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Hill-Mail 8-26-14

Aug 26, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the previous 24 hours.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. Each unit -- to talk. As they Hill Man Morning Show present stalemate out. Don't you don't think you'll OK here's how much and it kind of got it from. It adulterated. How much either -- -- We go to break okay. On W two K okay -- And have a yeah. It's that time of year again beaches barbecues parties and fireworks. From fireworks over the border call 877. Cop bang that's KABANG. Or visit them on the web that fireworks USA dot com. Just a quick correction 8779. Can bang it appears that someone mystery of the -- they did correct the phone -- -- folks on our eyes those. Support our eyes swell of those guys in our own people and repeat. And this day and age in the workplace details are unimportant yet so we're too busy texting and FaceBook -- him. Socially networking ourselves all around the globe should be success and let the proper people about that yes it's totally out will come down to what it. Some went when they when he picked -- I'm not that how we are down. So I I alerted until. Alerted them your alerted them -- and it -- and I think they'd think of to fix that by Friday so I said I -- I change it Tuesday -- Ahmed -- big. I'll get back from -- everything yet there -- stress. Here are here are the very best till -- messages of the previous 24 hours. Monday eight. -- crews and. Then -- outside you're gonna get -- -- -- the -- You wouldn't want happening middle. But now. Photos acute sad twist while she was it was purge user that's why she was buying cucumbers and it communities in Arizona in -- analysts furthers -- for the user. 8:16. PM. Got up the woman who -- it these nude self CIR and brand. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Message. It's weird. And right now there really is. Monday at 7:15. PM. I correct. So that that weekend -- -- crime -- -- native Britain went contest for the vote and that went under Clinton wins and then. It's more important but certainly numbers six and second win them and I couldn't possibly be a coincidence. And it. For the person listening to -- on the radio -- the message or does that thought ever found out there's a cluster FII. Thank you -- that was our that was our that was the and add an extra play these sports for a candidate Barack. It was this but it -- it. That -- you always wonder they say it Gergen why why did not like doing live broadcast -- If it's because the quality of the show sometimes drops. You know I strolled controllable and yes I like Dickens yes I'd like to control what I can control rights. And that's if I'm not there then it's it's not possible to -- -- about may have been that man listening to all these award winning sports minute longest the next message fully -- -- that well you figure well. Okay all right we'll go ahead. 47 AM. -- -- -- they want -- to go absolutely because assert -- started that it had gotten that they would addicts out there weren't so we'll go to that it -- let it. -- I have the. But at the -- that means. Let's see technicality. Tuesday I don't know what that means that some believe that somebody say technicality or -- SA but I. On Tuesday to this reality do all -- and -- didn't technicality Tuesday. 7:19. AM. It -- when I thought well. Aren't there -- dominated and clip art. And then moved to. Harry and asks if there was there was a win last night in -- hurry and activity crazy crazy as it comes asked us. Walton who didn't want. Now all of -- it was the worst drivers in America but they have opened with a getaway driver. With the public heroes. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Allstate does indeed say according to their tenth survey that you Massachusetts drivers are being worse in the United States of America to celebrate -- somebody got got immediately. Well and it's not even. You know it's it's western drivers that are the very worst and and it's Boston drivers that is the second worst and then it's Washington DC and then -- Springfield himself now is that is that went Spitzer irony that Worcester is the worst.