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Rob Ninkovich of the New England Patriots 8-27-14

Aug 27, 2014|

After we were scheduled to talk with now FORMER Patriots O-Lineman Logan Mankins, our pal Rob Ninkovich stepped in after Logan was traded to the Bucs. Rob talked with us about the trade and the last week of Pre Season play.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. -- -- -- And on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. It was okay. They're Hill Man Morning Show cruising this football but catch them briefer. Bay hill man I don't want. Today's home in huddle is presented by commonwealth motors find us fast that shop us a last dot. Com. And it's schedule there is LB was a shed -- yes to be on the -- man huddle this morning Logan Mankins. I want to thank our pal Rob Ninkovich for filling in on last minute notice they go. Oh how -- anybody. Door so few words on Logan I we were we played some audio from Julian element earlier and he sounded like hey you know he was upset and then set out in the sky was falling I mean. You've been teammates -- this guy into a man everybody talks about what what a great team guy Logan Mankins was. Yeah I mean Logan. -- ultimate pro so. You screwed up there and that is and instructing the Caspian. Are wish him all the best in the future of news. All of us though -- cultural abuse far. What was was that surprised you guys or does nothing surprise you and in the NFL. I don't know I've been to a lot markers so early not surprise you will not discuss. All those things where you do it does when you have no control ourselves and do you can do and play your best. You know last stands. We always say I guess and bill we trust but does it ever day deal ever. Even to yourself even if your huddled in a corner privately -- -- goat cheese this one I what's still thinking on this one. -- For me really just a word on what so and try and the best that I can in my job I don't know. You know. You'd be carried -- about. Too many other things sneakers wrestled under the makes sense so -- were communities where to vote government governor. On the bus -- Did look good loading get a chance to combined city you know it's so you've hired. Have the farewells -- from the -- -- -- -- -- Political. Solutions for you -- advise -- You know results are playing well. This well. Now here's what's important any good food served you know I love to eat when it -- in the body part like that what does that what does a big guy like main concerns and but that brought a speaker -- -- the -- that's good. It's is that it only in New York. The yeah and Jeanne Kohl blow wobbly possible couple cold Budweiser I didn't but I but -- It's like visit puts pro sports some perspective. You know rob went somewhere says six time Pro -- other guy's been you know basically I said this morning you mean. He's gonna go to the hall of fame it's not he's not going to be a Pro -- for the rest of his career but then it it puts pro sports in perspective forum I'm sure everybody. -- today at practice to be a little tight. We have purchased -- dollars. There's not too many yachts like it. Well in the real world where -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know and that's what it is you know while you're in the moment enjoy it all and -- and actors. You know careers in so last very long so. You dispute that she came. Home you know enjoy every moment of it. Is it a confidence boost care for the for the defense. I mean obviously. You know ballot -- care. And company believe that you guys are are pretty stout if they can now send. Somebody is get his Logan. Died down a terrible day and know that you guys can get the job done. I mean we've worked hard ultra camcorder. You know. Maximize. What we can be yes and that was sort of some more time here. To work our aircraft and did better. Little thing was recorded gains so. What industry continued to do that in. I'm just used to -- this person here there's a lot of excitement and anticipation for the start of the season. Here's an important question from text there was there bacon on the pizza. To. Protect. Well a total surprise that he was like Reggie Kuo on all of a veggie people might have been just -- might have been a supremely fully loaded at -- -- Self respecting offensive -- orders a veggie pizza I gotta tell you know that's better than a mushroom onion you know proper judgment comfort. Circle culture of life. Turk reported to you probably don't put. Let's say I would say that's. That's probably it wants -- to be in the -- today kid that would Geary from Miami a week from Sunday whole leaf. But that. -- -- -- -- It's my right -- -- human. Well hey look it's you know he's won more ago here in and many guys are are ready are you are you. Are you excited about what more pre season game -- you're you're you -- sure none of them. I mean you know I didn't -- preceding. -- also has just -- through it and you know it seems like the last one to expert due to. Especially in your. In Belgrade -- camp and there's no it didn't call bullet struck the crowd can -- -- Celeste. Christian game here at. Home the week the first game we've all been here before you know -- so on -- -- -- Brady's probably -- these mountains there. Yeah I'm -- of how much how much passion do you expect to see actors and I can. Our arms and -- -- also what are orders. And it whatever it is it is whatever it is it is and let you know it is what it is and that is that is Rob Ninkovich all right well listen. Thanks for joining us this morning we appreciate it. Our current popularity. Rob Ninkovich the New England Patriots here. On the Hill Man Morning Show the -- huddle. -- -- doing yeoman news service and filling in yet or apple Logan Mankins.