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Hill-Mail 8-25-14

Aug 25, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages over the weekend, the main topic was attacking the Red Sox and the loosing streak.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Each YouTube and to talk as the Hill Man Morning Show acquisitions deal made out. Big -- -- -- this -- well I think. They can think of all the places -- go. On WA EA. Tracy Bingham -- sport you know she's a vast shallow where he she really did the ice bucket challenged the right way. In the see through white picture -- -- I -- she knows that the people want yeah she gives it doesn't get their act in a ray of sunshine she gives out more albums she's no fruit no way. All right -- mail messages today brought to you by fireworks. Over the border it's that time of year again. Beaches barbecues parties and fireworks from fireworks over the border call 877. -- banged that's KABAA. And GA or visit them on the web that fireworks USA. Dot com. Friday 5:25. PM. Governor Patrick what do you think might have been on vacation. -- Latin -- I'm the ultimate end. He looks great I'm sick of yeah. I'm sick of it too burned a lot of vacation time that's -- I -- people economy for guys off every other every. And when he does it radically easy when he does it right I mean what kind of did you look at the deal -- what is it like and we civic duty here forever. Anthony you're our man eats he takes a week at a time and I mean. We will absolutely. Get to a title fight -- Mike Hsu act that way since we missed it all last week we'll do that at 935. On this morning show. Here's -- Texas says I love that Tracy Bingham says her boobs are all natural. Did she say when she ever say that I don't remember I don't. And a navy humanly possible for resentment I don't know if she did know I don't call that. 617 text -- was total creep show checking your movies from the minute she was -- have -- well. I know what do you the got to do the guys but the challenge for him -- there and for the Buick -- -- by the way I'm not anything if I'm not a creep into an -- and its alternate. And but that I posted that ice bucket challenge to read it and got down voted. -- has a Greg yeah that's because I was an issue it has been Harry you should cut her cut me out there who. And and and had Tracy been on. Baywatch superstars in the dumps water on you the kept the camera on her a disease it if nothing like you can think you -- OK I -- you and I -- this said. I still did -- and I you guys and currently you're watching Larry. -- -- Might have to listen -- -- finicky at the text line. But they wanna hear that and I want you to treasury and Israel -- -- I I I second emotional like you want to read you knock it on I've heard that. We've transparent. Job of doing jumping jacks is out now. To say things like that and oh yeah. You -- pay -- invited. But LB you can appreciated for me writes 603 text. Tracy did say that on the show. I remember laughing to myself not taking away from their greatness but I gotta tell -- I'd I'd I'd -- believer I am I not you know what and summit I'll forward you know this and I'll I'll politics picture of the cover Playboy. -- forwarded to O'Meara and he can tweet that out. Trust. Back in the day colony didn't -- way back in the day about -- you know I don't -- a lot of women got. Breast implants back and then it didn't become all the rage to light when like the late ninety's. 2001 it was like look. You know you can popular -- opened it yet -- fake breasts done as you know is going to show everybody. What you're saying that during the height of Baywatch popularity. People weren't getting fake boobs. People being getting fake -- since the I -- where they invented. The eighties no I think 78 -- and yeah he's yeah really there or -- -- -- they -- they have everything they liked it and it poison -- side didn't prevent children and kill 631963. There -- yeah this close and I'm just on what I believe Tracy Bingham is boobs are real. You do get a sell themselves almighty god they get into attached test next and she's since I just you 617. The next few weeks ago she said it before the boat crews say yeah. God blessed me that's been test she said it won't really know what nobody had big boots before seriously what's wrong with on people with I. Well there are a little suspicious -- what I mean did you think she was dead on Baywatch would be cops. And I chances now she came when she came in the other issue wasn't wearing a -- and god bless her for than standing up. That women sober up. Sorry girl is -- sorry during which she absolutely said they're very boobs or natural I'd -- and me I'm not just -- I don't remember one -- -- veteran emirate. And I don't remember. Just listened to. Reverend fraud hot how much longer -- cotton hotel room with Coke and hookers. Well he I don't hear it already paid eight odd way I'm honored -- now if I'm doing stuff my game -- -- And -- -- in a training thank you but that has a nice girl I attack. I Guerrero was like Iraq dispassionate. 508 taxed. Tracy podiums moves are about as real as LB spare. Well I -- If you want to -- why they hit it and says. He's got beautiful books that dollar -- and lovely person. Right she's agreed to -- an apartment. But as happy as anything I've just jealous yeah. She's making deal lane and bad drive that's why you -- me you can't stand it a residual checks to nine direct deposited Arabs. As she sleeps and they may be natural but I will bet LB a day off that she's had them lifted for a one tests. What's the list mean that's not a full impact and it does Yankee -- at this and you people lock everything up gravity it's that are. That you use a crane is odorless. It means things are bad. At your kids wreck them -- torpedo tees on. The at the at -- that nobody should care if they're real or not there are fantastic yeah. The point of conversation. I think. I think I think their fantastic and you can see them in my ice bucket channel through. Our rights go ahead and continued deacon one who we only. -- -- I was wondering you so they -- that relate to play up. Yup he is -- nominee finally said but he said today that there are non. He did say today that they. And not make in the playoffs. Five 41 AM. What they've done an endorsement could cure. And I didn't get -- copy it. It could tolerate. Featherweight belt. Our resolve the -- That is Smart shot yeah yeah -- -- a thousand. Romney on twenty and yeah. We can't wait to get -- we can continue with the title fight -- -- Mood and message he'll be here for the title fight at 935. And then. You'll begin to show as he always does in a commercial free manner you get over an hour. Of them might -- show commercial free every day starting at ten. It's the WAA apple work stable let's say twenty do it -- again. So that's still no solution of the market that could end up between the ethnic and what these people to do it. Yeah. -- -- Well they seem to have a deal -- -- Friday night it was reported that they had a deal yeah and I guess there waiting for the details online. The party asset side they have they own 51%. Gap. And RD he offered I believe if what I read was correct to one point five billion the group. For the 51%. Of them that was the pre strike. Or whatever you would call this three. Disruption value Lotta people to get rich kid a market that's what do you mean although the -- the 51%. B -- well yeah. I'll always check coming down the pike but the question it is. Did you know does that company come back. Are they able to save it really you've gotten a -- eventually -- of them though are the people who love the market basket they gonna go back on course they -- yeah. People that will go back out of economic necessity. We know that's why this is such a big deal because of so many people are affected because somebody you know middle to lower income families rely on on this especially big families to -- think. By necessity a lot of those people go back and there are a lot of people went to market basket just as it went there will probably trickle back on their -- I yeah I think they'll I think a lot of people would shop elsewhere that debt -- didn't realize because market bass I got so much publicity about the fact that there so cost. Efficient enough for families a lot of people. Are gonna are gonna go to market idea -- it -- -- wants and rabble running screaming right here and I understand the blue collar people might not enough remark about -- that are -- now because. They respect what the workers did and you're saying this is a marketing scheme. I don't know yeah I just thought I'd just -- blue collar people stick together yeah that's what makes America great to hard work and men and women in this country are loyal to each other. Well -- loyal to our WA a little bit as an awesome that'll be interesting to see what happens a big Nate. They were some -- it was a neat. -- mayor we on -- -- director and now all we got our market that's illegal are counting it. Charge stop ensure our young what dictated. That it has and restore. Restart 90% in there Yates really -- I know they have that -- redo some of their deals with their suppliers and -- that'll take awhile but some of -- and went away. At my house you know we we budget our entire income on market that's right yeah and you know amateur show. On one thing -- oh and another saying just -- early. Yeah not people look -- -- and people really love it you know people people like I really like the Brandon. And I think I think they will go back again and I think they'll go back. Seven and -- You'd think that -- LB does but he's not around that work you know they called them as well as a predictor that it does after that -- four out of our. These forward that brought -- you'll walk it up then I'll talk about spotted in my assessment but you can go on record that the body is certainly not up. I think you wouldn't doubt it but I've had that much intact but obviously a lot of the mark and it. But then that is a look. Marvin Kermit him. And that the that the name thing and you're doing it we don't know karma doesn't have tea modulator and important. Legacy. -- the I don't know what color my collar is and I'm sick of paying a 180 dollars for four things that Stop & Shop why that. I don't know if I've got Italy silly doesn't it well and. I did I catch myself because -- is buying things at it like all stars are gonna stop -- -- market basket notable that the and yesterday happy picking up a few things a whole foods and save your jokes because I'm not gonna and I mean knowledge and I was picking up a few cucumbers reducing purposes -- for. And there -- cucumbers or two -- dollar market basket they're nine and as a whole foods and I literally to myself out loud muttered. Two for a dollar market basket this is ridiculous. I'm like oh my god turned into my grandmother. An indefinite. I mean it's up shops has has agreed to accuse him a huge cucumbers and yeah every tomato and I and red -- yes yeah yeah yeah -- the -- -- vinegar in the and that they they they always do the 31 three for Cuba yes but well listen I I was I was doing my shopping yesterday over an area. Overshot yeah there are -- -- I -- I don't know -- I -- Sinaloa grabbing a sleeve LV in the summer customer service in the summer I'd -- do my grocery shopping and I was shot isn't as pretty good prices. I would -- I want it Danielle wanna me to pick up some cherries for her yeah -- listened to us there were sold out -- and Saturday out of out of the yard and put her cherry company. -- reader interest and effort but there last. Spring or summer the summer thing. They hit the hardest part carrier. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But the -- -- town where you could walk on the way to school and everybody and I granny Smith apple tree in the front yard dramatic inaudible and more appear tree in -- pairs of ball from. Grab a pair on the way to school here is that tax that just says a 603 tax -- just says. For using purposes I. Don't. Believe -- you -- -- or it could get rid -- -- wrinkles or stretch marks I'd make it -- like cucumber -- parsley lemon -- -- that sounds -- -- as that sounds -- a lot of flavor and that that are out of it cannot -- a key component tail and a -- there -- sounds yeah just run on cucumbers at mass market that's gathering yesterday. Well it could and that is why is it how. No. Them. It is Joseph blow job. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Little little big you -- -- Good ball pressure having good prices kind of muscle lower income people that don't listen so what are you comparing that to. I got a Dahlia. No I don't do I'm not a comparison. Price -- iron on -- yeah or not are you are just going and I get like five things I get my -- through waters I get my. My seltzer water to create my mourning mixed. That I -- in my watermelon my blueberries my a my honey do. Nine by tomato juice Campbell's love animals then I buy a box of chicken and biscuits and -- predict and that and that's it that's only needs -- -- -- -- -- Or via the solid bachelor I had guys aren't realistic shot and -- Rightly so. I if what if I had 29 separate gas has a phenomenal. Men you try to go over there you change it -- I think every day if somebody's coach you know -- excuse me. -- -- Yeah out and I'd go with chicken breast believe he bacon sandwich and that sounds just that it's you know or 120 -- Good morning doctor told me. It's that Mark Martin and I don't know where they're. And that message. Abused and Lamar in the martian ocean up far earlier this morning open 27. AM. -- At all but I didn't know what yeah. Look at the government could look. -- -- And that's. Something knowledgeable thumbs up today around on national feel like that. And and they. Did -- do and and I. And the -- -- yeah they think. The FAA staying youngsters -- points. Don't forget -- -- text don't forget the dozens of frozen novelties -- while occasionally. I will get a strawberry shortcake a -- of the strawberry -- you're right about that as just an -- in. Oh yes and -- wants to have them and that you picture what did you buy me a box I going to do and they would've made it to the weekend and he probably would have -- to his -- or if you don't have those in a deep -- they get weird middle soft yelling going on him sound. I'll tell you what. Great frozen novelties that that whole family there the strawberry -- the top quality Clean Air -- -- and the -- the -- -- who -- gonna bring a picnic on now to what we've seen now I think beyond what is it what -- -- birthday Kate crazy about the birthday he could actually are some stuff I'd really love it you know like the birthday cake ice cream. Right into my favorite yeah that's pretty. Dry remember taking him but he is a -- for and then. We'll do ball particularly well thought it would have been great up and like this I don't think it. Matthews and you gotta do decide for months. How. To connect. I'm sick of it I'm sick of it. Poppies as -- himself on the way as a way to. Arabs. You know he's got my four -- not playing another game this season no way no way you know he's not. He's done why would you play. Does anybody certainly always a professional as we -- them. By he's not gonna play another game this season mark my words this is -- for me warm. I guess then -- make a correction LB did not play. In the bottle anymore -- favorite game nowadays is going to bottles. And then that happened from my game now when you don't want their usual Tammy bilateral these blue canyon big -- and Tammy did you yak. Yeah now what about truth or dare. You overthrow whoever we we've got a little bit of that in the next Kenny similar scheme yeah I don't I don't know the penny and penny similar rescue -- sisters is to know -- to sit there sit there and assists. So the last guy out there and I forget the other ones when it was a red heads I just really easily link penny was beautiful I just realized you like Bonzi. Didn't Arthur funds earlier this story about a couple twins or something he presented the -- that. Yeah -- -- -- Well with a minute to win now. Now ordinarily weren't trying to decide you know you don't know what you're talking about the sisters where they -- matter who it is if they were sisters all of a -- pinky and leather. -- but that. Was not -- we talked about he talked about a couple twins. Who basically like gave it up on on a date I mean two without their funds really to. -- -- -- 47 million. -- -- I -- any student art and I -- mom and I met and gave their. You are at a hooters. Or walk our wounded -- move that was I don't know what that was missing was I don't have any idea an English bella. By the way it was the Pulaski to yeah the last few minutes. That's what was I -- Think and then. -- -- Know voted that a wounded man his origin now. It's -- continuing on I mean he's in the hall of fame is he gonna do another -- for sure he's sticking around -- -- You know united by these guys don't don't -- -- then why don't just call it a lot yeah. That was just -- well I just -- who's sponsoring. There's just. -- thought yes they need just a question.