yeah -- -- was everybody was out there. You know the best part of army missiles on sort of weird but the best part about it too -- it would get really hot. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I can't remember what have you acknowledged what it what did you do did you smoker have enough. I did when I was young when you reject you tried it a try yes. -- this is. Paul hello Paul Gloria what's up -- Not much you ready apply. I don't really get alarms are alive they are different -- let me and it bomb bullet Bob. Are you ready top. It may not do we Charlie Baker for free lunch at UN guest on Tuesday. Here we -- -- -- -- You've got the bad right -- the bad guys know. Has that top line. That jolly sometimes I gotta get that it is. There has to get to it's tough there's pressures on here. Here's comedy take me. They're Greg how are you but are an excellent -- Where -- from Tommy -- reading and I you are available for lunch at UN. -- Record every -- It's. Pretty -- -- that's. Well by on the attorney or more here yeah that's probably their best album yet -- they sell toys in the toys in the -- is agree it is a great album it really an army times is seen Aerosmith. Budget done any more than more than five lessons -- more than five less than ten below Josh. They would go to an event. You don't think about being a politician. Is she can't answer any question randomly because somebody's gonna do some fact checking I like it Charlie said our biggest announcement -- times there'd be some attack gap that goes Charlie Baker said he saw -- -- -- side you only saw them seven times -- even matter who thought importantly the actually aren't these or I it's not tallied the game and the audience and arrows that show -- out. I don't know what's. A lot of jobs. There were sort what's going on Josh how much glory years excellent -- from. Foxboro. Well I'll Foxboro -- -- world you know you play I have here we go. -- -- -- -- -- I think we got. We do that is one of the greatest opening guitarists of all time off you think Eric we between Maryland and cannot -- Eric Clapton and that -- you're right about that. I was. We got a good five people to join us for lunch on Tuesday adulterous -- so thank you come and I want to thank everybody for play America really fun -- did do pretty darn good what was he like 76. Years six and maybe. I think it can't be laser show accusing you seem like you know and then you're you're everything -- -- yeah you that a great balance out there Maryland off very well done. And we'll see out about on the trail visceral. And the election's primary and week from Tuesday -- important thing to do is vote. I got a text message from Karen -- last night. Who said you were coming in this morning remind everybody that she's gonna make us. A real legit and Italian -- If people vote for her cell while some listeners at Toledo's house that are horrific -- privilege that's great cycle as our future generations maybe I don't know -- so terrific though that's. I mean we can be bribed with food I like to make that clear. We cannot third generation you know what happens there he was like tread comes out -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm I'm so I have -- Have a great -- guys we don't have a terrific -- week great great to see and by the way there's a parade of march and and -- the Marlboro parade on Labor -- mob broke Prado labor everybody say that they heard Charlie and the -- of Malvern you guys got to Missouri to inaugurate. Thank you Charlie Baker.