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Adult Toy Price is Right 8-26-14

Aug 26, 2014|

Once again we go deep inside Danielle's Sex Dungeon where this time we learn how much the Man Shark Enhancer Ring and the Oral sex Snorkel cost.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always online and on your schedule WAS. Dot com. And now the Hill Man Morning Show Brazilians. Could build -- truly brilliant season really. Mon day. That's correct we have where a lot of medical personnel with -- so they can explain whether or not these particular items are safe to use and the good to see if your own home. I don't put prices right Danielle has been kind enough to go into her vast collection of adult toys. In the sex dungeon that she has in her basement and bring them in today and if you are able to accurately. Determined the price of said adult toy item. Then you who will be the winner of course as you know those of you watch prices right you cannot go over price wise. Kevin are you able to line up two dollars over there do you need help of that because I cannot do that here. Let's get Mike can that Mike and -- first this morning so Mike hello aria. Mike. -- you know -- Joseph okay. That's. In another country it's pronounced Mike according to a house and yeah I guess. Joseph. Nice weight where you from job. Hey idiot what here. Okay the beautiful -- driving city of Worcester and let me guess the man that's labeled as Mike is most sorry -- -- show is probably -- Mike. Is that correct Mike. I hope you -- broke up and Canada but Alan Graf who's your car would you call screener today Iran that don't mind I don't aren't they all right. -- are ravenous rough -- of this morning perhaps. Opt out of Mario where -- -- Good -- -- -- role from Lowell all right buddy guy's not a blank. -- it all right here is the adult. Lloyd price's right item number 1 this morning aren't the burst item is the man and shark in cancer -- the man. Shark and the answering yes -- chose this because the story we're gonna talk about an about an -- shark sighting -- ducks very yes it yes tribute act out yeah so this thing is very it it's as a female I'd be afraid to see this thing coming at me no pun intended it's it's it's it's Sebring okay. But it's basically got the teeth of a shark that come out from it. I'm so so like your -- coming forth from the shark's mouth oh my lower and -- -- it. It is is is it like some kind of a but promotion for jobs and are now. Or shark -- notice they're there like a shark made little tiny and I mean everything I do some branding with this and actually you know doubt latch on that so it's really twofold you get you know that the ring portion of it is is good for the man for the advancement -- and I. Right and and beat teach quote unquote are more like soft silicone Hitler's fellow woman to get to the woman and they're yeah every power yeah but it's it's it's weird to look at yeah well well you don't. You don't wanna have that thing floating around that at a public beach either of the lifeguards allowed call everybody out of -- a lot of exactly. -- are right. Joseph -- what do you think the actual retail price. Of that vitamins. I. -- -- -- pretty boy did it 34 and 99 or what about you Adam. Oh yes very but I beer and 35. When you have got to like that that's yeah that. Yes gentlemen I apologize you both gone over the actual retail prices 1519. Sorry size should feel sorry guys and thanks for playing the 1599. Net for the man that shark and shark the man -- answering enhance her ring. Era. I think let's grab Bob Bucky and Andrew if we could special K how about -- morning. They are everybody our hockey world order are we had an excellent where do you come from. Irish from our own beautiful day Gunner who worked there I'd proud to be one of those actually the worst driver and that in the United States of America. Not -- okay and Andrew how about Andrew Andrew where you from odd little bird. Milford. That now are you are so proud to be national driver out who earlier. I didn't know that without. Here is. Here is the adult way that is up next this morning guys. Our guys how often have you heard this from here ladies whilst in the middle of oral pleasure she says to you. I can't keep going right into three writes this product will help avoid that complaints it's the oral sex snorkel. And can ideas mentioned that if you answered never attacked -- married okay I have never heard that about it. OK but yes whether it's fifty is excellent fit together it is it's an oral sex snorkel and you have about it there was the go on the knows there -- in the note board doesn't even though it's a good -- so okay -- your mouth and that's what this is basically kind of like too little not dropping off the -- -- now are carrying and it's get -- -- come out of that -- at the top here but I don't look at the -- within ten and can I can imagine how that would be important yes and it -- -- helps you realize how do you -- probably good that I read up on the head and that's that's. Now if you like. You know if you like to be scuba diving could also use this event in the water correct itself okay. But this is perfect what about Carol don't Jagger replies yeah. About what about underwater. Oral. -- got -- -- -- yeah -- -- what do you think the actual retail prices item is there weren't very hard court -- not enough. 21. And 99. W handrail. -- I'm not go to one dollar one dollar bought a -- of one dollar Smart is Andrew twenty dollar actual -- tonight when he dollar. Where actual retail. Price tag we'll wait let any Andrew says he said 21 night I was at 21. So congratulations. Thank you will both -- playing adults Lloyd price is right lot of -- I mean you know. Think the innovation in America when it comes to these adults items. It -- in another event one man standing there looking down it is isn't that what you eat this guy I don't know I had to take off yeah. I don't know how many women you repeated its use this article well I mean -- -- -- -- -- -- -- vehicles if breathing is is -- if if you're breathing is a problem. Then goes snorkeling -- would them so we don't exactly. All right coming up your -- mail messages. On that the Hill Man Morning Show -- WA AF.