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What Would Deacon Do? 8-28-14

Aug 28, 2014|

We once again ask our resident Deacon Downer for his thoughts to help a listener solve a problem, this week we try and help a dad who caught his son who ordered $300 worth of porn.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. -- -- -- And on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Yes. There's segment on this program. Because there are very religious born again producer deacons down there. Reverend rob as some like to comment. Bishop buzz -- and and god here's today's email are you ready -- yes I need to know what would -- bill. Just got my cable bill. And found out my fourteen year old son. Spent 340. Dollars. On and on demand to warm all the Kim and I and she is my wife is incredibly upset and things he needs to see a child psychologist. And -- Would he can do. Talk to my -- Clear it would my wife. How some kind of a serious discussion with a child cycle. -- and before we get to this -- and its sponsors committed this on the web god please sponsor brought to you by Jesus the king and kings let's get right into that and and this. Born this is gateway point four mom think about it three over 300 dollar loss from my first device did that's going to be let's see a hundred no marries a hundred -- fathers and I would give him. A hundred or so hours of community service or chores -- but. It really is going to be a gateway drug wouldn't say you don't DB to point just like you can get addicted to anything. So and doesn't. I'm sure -- got a story this -- upon -- points -- -- it seems all -- glamorous. Jesus even hung out with hookers and next thing you know -- months later -- smoke in Iraq sees you sit in the corner you are wrong thinking that somebody's -- -- but really it just dropped -- -- -- I don't want this to progress in this I'm like dad because a couple weeks from now it's not going to be a bill on the cable it's going to be the peanut -- is missing in and you dog's breath -- -- did what. And we've got an attack yeah. How much now -- -- dreaming for a guy you know we -- gymnastics testimony for me get -- bottle a listener rep tells you. It's an -- evidence that and this is the other thing yeah I don't want I dive too much in the list but the kids not the smartest if he doesn't know how to get a for free on the Internet while that is an issue about the father might wanna at least -- about back. He's. -- making it obvious who you have to reach out before this kid gets to a weird place here's the taxpayer who racked up when they were in fifth grade racked up 1050. Dollars and phone sex bills on my guide. -- -- here is that I don't know what you're of that idea. C 300 dollars is only and rentals text that says that -- -- probably -- -- from -- on the rebel. I -- I mean really in reality that's only a -- thirty minutes maybe 25 minutes worth pork and and -- this is also this is a mantown think this is the man's department don't worry about -- -- with your wife or anything like that. You got to address it to him before you ought to sit down on the couch cause it's safe to say here are there any stains and -- need to know about how to get out. You've got to stop this kid. And now I I army he's an -- if you got three and a -- -- the bills you -- go look at his web browsing history and who isn't and Alex. I'm grabbing an -- has -- to find out it's pretty -- mean if you know he's you know a few neat variety. But much is the spice of life I'm 32 clips now you're an addict but if you don't wanna stay in the -- not only the plot line you're an -- I -- are paid to me there's so many things that are worse than you could catch your child doing. Yeah launching a little on the man Warren. It's refresh period was session on drugs this is another this is another avenue and that's we've you've got to get your -- ball because they're -- -- guy he's gonna grow and blossom into this teenager who -- thinks that how women like because really I'm -- -- and we don't need any more men like that them that I respecting a little areas -- hello Matt. First I love art. Secondly. He's big guy left that a key part of -- -- -- very excited wonder what kind of argue that the Bill Gates warned then yes you may wanna take it to a psychologist. Why he's. If you look at 300 dollars or they're gay -- and I think you made it here that you are you may -- wanted to send out an elite haven't awkward. Yeah what they may be feeling I don't know it -- UCL a game -- -- -- -- that's not give it to you guys and -- -- while trying to put -- on the day that you're right British ship -- spin off during -- scrutiny like gimme a break it's just you don't wanna -- watch him porn in general so the advice is. Two to have a discussion with them so it -- doesn't turn into a a full on addiction correct I'm all right reverend rob thank you very much.