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George Takei 8-22-14

Aug 22, 2014|

George Takei called in to discuss his new film To Be Takei which has just been released, too bad Mike Hsu was still on vacation and had to miss this.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. We we love having this man on our program. The legendary actor George to -- hey George. Good morning how are you now. Well mine actually I heard my name is now. Honestly today it's the -- -- -- it yeah that's Japanese Japanese word that means six. Expensive -- Money that you'll have to days. Hawaii my my apologies. I get nervous about it. I I get nervous when I have you on because as this techsters says. If I blow the interview with decay. The internet's will ruin me. And that that's. I don't know who the people -- -- -- I've been there many it's so wonderful city and you can go all the expense of all you law. But I will and do your qualities that. -- now you must've had as a celebrity. The urinal incident where which we are talking about. I you know. I don't know what that. You're talking about you're an old yeah we are having a conversation back on comfortable when people want to talk to you while. In all or why your your team yeah. In oh yes. As a matter Baghdad that the -- is made. Ask people my autograph wealthy yet and I I tell them I'd be happy to just wait until I bought my hands. Boo hoo hoo ha yeah it. And and then -- -- -- meanwhile where to send a deeper look at that aspect yeah. He would take a lot of -- please George decay. A lot of them yeah. We are now in the age is so -- before it was an autograph. But now itself these and actually I prefer this because it's so much easier than you know. They edit after an autograph without the ten and we after the you know last go around to see if there's anyone who didn't know lenders and the or they don't have a sheet of paper. And then yet there is in the tables right on. So I have to write on people's backs but with the LP they have their cameras -- their phones and all you do is through your arm arm around them and it -- so. You know who always has the -- or several hands with him to sign autographs. -- -- Shatner. That that Dick you don't like Shatner. Well no word of our professional bill -- can work with the -- there. That you know like in India documentary to be decade -- -- all of this surviving members of the Starker cats who have become my lifelong friends as a matter of fact while McCain it was my best man at our wedding. My wedding to Brad. And Michelle Nichols it was our best lady and a until we get together regularly and I call it might start tricked them. And like most families you have your -- Eccentric crazy uncle you know and we have our uncle bill and it shows that Tibet and can't resolve it is great view it. Now a little bit about to be. Decay because it it basically looks at them a lot of the rules you play did you hear your -- 76 human acting for a long long time is okay seven. You for keeping -- younger. An amazing. An amazing life which I didn't realize until I did some research that that it began. In Japanese American internment camp. That's right it is a story that too many Americans don't know about our history books so very mute about it. But when Pearl Harbor was bombed. Just curious what this country. Japanese Americans American citizens my mother was born in Sacramento my father was sent Franciscan. I was born here in Los Angeles. And yet. We looked like the people that bomb Pearl Harbor. And with no trial but no charges. You know you gotta have a charge -- challenge that it in the quarter a court of law there was not a note -- there was no charge. There were no trial no due process. Which is a pillar of our justice system we were summarily rounded up and put in these are -- prison camp. I would I'd just turned five years old. But I can't forget that morning when the soldiers with bandits on their rivals -- to stop being a -- front porch. Banged on the door and maturity -- -- all of our home. That's that's insane isn't it's amazing that -- bank and was it. Hard for you have I mean have you are you still bitter about it I EU that you remain. Ever bitter about it because not a -- yeah you know and at night you know and well we estimate references to train -- -- -- But and my parents it was -- invasive it was humiliating. -- my mother hated it it was it embarrassing but. As a kid I thought it was kind of nice that they let the way for -- TP. Was. The war and we were released. That and I was. Almost nine years old by -- in the I realize how hated you over because. No one I mean jobs and housing was next to impossible. No one -- are no one would. But that -- to our Bristol was on Skid Row amongst. Concord and dereliction. And crazy people and the stench of urine everywhere I mean it was terrible the look -- We were walking down the sidewalk is sadly and that. Concord staggered toward the and in the blue -- terrified and that he fell down in front of us embarked right into the gutter and my baby sister was about. Five years so that shrieked -- let's go back home and she meant not to that smelly hotel. Back behind barbed wire fences that that's a horrible was coming out from the -- What does it actually you know I know -- so much to my parents who struggled so hard to get back on their feet and what three children. Through fine universities they gave us allies that we have today. And by the way that person stumbled and bombing was a -- grandfather cracker. Cracker Jack. Yeah got into a bottle of a -- after he killed a bear. Just a joy and everybody's asking if you do a do you do voicing -- crush. And -- candy crash they began -- no I do okay. People and that -- it's so often enough it's and it's it's highly ridiculously addictive game yeah. Oh it is yeah -- it's again I don't know that someone. That didn't do that is. Are -- Greg are you. I'm now a matter. -- like playing Grand Theft Auto in the un and you know and. Occasional additional. Yes yes sir yes there so the film comes out on -- twenty. On the 22 exact correct George. Under a tornado which is tonight and this evening tonight okay. It's called to use an opening in the Boston. It's don't have any information about where its opening whole life -- Ontario. It's a documentary about me titled too -- decades and does Brad became decades it's also on him as well and it traces our relationship. Through thick and fitness and without gonna be celebrating our 28. Anniversary. Or in the new year ago. And you too -- to. Bad AA. At a Star Trek convention right. Know enough. As a matter and he met it is an idea. Gave rough and ready. Well as the best he was the lead runner you with the front runner. And also. Beautiful. Got a great it really looked like a resource type muscles. Sweaty moves and I didn't make and we -- church and. At that that -- -- Well I -- did die or did shocker was. I guess he doesn't strike me as a guy I shouldn't say this because I don't know. What you Wear it when you came out Dave was Shatner it was he would -- courage that. Shatner and you know all the other members of the structure cast news that they -- -- into the -- talked about it publicly. It would be destroyed by carriers so that they're they're -- You know it. Very very good about it. -- Everything went over -- says he was never aware -- until. The got married and the you know he made a big fuss about not getting that invitation that is not -- We because -- and a new show we're part of the wedding party. We sent invitations to all Star Trek -- members including. Video. And he never RSVP so we thought well that's typical -- -- he's not coming needs to come get. A yeah -- that and he does have the world. Multi threw a party and invited bill that didn't -- Michelle got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in. We all get it to help -- celebrated -- Those supporters. Don't advocate it came to any of our. Start ceremonies so you know we thought it was typical -- two months after the wedding. He goes on YouTube and enraged parents thought I'd get -- and we absolutely baffled because we send them more. Then we were driving down Sunset Boulevard. And there's this billboard advertising. William Shatner in the wrong order and I did -- Brad. That's why he made that -- because if you just put out a press pleasing and got a new talk show you don't get that much attention but -- -- others and controversy. Then. There's a lot of spotlighting. And more like is that. You wanna -- ten now in the documentary. He complains about not really knowing the well why it makes such a big. Over a wedding but. -- somebody doesn't know it's great. That's that's -- Well listen George good luck with everything and and -- -- I hope you and open. -- to be -- tonight as well. It is to beat decay and it's at cinema Salem so it's Williams-Sonoma. You -- and I don't fly out again as a profession but it was. That's not pretty no one thing -- yes. Her her and says Ingram estimates I set about Jesse that's absolutely. Absolutely. Does I. From George house today. Monday.