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Inside the Warped Female Brain with Danielle 8-127-14

Aug 27, 2014|

We once again go inside the warped female brain with help from Danielle, as we try to help a man who went cyber stalking on the girl he is dating only to find stuff he did not want to see.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always online and on your schedule at WA AF dot com. -- go inside the. Working Melbourne -- -- it is 736. Here on the Hill Man Morning Show this is from Kyle. Email that. God Monday. I randomly cyber stock the girl I've been seen for a few months. And on her FaceBook Twitter and hamster rampages everything's in seemed pretty normal at first. However when I started to dig deeper I found it a lot of pictures of her and her acts. Who. He's really good looking there obviously still close she was even in some posed pictures on impeached and his family reunion and I I really wanna say something but then it's going to be obvious that I was stocking on line. Is it weird that I am jealous of her bad however acts and was it bad that I cyber stock. There so early in our relationship -- everybody does it I mean this is just trying fourteen so you know -- -- I think it's a very small percentage of people who don't dual little digging in 19. None of -- you know and there some people have very extensive profiles whether it's insecure and face the -- from a person who who. Actively cleans up my -- photo albums and one not from time to time. But there are a lot of especially friends of mine that I know that like you go back -- some of their suffering it's like the last seven guys that dated -- -- -- -- delete some of them but -- and tag themselves but the picture is still up on somebody else's page. Which -- this is what it sounds like here with like a family reunion like he's probably friends with her ex assist error in the -- still as the pictures up from the reunion she's -- tag yourself but it's still. Somehow someway showing up in the feed them I wouldn't say anything mean. Because unless you're like thinking that she's still around and around the sky and you know uber closer hanging out with -- -- all the time I think it is children get -- passed it like figure that's my -- this text from a woman who says -- we get for snooping around Franklin and don't snack wrap up -- act like you like you didn't go in the -- -- in the -- CB could -- here well I mean that that city was sleeping when a stripper from. For fun and yeah yeah hike to eight you know unless she gave you -- and reason it. In even even then even if she did you you'd be addressing at a whole other platform like OK well you know on suspicion that that -- this the seemed a little funny find have a conversation that you can't go to somebody you're dating. And the like. -- what you know it is maybe you could say -- -- still some pictures up at their acts like would you mind taking them down -- But what you Buckeyes who cares who this guy. We cares if there's the picture up there from a while ago Mardy does have been worse and we're all pigs -- we're here your significant other like it's in their X and some place where it's like. While nobody is not that there on the wars and. He surging this chicken and you find out you sort seen pictures of her action you know and a you know like. It's. Awesome baldor well you know are on vacation out of India find out that their multimillion billion Paterson. Vicious guys clearly jealous of the extra -- and that's good looking -- that era ham united sink in you know we've we've been together and and Valentine's come up Zain what do you have to have to be cheap Newton meanwhile have hit her access like three houses and elaborate on. Should -- hang in after right. And years do you think he should mention it. Well now he should not only analog leaving Lankan ironically it's it's all of the -- though news elected I think they used Twitter feed it's old news like if it's a picture from 2011. It's a bowl mood in his -- -- him and his Ferrari again that I used to driver yeah I wouldn't worry about them them as the corolla treat me. Here's the text that says hash tag in the secured yes well. People are insecure and I don't know that. All right that's inside the warped deranged a female marine here on the Hill Man Morning Show.