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Is It Fact or Is It Schmact 8-22-14

Aug 22, 2014|

LB did battle this time holding his own as the topics covered when your bladder is visible, some new insight on romance novels, and the most expensive hot dog.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. -- Hill Man Morning Show invites you to test your wits. Against elite side not Fernando and I just watched the whole scale -- that will I'm on the other side tonight with a jacuzzi. Is this want. -- Seaman I mean people achievement -- seats to die a quick facts she Max. Today's winners will receive tickets for the Deutsche Bank championship. These are champion club ticket nice that's a great -- it is awesome on Labor Day weekend if you haven't been before. It benefits the Tiger Woods foundation. And it's happening on Labor Day weekend hello G. Oh. Yeah they know what's going on man. You know there is an excellent. Job. Sounds like a you'll get -- he sounds like your underwater for the second time I don't get there. -- Joseph the most expensive hot dog in the world. Cost 100 dollar. That bush map yeah you go you're gonna go back to. Yeah I did you know what that there's all they always he what do you mean what's on is the the gold Floyd solid guys. Just now down guys so I'm. I would even take you would be more yeah I commuted a high target -- book beluga caviar was Great Lakes are Buick. A thousand bucks on the -- America's I think it's more. LB that your -- -- you're -- -- yes I'm sorry it's fact I comes from your home country of Canada yeah buddy yeah. Place called doggy -- in Vancouver -- it's soaked in 100 year old cognac. Pride in truffle oil and covered in lobster and Kobe -- Follow the whole -- -- Nolo. Hello yes gentlemen -- Anthony. Yeah what's up Anthony. Order -- sometimes. When you have to urinate. Your blather. Is visibly bigger under your skin back or should -- All of man all -- view him more important. I'm gonna go. You gonna go out there and others you did a great line from the great white north and I get to use I drank too bad to -- and big debates. -- get me out of here I just. -- -- -- -- That was shocking -- that was from now and forget Dana income once the it's it's true it is about you can actually see your Blatter. When you have to go really make sense what's yeah. Number number I'm trying to go it alone Matt. Excellent -- happy weekend TO. Matt during his presidency. John Quincy Adams like you skinny dip in the Potomac River back there she Mac. Go -- that yeah. And yet the frenzy do any -- -- back in the game there were no pictures no no pictures -- he did it this stuff -- wanted to go away it would backed and that's back using right I'll be held its back. I JFK are so easily disputed. Yeah. The insurance is gonna -- it right hello Eric. Oh well what's happening -- Oh my doesn't look all deliveries earlier where -- And stuff so let 80. Of course yeah -- reference yeah. All the dark are about indictment yet I got the line. Yeah very I think Nevada bureau that two stoker's assume assessing any errors I. Eric women who read romance novels. Have sex twice as much as those who don't. Now car -- about him you know what it. Aldridge are -- Andre and I think we're also like what as a result over both apple and its way to work. I would think you would work in the in the neck of the reasons she's three in the -- is gives yo Mans did you drink you guys in the garage actually is saying my fascination match it's. But those romance novels. -- gets the kids should go ahead of -- is finally leave leave leave -- around the house. Maybe if you buy one romance novel it turns your life into that though over there -- cells get on that.