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Is It Fact or Is It Schmact 8-27-14

Aug 27, 2014|

LB's logic was almost perfect this time during Facts/Schmacts as topics included how many people i 1988 thought the moon was cheese, do babies have extra bones, what is the rate of genital herpes, and what historical person was a cronic farter?

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. -- -- -- And on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. And now. -- Hill Man Morning Show invite you -- your wits. Again still least -- not Fernando and I just watched the whole scale public that will I'm on the other side night where the jacuzzi is a swamp -- crowd Seaman I mean people would -- -- And toenails he'd step I took facts she maxed. Today's facts she Max winners should there be any. Who -- and beat LB. We'll get a pair of tickets for the WA AF hail storm shell. Which is at the palladium in Worcester coming up on November 20 in awesome yeah yeah yeah storm those guys they -- New Rochelle. No I'm not all I would I mean I don't know I'd I'd love to see when the Rosen and in the -- -- -- and Italy and the players have anywhere to anywhere -- in the -- I wouldn't know I think women what that did well at all what about lime green shorts the consumer you're. All kidding me now the -- don't show they think you and I were security. Hello Joseph. I do and where you found -- I'm Lester. From Worcester what do you do. I -- -- shot tracker and Andrea -- Daniels right breaker breaker you're going there and committed you are one of the worst drivers in the commonwealth you know are in the country -- since that. That our product. Gel. In 1988. 13%. Of Americans. Believed that the moon. Was made of she got back. Or urged Mac. -- -- -- If someone did you its provisional and all those stories read that we -- this story after a bottle lady you're completely smashed. And and take into the hospital after kidney care for twelve hours yeah back or when you're saying that yeah. It is I'm there. 13%. Of the brilliant. Who walk among us believe that the what kind of cheese would you prefer allies has -- -- Frank Reynolds which -- the holes are ever greater job I'm just saying you're pregnant as a -- there. I think I'd prefer goat or months there like an English -- On the -- -- the -- of the -- you know this is 1% do like the -- that's series and some -- no -- in Charlotte -- that you got to Illinois Dublin international -- don't -- chatter about some government GE's. Shortage on -- -- hello Bobby. More Bobby where do you come from. I didn't call earlier in order well he loves it when people turn around and driving and calling it closes. Bobby. Butler suffered chronic flatulence. Factors and -- Low low stress you have to compare that it's practically he did a couple of it's like yeah I wish I remembered her name of the -- stated that Hitler 888. On. An idea that job and gave him. A ticket you guys out there now that's what it's what it is that some well known -- It Adolf Hitler used to be for rodeo -- -- I bet nobody ever called them -- you can always blame one news stop while he helped -- those things. One of the generals but yes it is -- -- not have gas German food it's just it's appropriate I mean that's a by product Arlington new light -- -- and out area at the board shall the -- average suit every search of cabbage Ryan's. I never thought habitat Parse -- that beats the good point hello frank yeah. Hey harder what I know where do you come from frank. I'm only -- sure -- our -- -- human baby has over sixty more bones than an adult. -- -- -- -- -- brochure action back. Yeah I'd I mean that would be possible to believe immunity human skeleton is a human scale with yeah. What extra bones would be be. I mean the one thing is incredibly flexible when there to race fuels -- Robert way to yeah. And I I get off I don't push -- -- notice -- Skelton and I'm sorry that the fact. What's yeah human baby sixty more bones. And the of the so what are you hitting you all if you do some view yeah it's so weird spot on the back of the head in his soul and even a little soft spot yeah. Encouraged manners and you just for the record do you drive and and our current team because you don't have a child she doesn't have a there's a soft spot on the back and different. Danielle wants a baby she doesn't have a baby now but I I don't let this weekend -- And who could end up that could someone give her baby. Can somebody please give her baby meet David thank you back into utterly bizarre enemy and that we area that's a weird one. Who blow Robby. Look Greg what's happening -- So another Haitian creole -- you where do you come from. Richard -- Braintree look at a town legally owed to more big plans for the long weekend. Well or are rarely ever read -- -- Robby one out of. 61 out of every six of your fellow Americans. Has the genital hurt. Fact or she Mac. -- -- That -- areas that I cringe every time nobody tells us. This tells the oh god where it's super got to -- -- increase in Australia. That's on credit or adapt I got to believe that's fact yes and that is that that people are -- until people now on the by -- get an -- you -- really. I mean I'm not pronouncement I was you know this yesterday Tuesday it is the gang -- -- it's like 72 years -- yes yes yes there are probably in the elderly people now that -- big big big. They don't even need their kids to sing me a mom we're gonna put you know -- though I today. Making phone calls Clifton park pay day yeah -- -- it's like sex and out of every -- America. You're taking me to the village just OK after. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All right that is Baxter Max today thank you.