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Inside the Simple Male Mind with LB 8-25-14

Aug 25, 2014|

Every Monday we go inside the simple male mind with the help of relationship guru Lydon Byers, helping ladies deal with the men in their lives. This time we helped ladies deal with covering the age range in a relationship, a man who can't sleep in the same bed as your partner after 13 years, erections at the gym, and a nude selfie from a husbands friend.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. Are you ready okay I'm always ready kid you know -- personally relationships back -- governor. Another weekend where guys turn their objects. Worlds upside down. This is. A segment just for you ladies we do every week at this time LB answers questions that you have about man. From inside the simple mail mind. LB I'm 24 years old and super attracted to a 46 year old guy I work with. I'm thinking of asking him to smash but I think he might be too old. Is there any formula for what age is too old for a woman. They're algorithm that is there like an out or she's 24 he's what 46. That's great doesn't matter if -- -- guy go forward but you know don't don't look at it if it's just a smashing them awesome. They're fair unless he's completely law unless he's the boss or -- high up and makes great joke mean. Then they -- don't go for the relationship -- just made it -- just make it -- an -- thing like -- -- -- -- while waiting on that phone call you can make whenever and and you're good to go that's awesome I mean is there any age that's tools for this 24 year old know what analysts and I believe it yeah ninety guys David I'll be on top of the world and you imagine the confidence he's gonna have after that. And then and the other thing is don't get your expectations for -- and -- Hello bullet -- was our it was a 46 years old you know there's no there's no you know let's go let's and you wanna go another round nothing -- nothing no -- -- young -- there yeah -- needs three. You know the three to speak and triplets is new army. So I'm just I'm saying don't set your standards for what you're gonna get this amazing around of. From Boston -- hot Texas says the formula is half of your age plus seven. That equals not creepy. Half of your colleagues at a B plus he just isn't so half of his age would be when he 300 plus administered some thirty to thirty would be the I. We have no such thing you know what do -- think they're 130 year old knobs out there I mean they're budget forty secure all material to really wicked cool. Migrate the rapper. Absolutely each pat myself on the -- later national to muscle them into my boyfriend Lou and I went to a barbecue yesterday. There was a blind there who he kept hugging but never introduced him -- They thought their commitment to protect. In addition she never set a single word to me out. Afterwards he said she was an old friend that he used to work -- Do you think it's weird that he never introduced me and she never said anything out of course because -- because he gets an area when he says he's got the jam up. So if you know I don't care if I don't get introduced that and that that means there's. Thing. It broke in one. I don't mind. -- if you forget somebody's name in a listen not for nothing and -- you know why he still has to -- your -- but he goes through Jim not only. The old old friend old person you -- -- -- doesn't fly again and and by the way how did they happen to be at the same Barbeque. Many years later rights. Remain -- some. My boyfriend and I are looking for a romantic place to go this weekend what would you recommend. Indoor outdoor. I want public sacks. That you put in the effort like tonight Denver at yeah maybe like a nice hotel -- and -- on the case I was not even you never never ever lose going to in new port -- all of that you're -- -- and I what's great about this is like labor -- the offseason. You know I'd like the -- actually not have to spend a fortune now if you're thinking Newport. If you want a nice get away. I'll make is awesome -- again I'll make county area called. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- She comes in bubbles is awesome about it and project merit from and a jacuzzi. And that's been used by everybody in a 100%. -- I'm 28 I've been -- my boyfriend for thirteen years he says he can't even sleep in the same bed with me anymore because I stressed him out and he can't watch TV. I'd probably -- a little -- and do you adopt them yeah like yeah I like right now text him. Tell me your child in the relationships over that's it yes done when we -- a waste of waste and waste another minute of your life are you kidding me deserve better. Now here's someone accuse -- this is a weird one even when I didn't like export ports slept in the big commitment to -- -- Were calm in the middle of going inside the simple -- mind trying to help women figure out. How the brain of -- man and bears. Life and stick it out -- it's -- by the way for that last. -- If you want awesome outdoor sex. Go downtown have a nice dinner have a couple of cocktails go over to the common they have these hang entries and talk about it all the time references to the ground and go inside -- can CNB you can see out -- offs to just watch out for the needles there's only listened -- started. That some will look it's also -- compete in the race this is a weird one. Every time I'm working out there's a dude at the gym who gets on the elliptical next to me. And he immediately gets an erection. Yeah that's. Is this normal or should I tell the -- stay out now don't know the -- Because it happens when I were when I ride the -- whether it's a pressure the seat whatever. But I didn't when I ride the bike when -- as soon as I go from not from like you know my heart Arabia like a box. 75 and been working really are down to the -- do you I immediately get direction -- -- yes every time employers don't physiological so just yeah I mean not for not then what do what you should do is walk over and let the guys know hey bud. Could date yeah I know usually you're working on in spandex but you have to Wear loose shorts because I witnessed his. If you have this problem guys if you listen GeMS from you got to where he got to where the tight under armour shores and then the -- shorts over accuser. It is a little that is a little uncomfortable getting out the now when you weren't in in high school -- middle school high school when you're -- -- -- regardless of the best when you get an -- yeah and then you gotta put your finder get your books and finally we are you worried tucked under our -- read about the idea he had got to get -- put your hand in your pocket and they we just. Pull up under the belt right vacillate exactly that's what it is exactly that's what is your stick on me is to put -- the vote oh it's it's just on your shirt -- -- -- -- -- and it's not underestimated them a while and clearly counts but he wanted to the that. That's funny coming guy that I always goes to the Jimmie gets an erection -- you're on a treadmill any chance you get me that phone number yes of course I. To Greg tell I'll be -- hypo needles not pine needles while you -- diamond. You I'm Elizabeth Smart cards that keep your shoes on them. I am a married 33 year old on Saturday I opened my phone to find a nude itself -- from my husband's best friend Jeff. -- awful I haven't responded and I didn't tell my husband about it what should I do. Just aren't just Teresa and then the next just said that by accidentally set up what do you mean it's just sell you other the Bruins -- talking or to see what the pros were. Well grabbing Beers and eating to little lady isn't in too many workers -- not I'm -- -- yeah finally turn right female IE no you know what is the guys working as bailout does have time to -- the -- put on like when she's -- -- 33. So they've probably been together 567 years you know we have -- and he put on the extra Hyundai and she's not join us sacked and he thinks -- cheating -- she's not and during the sectors she still wasn't as wanna send them back and but she's too afraid to come to go to the jam. Could be a test. That is what all those things in its history sic nationally she's injured or very answers it was a DSL feet there that is. Call being our what you're talking about earlier that no apparent reason Boehner starting to miss an -- -- -- No apparent reason -- I used to -- for ghosts don't if -- -- he goes moon there actors in view you know why you go to -- My husband and I was just uncomfortable. And my husband and I were going out to a club Saturday I bought a sexy somewhat see through top to -- -- and when I came downstairs we got a huge -- because he wanted me to change yeah. I have incredible couples. Will quote of the day and why wouldn't he want to show everybody what he is as we talk about this. Almost every Monday this comes out and you very easy to security cancer in. Being kicked around Naples Italy and the insecurities not it's -- that -- died that you listen. You'd just do it would Wear the -- Chilean Apple's enjoy make yourself feel great kids you know the better you field the better. He's gonna feel on the better when you get on the sex is going to be Q zero fired -- that everybody was big union and then she's gonna take you know he can brooding eyes he just. Okay you got the -- they didn't -- if you keep let him run the show homes and -- -- -- -- So just. Socket opt out or stay home by yourself because I'm going out to show off my. Nipple east's. I incredible double into the civil male line AKA zero respect for your partner and. -- ever athletic physical that the healthy what's the best position for fat guys I'm dating a lovable guy but he's a little big in this obamacare. Italy -- Ali yeah -- While we visit the of the biggest is the best position for the big Fella yeah his art is. The Jack hammer -- -- -- real desperate guys win and when when I don't know what I -- when you put that feed on national on your shoulders don't put her feet on your shoulders and you lean up and yeah everything comes on from. So then you just got to push is the force of the bad bush but there aren't and then you're gonna get what what happens is because of his hit EU look we all know we all know. That's for like every -- parents 3.2 or three pant sizes you lose an inch knife so this position allows you if you lost three of the six number two of the full of whatever. You're gonna you're it's just the velocity and the damage you get older -- yeah well there's always that carries I think it is a camera. I don't know the Jack cameras she's got a rubber feet on your shoulders and you -- up yes and it needs have to go to the cronies can't be in her -- to have to go off to the side -- is -- -- and which gives him a leveraging -- suggest you got no -- ride for example got a -- -- on the high side by its leverage and then I have full -- I -- get well soon enough to pull back up. Well I broke up the guy I dated briefly. Six months ago. He's still calling texting trying to bet you're trying to hang out of my friends. Does he know how desperately looks de Niro who's gonna win no doubt that's a problem with these guys now. Ringers is there anything -- than a guy or girl to claim her I really don't know what Sachs is he's probably you know -- -- -- is probably great and you. You took the high road and said you know what I'm not I'm not gonna use -- Now and break your heart to her son and a break up again now you're just client or crap like a bad -- I'm ecstatic yeah sure so should get a EU doesn't know that's no you have to first old Bessie can do is is is number one you've got a column and then number -- you if your friends are really your friends. Your friends Derosa hit a I had to ease seriously looked -- let it get out yelling at my record to leave my girl. Long Bible that is inside the simple -- -- this week and what doctor Lyndon byers. Not a registered therapist but. It does better than most of those people you pay a hundred bucks an hour or whatever anyway so thank you for participating today.