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Hill-Mail 8-27-14

Aug 27, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the previous 24 hours with the main focus on the latest victim of the Hillman jinx.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always I'm. And on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Now each -- to -- to talk. As the Hill Man Morning Show Brazilians feel may help. It -- it and I thought plan. Want to put seven quote. On WA EA. Is there is. Policies and over they still playing the market at -- fourteen obvious that they want to sports now to back Aniston plus is that just. -- Has this image out of but the last wild -- spot well that's don't give them they're not gonna win the -- -- -- and and I now I don't think so yeah. Today's hill mail messages. Are. Brought to you coma and are they -- I know are they were there. -- do you buy fireworks over the border it's that time of year again beaches barbecues parties and fireworks from fireworks over the border call 8779. To -- That's 8779. A bank KABAA. Angie or you can visit them on the web at fireworks USA dot com. To me pretty. 17 PM. Well well well. -- men who cries at the end. Dude that got quote. The when -- work quote. And now -- -- from the from the pant load you. It can always be worse I mean I think about people that we've discussed on the show and they passed away now. It was just a scheduled interview that turned into a trade. And I clearly somebody like Ninkovich is not afraid of the Erie -- is this morning happy to be fearless happy to be a part of the home memo. To me for. 34 PM. And you don't. Let me say again that. Download and edit content yeah. This man yeah well even. In and he's -- he really is the -- I don't think for all. -- -- -- a -- -- -- -- -- they're -- get get the next day that job and that's been. And I'll love it's bad. And -- after entering. If this. All rob who's the victim not -- ways to express what it got and other facts and its share some final. -- -- -- -- But I gotta love and romance and the ability is there kind of figured out. There's one all ought to at least be made if you wanna do it Michael you know all of the head -- and diligent about what. And then now -- we heard from in awhile and think he's tennis war be on the show he messages me doesn't matter can't season -- and his team is authentic thing coming up I think this that this week. Summer season but then summer season fancies. It's a captain bandwagon can you believe it. Well. Twelve and then. They can do well they've heard one good season -- you're saying that apple. We -- phone interview with Jordan come on that site I think. -- -- -- And one of those guys gonna make the Bruins this year Spooner are out of room at night acutely. -- I cannot redemption man Stanley Cup finals really gone really really excited really it's -- -- -- -- -- -- great map there are no men there and you must start interviewing people under that. In Dayton the illusion that add whatever he brought guarded by market back. The message it's Cleveland. He's back home in Cleveland. And 48 and then. And I think. Yeah direct connect -- but it -- yet but I'm not let it. What I that I have. Got attacked it and it got them out of my eyes are. Though -- I don't think that fact that. I have a little bit better than it is the family pets. Yet. London that his. Never been attacked by -- -- like that -- and regulating have you -- know now have you have you ever been attacked by a wild animal. Had a at some kind of a confrontation with a one. Now I can. I mean you don't I mean when I was a kid you know the yeah. There are grab better beaver Clarkson in his snare him you know you're you gotta be careful -- means -- Sometimes are still alive. When you -- set up one of those ones with the fake. Russia over it move the animal would pop up and made in the air in the embryonic. The Killian Valentine -- -- you get a toy that's very snaps up. Signal or straight can you are trapped there -- that no matter how -- -- -- -- -- line in nominal. You put -- you -- you watched a trio where they'd be they go back and then you put accomplished near between two. Branches and -- president prize. I just -- -- little Italy and let the little animal makes it a foot stuffed animals giant flying hours straight day. And and no collar snare copper snare a little tiny gnaw -- you actually put us to get away. Usually the concert -- -- bother to come back to check the trend and sometimes cancer Jared Norton and it was on the run and it only. A thing. -- -- -- The red blood that want to know. Great justice might go to senator might be true. I thought about it -- some -- I believe in kid that could have done here what it takes preferred share connected loves the 0:8 AM. -- -- on the carpet -- that narrowed them. Look at the clip I thought that the and then there's this network that -- -- that let you know that I didn't. No but let it. Come on daddy does have a bit. And they're connected to -- that. I don't believe it. 707. AM. They came out there -- there -- -- let New York anymore. Apparently were involved. And now -- called. And the men and super rats are threats trees over in the housing project. So the death burial McCormick Medicare and had -- -- look at the foot on his foot not to judge to a little build up. Don't scare him we'll -- -- an exact corner with a note. People are afraid food go outside their homes at night as the rats are so big and so there valid -- -- it -- what America -- it's created an effort other British school of the local. Fire -- a Republican load up and I have to have a day. Conscious armor -- against helping with helicopters cuts announced that category. -- fun for the kids. -- -- What do I -- -- -- aren't Irish are -- well he's he should reach its I think Cuba. -- -- -- -- Please go over the easy Bernard please go over the super -- again this is from an 832 text area that we talked about earlier. Housing project overrun by super development they're giant to -- two pounders we -- that insensitive to college project. That what they call them now. -- in their fifties that are part of an architect because they were building the masses -- the right it's it's like rich people calling trailer -- trooper track I mean but it's a mobile home development I didn't make enough hard working people that change with the times are okay what do you colony. Development a and -- Community okay. His taxes as LB -- like everybody in south leaders Narnia have a gun pop. And then some when we talked about this earlier somebody treated me the picture of Jack Nicholson from the departed yes. That impression. -- -- them that's one of the best parts there are so funny. Car lot that fail I'm Lebanese in the car yes. Over the sake of the ones that they'll call. Off the tail. Sinks -- nine and then. Logan Mankins. And even -- and you know. Food and wearing anything written in blue curtain went up my ability to that -- factor. Now you're gonna miss that no idea yeah yeah I mean. Yeah but some people say okay me. You know as a so we open up cap space that means basically that Revis -- outside right that's what people think is going latest -- you have you know yeah they're -- they're geniuses in the paper there so you got an aging. Offensive linemen as Summers saying annual opened up. Enough run to sign Revis silently through -- -- will be Revis island. In Foxborough for quite some time. And again. -- people exactly. Why don't -- Okay well look he wanted. The world. It felt so great block block out -- and got -- doubt that what it is. That happened earlier than the regular people. I did it come ago though Ellen being struck by lightning army gave it afterward that they went to get hit by at a pace -- -- get hit by a truck while leaving their -- maintenance. Would be of the regional we July.