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Sauce Talk 8-26-14

Aug 26, 2014|

After we found out about Arby's new sandwich we dove back into talking about the best sauce once again.

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-- Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark acknowledge online and on your schedule -- WA AF dot com but LB Arby's. Has created new sandwich for her after. -- And this this particular sandwich which Arby's is introducing. Is known as the -- mountain. -- -- I wish that was fast that was -- Did yells that may have been -- give more how low pressure -- it or it no way to go allies are Hofstra decided I. -- I guess with some kind of tired as -- -- yeah so I. But the mountain was what she was -- that's in the early days sat out this thing has a piece of ever. Turkey. -- first of all. I appreciate the fact that they put the Turkey or there but let you know that said -- probably -- we don't we could do without the Turkey camp camp. Corned beef corn made a lot of brisket brisket are Angus steak and -- stake at. Roast beef roast beef three strips of bacon does that -- 3303 straight to get after yeah. Too chicken tenders obviously Swiss cheese yes was his -- -- There were the thoughts -- is beat the Sox got a lot of -- -- that now back -- kid this seems like some kind of -- -- out. Arby's version of the -- us it made now this this wound up being like an accidental success is this is kind of part of a promotional thing they did in stores where they just took. A promo photo ball to meet stacked up just to show what kind options they have -- customers start cutting in and saying. What can I order one of those so they're like well it's how we. Yeah Paul begala order wanna -- Vegas. It's like there Ritz Carlton motto yes what's the question -- -- -- -- yes once they get -- now. I tweeted a picture this think Italy it's complete shinning. I mean I'd take a look at it on my Twitter feed Greg Hill WA AF. The -- the what's it called again the meat and milk to the meat mountain. It does curly Fries and think to -- yeah. How that would be is it really has -- -- -- -- -- -- -- tell you Obama's early in the white house on. But they are now that -- -- -- of -- -- authorities of America -- just look at our conference. Now as soon as they serve the first -- she's gonna send seal team six in -- until I arrested apprehend the person. To double tap the person who cares to eat a sandwich and as every kind of muted it. What is the best fast food sandwich sauce is that the Mac sauce I think it is an -- at. I appreciate the double -- LB that's pretty good gap but I think the Mac sauces what it is is is the best I. Everybody knows it edited economy where you grew up saying yeah outstanding what do you really put up against that I can think of anything that would. Yeah that would rival that -- -- for -- you know kind of that category. Side 781 techsters says that subways southwest. A chipotle sauce is pretty really. Yeah I like like a horseradish. Sauce on that kind of a sandwich. Like horse radish. Sour cream kind of kind of thing and do whatever I -- -- think of any on the side of the averaged around 8080. CE it's mustard -- on us that we India uses on -- pretzel bites now does not like it to two two healthy. Not it's not at the mustard and honey mustard to team up -- spicy green that. The the KFC twisters -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know what that is idiotic get predominately. That. I'm not -- -- -- I just I loved rookies when they started out about TSE fluff is sausage here at Sears to gravy. OK Ali -- the great eight it is virus moderated for the gravy on I think that you order from KFC. The horse. A techsters says the horse he saw us at Arby's yes it is also very good test we could probably get that put on to the meat mountain. I don't think we have to many armies around here now and there are won at Texas says there's one in Worcester. But I don't I don't know that there's any where we are. I don't I don't I've never seem -- that it has ever been I don't think they've won a box then or or and a beautiful city erode -- there -- one across instead turnpike -- that was a favorite yeah hangover from -- -- -- Let me check and see where seniors you don't -- Obama. -- -- -- -- And the other side notes months and now what about -- a Burger King onion rings Sonnanstine or anything about it yeah that's good as that that's an idea. Yeah are reasonable rule out as one of Marlboro really exactly there. Yeah Auburn to be in whispering the -- case backers saw us Texas says it's pretty. Campfire songs I don't know the oh that horseradish that's at the onion -- saw us at BJ is a horse yet or strategist Julian. Can't fire sauces from Red Robin by the way I'll it is up from Red Robin ever been rock -- -- -- red -- pretty good sweatsuit thing. Pretty good job at the Berger vice -- a pretty huge bottomless prize they did a pretty good they do pretty hungry. The up -- is at the Solomon pond mall -- in -- -- where they are reasons but that Texas says none of these sauces compared to the Max us. I'd love the joy on people's faces. The first time I tell them. That you can get the -- sauce on any other burger people don't know what. Like I'll never forget sharing that you know I've given -- a lot of advice -- advice on unknown women advice on. Being successful in life. The best thing ever told him was you know you can get the Max us on a quarter pounder and the kids' eyes lit a lit up Y -- there's nothing that learning that you can do that. In the you can request that in they'll fulfill that request. It's one of the greatest things that people are never in their -- what's the best sandwich you put it on what the guys who got the -- I think a quarter -- I think -- good the quarter -- needs the -- -- -- -- to do with -- shifts well you could get a absolutely -- and I absolutely delighted chicken sandwich absolutely -- as a side but at what shall rise back sauce on the side to get a -- an -- they might be afraid they might be afraid that you're spy and they are gonna analyze the match us. -- I've gone from Burger King. You know Burger King is about to emerge where the Tim -- -- And -- -- -- -- addressed to -- yeah they're gonna do it because they will they want to pay taxes in the US anymore so they're gonna daddy they're gonna move their headquarters to ten. And a lot of it but that -- the venues are already built I mean Howard it's genius what Tim Hortons -- already there you know I mean yeah there yet and building and every zoo and -- there helmerich taste of whatever they serve to. -- -- Courts try to sneak down into Americans that don't really honored and yeah it back doors to their main they have some out there have somebody about it -- and other Americans killed elements -- its importance in the teens to think that really took and us. Routine while LB loves to seeing a spectator giant Yahoo! gene stated to -- to yeah.