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Hill-Mail 8-28-14

Aug 28, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the previous 24 hours, topics covering Market Basket, Obama, and Rev Rob.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. Now teach you to do talk as the Hill Man Morning Show resilience -- man up. Obama yeah. I didn't know that. I mean a thing as god yeah. On WAA. -- Today's. Hill mail so everybody saying boardwalk is actually the seventh of September. Must be next. Sunday. That's awesome houses I had nothing to do a lot of -- I'm watching leftovers elections that -- it that much out of got a pretty full line units that that left the last episode of leftovers and also unbelievable. That. Alright -- mail today. -- do you buy fireworks over the border it's that time of year again beaches barbecues parties and fireworks from fireworks over the border. Call 8779. A banged. That's 8779. KABIANG. Or you can visit them on the web at fireworks CU SA dot com. -- -- 7:23. AM. I want they didn't. Wrapped in Spain and without a great Britain and then again. Wouldn't that be awesome. A woman begin. In Vermont. Very upset. Because they restaurant spot one of those -- -- signs and they dared to -- yield before bacon. That was -- bully. You know. You know who's been accused of fat shaming and that bullying. The Reverend Al Sharpton I'll prepare -- -- -- -- -- -- load. And ended up getting I think you get the stomach stomach stapled. So she learned where he. She he is a former fat and fifteen. And they are little or curse word on all these people work for him up. According to the smoking gun. Are tired of being fat -- yes by the guy who used to be -- yeah and suddenly. And nothing worse than somebody. Who have the lap band. But acts like they lost it by working out a meaningless. Highly highly than healthy lifestyle now don't know reshape its advertisers. No and no they had to tie your stomach and because you wait -- here's the -- it that's why -- them. I mean who who would you say is worse. Reformed. -- -- Elephant in the room. -- reformed smokers. A reformed fat people I don't get their 'cause I you know -- -- a former smoker but I'm all for smokers -- -- still -- be able smoke in buildings restaurants and I don't ever preach to me about frozen so you don't you don't go out to smoker's area angle. You know -- gave them up a few years ago you really ought to try to give or how about a better yet you know that's California. Yes and I thought about it the idea and you're still dipping human and you know that's gonna make nearly Paula you know now thinks that's the same. People have given opted for the -- like you know. I hit a few days ago he really got to seductive and let's get a fine. What are you look at that giving unsolicited advice that I. The other -- -- -- I -- how do you agree -- reformed advice giver and others argued. I'm in mind your own DB's last. Stricker big beetle like in the paint you -- you -- -- nothing but a yeah I -- an -- McCartney a the -- no -- And. We're in day 7:35. AM. Expect bad about it and thought. And then that would -- -- that a. Alcohol Texas says those who have been out caller of the worse when it comes to the issue aiming but I don't know if that's current smokers. I thinks I think it. Certain -- smokers -- the -- -- the fat people indefinitely into the net effect people who are like keynote. I am so held its its it's like look don't eat you know eating disorders aside and as the secretary -- get the people that are just like. You zip around the hallways with their little Tupperware split I'm pat summit -- on Sunday elect and I did too when I ate at all I'm out meeting some checks mixed bag lady this morning and slept for an extra. It's only Americans wouldn't survive in Canada what. Did -- the Canadian people don't care they just -- they act and have those people write their face Little League gets an extra skin wasn't there there has not been very. Quietly yup I can go on to get a video of mine my mom and dad -- there at the dining room table during supper. Both tablets cigarettes they push the cigarette -- incidents. Not call so that you used a knife and fork and eat while they smog. 254. Taxed. Worse than all of -- we formed meat eaters gone the levee and that it -- preach you know little ladder don't Wear -- her. -- now -- -- colon is gonna follow laughed downtown it's -- well really like six months ago you were laying into a big gigantic tenderloin burn mesa grill. Naples and hale congratulations au prince goes on now just ordinary. Yeah Channing Tuesday were Charlie Baker helped -- -- You come along and I don't you -- -- Arianna cattle are talented I asked for an extra seat always Johns do you view the future we'll go to your key Jamaica barbecues clear on -- -- in the Yahoo! with water may -- There -- more general and how we do want to. They just talk about the evolve mystery shopping there would everybody have followed him I couldn't tell that I was space it's still pretty chubby that even at elective surgery. He did he did. He did what Al Sharpton used to do when they'll be used to doing that is where the full sweatsuit there's nothing else would -- yeah its -- cannot reliably get the blue every sure you see the picture you see of him in the eighty's yet early ninety's he's got that the blue -- -- -- Evelyn writes let's -- restraint team. Yeah no knock you -- -- I -- you yeah. I don't get defensive front yeah. And what about reforms slots turned feminists that Pelosi I wouldn't do that's a well and it's in general and feminists in general yes. I don't -- I mean I'm off for you know -- you know women that I love when people call on the show and we'll talk about you know. Issues between men and women now -- aren't you stand up for your gender or my -- that some like -- but -- look at the feminist point of view I'm not big Alfre. McCarron yes sun energy so over the top. Then it's just like and we get it were word working on stuff. Forget there are things are fine certain things are still. I just certain to -- female stuff it's it is what it is it's fine it's -- I'm I'm gonna teach my child and -- asked how about Jim advice. Attack there are ways that this is -- -- is not being more of unsolicited. GM mid nineties the majority in your own form the I'm just here for -- work out. Craig Bennett Klein apple -- computer read my Kindle thing -- and yeah. Yeah they tried running I mean you know -- on the elliptical reading your -- panic if any of us are getting knocked out of work down she she gives herself a polar heart rate monitor -- -- But I chest pain and if we are -- electoral like Jess Jeff -- can put under there and it helps us stick better. The worst part is gel is those people. Join the gym three months ago Bryant had a trainer and now they think you know that their product that -- not exactly SES that's another one of my chestnuts. -- that people -- pay for their personal trainer. Unless unless your Olympic gold -- I think you don't or former all American and it's had a major sport. I don't think -- qualified. For fifty bucks an hour and then as I mean god love ya -- I'd -- you -- -- people -- -- Vietnam you know -- a -- good trio that was at the people that believe these people yeah I -- Africa and maybe go to the -- and exercise you actually Smart -- do it every day. You're gonna lose. What about the born again rob. Man I'll I'll say this we are tough to bear with people yeah but I try to not go that road because when Iowa wasn't. Born again. That time works I don't know yet were reborn as well yeah I always -- and our viewers probation seven parents leave yes you -- -- -- not just because I was on the total latter and in especially when you go to Catholic school and -- you know and they had to -- Became get on the -- nothing like unsolicited golf advice. I mean mention how you can -- your you know your hips are I don't need help on my -- I know I just slice that thing into the woods and in ninety degree angle I had no idea why and honestly I'm gonna go drop a minute drive my car halfway down the path -- wait for the the beautiful international cart girl come over she's gonna give me -- -- -- -- and -- -- and go drop another ball in the middle of fairway or cannot they had thought -- Michael on the would still. But I'm having a great -- Larry I don't need your advice there are playing now. Now -- -- not what I'm sorry did you just walked up the PGA tour right -- yeah that's the other thing yeah yeah yeah yeah and an -- I'd never makes it worth bruises when it's a charity tournament it's a scramble. And the guys down looking in his pot with the tiger wins I think hands over the guy up for the fight the winner tonight guy. Now we get five shots -- this -- Now well he wants to win the fifty dollar gives it to be in the -- Five by the way the Jimmy Walsh attorney on Tuesday and greed -- foursome of -- -- heels aren't credible threat -- there aren't as a bit of course you know look better on the barrel lower -- on all members of course it was the greatest strength program hello Brandon. -- what's happening Brandon. -- -- -- -- Very. Large but Jerry you know like the break what are actually -- I was like director and we're. Well up all of LP. Oh what they want to quote the ceremony the couple years ago. It is good China Russia -- -- architecture with big man you know and. Are you the reformed Brinker drinker who's telling everybody what they should be doing you -- not OK art. Oh you are are are recorded straight -- that's cool. How about how about unsolicited grilling advice. I don't even unanimous in Danish press that burger. They're one -- Angeles and there are probably -- how's this -- to go over and start doing gurgling -- -- away from the girl for two seconds because you wanna you wanna grab some Montreal. Seasoning. And you come back in there is that guy tad junior he's like moving your status and he's got the dodges starts its annual. -- turned that over. A guy that looks like it's done you should flip them -- -- that only wants them. I think I used to work in and the hospitality industry yes Pablo people try to tell the bartender a better way to make the drink. You should do -- it is tonight you know might be coming down we'll -- out I doubt that's what I have behind the -- and there not ordering him you know. Well I don't have courtroom I -- -- that -- well -- -- -- but really are you asking you for perfect Manhattan is it'll take me twenty minutes to find the bidders I'll deal. If you really want to -- and I did that to me previously ordered a perfect Manhattan and I was like I'm sorry I don't and you have agreed to ease up apple are McCarty and everybody's Beck and like I said I like. You know what -- We're going to be better specs here is there something else that in making and is -- -- a -- bettors here in the bar back public throats downstairs like trying to -- stop iceberg. And other people in the bar like -- -- -- track and. That's you know do you that's I always love down in the background simulating began -- you know what you give me a favor. You get to the front of the bar and agree v.s and back here in a minute and I'll make -- your personality and asked for rob tried to crowd in -- -- you -- says. And although I -- and hi -- hey. And I opened it. Yet. -- -- little model I don't know yet. Yeah I mean nothing worse than unsolicited and home. It. -- -- -- Think that they weren't letting it. It helped it out. There and I. Yup I don't need you to tell me how to parent my kid thank you very much. Wednesday 10:50. Am. A woman in my -- and as we have no let all of the opposite -- -- you're. Good market. Hypothetical back then connected to -- Gerry that's you're cinemanow good. Went home -- 43 PM. There is -- that they. I would make it make it perfectly clear if we get in my speech at The American -- -- -- -- and upload. But that's. Like I would dilute. In London and then a. -- -- -- -- 4 PM. Oh OK okay we'll have related lonely and didn't. The problem and we got the -- padding -- -- -- and yeah. On the blue eyed people are pissed about that trade well you know I understand Tom Brady being frustrated yeah guys continually over his career restructured deals just put money into the salary cap in on the table to keep guys in and keep his team competitive and -- and this is what he you know. Tough one. So do you think that they have an issue there -- why -- I mean I have -- talking about. You know. Pretty important I mean make ends by the way when light went down likens it Mankins was able to move over. And play guard -- left to play that left tackle position I think -- everything -- the -- on the right side but the from a blinds -- he did pretty well. Yeah -- on the back side of the backside protection Tom Brady's hugely important so you know obviously they must believe in -- sold -- -- again you you know you're you're I mean. It's -- easy if you look at it from a team's point of view last year Logan Mankins. Be it I think it would -- -- and they rack them up for like here -- nine sack guy he was like Thursday night but but but that that playing on on a torn torn up -- right so it played played a lawyer and a torn -- So naive guy you know you look at it from both people's perspectives Logan Mankins are taking in less money played all season are torn up knee Puerto. He is an all his career is gonna last night these days he's in his ninth season then you have the team going holy cow. Is his deal last we have this much money on the books we need to look out for the future I mean is not what the patriots. Our crew are known for is being relative not for nothing in the New England Patriots have been. Super Bowl you just did that relative relevant thing well ever every Minnesota data so you want to talk -- -- that it good that the that the fact the fact is is that no matter what. What you think they did the patriots are always picked. To be a Super Bowl finalist correct. I know what -- were looking at fourteen years now thirteen years you've got three wins you've been there a couple of times every other year your your pick to win the symbol. Do you want that. Or do you warrant. Q not when a suitable and be eleven and there are twelve and four and make the playoffs and lose the first routers. So I am I'd say it's it's tough but if you're Tom Brady that's a huge block. Here's the Texas says they asked them to take a pay cut and he said now he should have taken the -- why why weren't Smart one -- while woody why would you do that why would you do that here for -- via your future kids in your program kids yeah. Here's a 617 tax I'd take Logan Mankins over captain Topper in his prime. I wouldn't. I wouldn't went on hand 0:3. PM. It. And -- liberal. And that's and what was his -- through that's a streak. So -- the streets where -- listen listen listen to it than that not for nothing. Big big -- they want they won the blue G series now we have four against the race they win that series and they get the Yankees. On the road win that series. You're climbing a latter -- all its second walker. I don't think he and again. Yet -- -- Exactly the market that's important he says. The one that. -- amazing story now they just have to be able to recover when it comes to customers so in case you missed the earlier part of the show the deal is done. RD TD. Will pay one point five billion or more. According to various reports and to take over and run market basket and sell. You item seven weeks pretty much now has been going on. And did -- else that he thinks every customer comes right back an -- really yeah. I mean so they announced that the deal is you know done deal last night party -- to resume. You know. Being the home effective immediately the trucks have been going out since early this morning their stock footage is going to be out of -- off the charts -- Why wouldn't they go back. Well people got into new habit demagogue with the it's that they -- -- that there is some people shore. But I think for the majority of the people that shop at the market basket for the prices -- CN -- -- know whatever else they're getting they're they're going back to market basket he's answered their routine they -- go back to these other stores here and everything will back to equilibrium of people shot that. Sure on this topic -- foods Trader Joe's wherever else we have their there waiting for all the market basket people to go back to market basket so they can have their mark on an annual amount. Here's our five in this 10 I had parity Ariza RTT there are BT's grading kids RD party app are yes thank you timing us. Then the ones who. Have you with yeah I got places Debbie Iraq general and to easily jam he wanted to meet you when he meets art -- about this and two months. 5:58. AM. I'd guess that you don't get that -- -- and I thought it might not everybody. It Batman back yet but I'm not that don't look good out there and apply it that they got by me. Interconnected. Attacks I bet they gain customers based on what is happening right -- -- thinking about switching it. -- -- Although I would assume that based on the debt they may have to raise their prices. -- you know they don't know. Well and at one point five of tolerance to T Jared yeah. Our apartment -- -- the 4% off till December whatever it is what about their delicious pizza -- -- LA times and I'm sure will be available for the regular price for countless rates typically is stuff as the best isn't. Thanks for heat and recorded very open pathetic that people are stupid people. And the method that's at that but yes there are -- bit stupid but their overconfidence that's appointment that's why you myself in trouble hello Dave. What's happening. I just got back market wrap it up and they'll Manchurian. Start there shall I thought well of course that they are. But all the right out in our you don't -- a couple of serious -- -- Stop & Shop that. A little bit don't have occupied -- picture of it. David I don't think that's -- -- I wouldn't it's not advise against a your displeasure another way it's I don't. I don't I wouldn't I wouldn't put in the -- and now I would not advise -- to do any kind of malicious fecal distribution kind of activity. -- -- -- -- Heading my -- I think. And that's that. There are terrorists it was it was suicide watch it was -- object when LB puke in my daughter's -- on basket approximately. Four -- fourteen years ago. It was shock and and it was a unfortunate incident but we've all recovered nicely for a 705. AM. Critics say -- -- It and I didn't really curriculum promoted itself -- couple that he could hit that the problems. That's what they left above mentioned in the promo and that -- is their content that they are looking into her and let those Hillsdale liquid that you learn much. -- one -- Immelman guy com's. To the mantown film festival at the men and twin drive in next week. That's next Saturday night -- from Saturday and it's it's selling out rapidly so if you plan. And aren't coming were showing four films goodfellas godfather die hard terminator. On the big screens. Your garden. Food from fireflies barbecue cigars. Now says it's like you can get six people in your vehicle for 25. Bucks. So you gotta get your tickets go to WAA apple dot com. Do buy your car load 25 bucks before it sells out. Eight home -- You know I don't think it. Went wild got hired as the duplicate what. Even if it is thought -- producer. In -- -- -- Beyond that number 1 morning go as far as I'm concerned in the world. At all. He knows that didn't get fired an opening -- out there and work here. Well I'll let you block when you get -- it worked for a collective. -- -- that I get Orleans have been here 24 years you get four week vacation -- England. When you're here 24 years you'll get four was asked what you've been here for 20. I'm here for almost ten and not not been on the show and Carlos are you but -- actually haven't been employed by Annika -- -- not for three years warriors for years you're almost you know on the -- that -- areas. You know I have given about who can only. I we've got to admit that don't feel a -- -- the that would sort of have to kill somebody that would have been really good. And that. Suits and we've yet via. Then all of them. -- -- I hope you guys have a nice vacation and don't think because we love you and we'll -- you do. Yeah wounded men who Brunswick by a 1 PM CBO to our lifetime I really don't know. Although LB asked me earlier he could stay at the house. And I'm awful lot. Sure the -- he -- -- well -- -- to -- operation and a story. Sorry about just last week shed in the back would be okay shed would be good for you an idea -- what's great about. No problem I'll stop a Wal-Mart or. A blow -- bed no matter mattress and a -- Ben -- beloved dog or a -- he can't. Current -- well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I come all the older parent or adult. All -- Or you don't -- order to -- -- -- -- -- cable network that regard. And that MacBook and the Robert Kraft. With a hill mail message at W.