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The Bro Down 8-22-14

Aug 22, 2014|

Reverend Rob challenged Greg and the listeners to a bro down on trivia questions about Bro Bands.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. -- -- -- And on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. You bullies have been all over me about the road shows that I went through this summer or -- you got some good ones Counting Crows. Or DiFelice. Should Sully -- -- captain mark and -- My findings Kings of Leon no other for another broad show that I went to and guess all the totally cried at a pretty good time and I you do video camera relational there. So. Deacon decided that we got to do some kind of a broad down. You've got to prove gross supremacy. So. If you would like to call right now I'm I'm fine this. They're not gonna yeah they're confident you're not gonna shame me or are you don't well I'm -- it. I could lose and it actually might be a good thing like that don't don't don't practice you want me to really try aren't you can't really even if I'm gonna be proven to be death. Cover up like eyebrow and I thought bro but I such an extensive knowledge of the inclusion and Michael lyrics from the -- yes I want everybody in the ninety's when you know -- -- like that catchy -- now when you're out of brochure you have to sing along the popular muscle every and that's why -- -- -- on the -- -- you know lyrics. So if you call right now. You can remain an economist if you don't want to use your real name. -- a lot will get to this right now. He wrote down. Here at WAA. -- Holloway murder and. Danielle cannot stand your way out of. -- even ice cube that. And -- -- how does this work -- so -- viewers just singing along with Greg in your -- you should be calling -- right now because right now -- -- -- because what we have is trivia question also it can be you know a name that band you're can be. Questions in depth about songs or awards or and we know we knew what we do go back and forth Meehan the browser and so you know first Myanmar army first that number well yes go to when -- I look at. Well -- brown then I guess though Leo. Hello Mike. Yeah aren't what's -- Broke par five broke out pro excuse me a lot of second high five propped. Are not your breath -- -- go ahead give -- one around. First question in 2004. This band received an Academy Award nomination for their song. Accidentally. In love which was featured in the film Shrek two. That was the county -- correct OK thank you she was always look -- we were just talking about them to that seating on not tanking it at the risk of being bullied. -- be able to -- that and partly on. I think namely that not because of being a parent and watching -- because you've probably got the album because you heard kind of -- right because I heard on Basra yet. -- -- here comes he. Her wrote down question ready. Go. This quartet. There's a broad band quartet met when they were freshmen at the University. Of South Carolina. -- -- the current governor -- any gas no gas broke you got me purposely -- ski. Now right I think that's putting in the brokerage -- this is getting in there hasn't I have yes I got -- right answer in the finish. -- record -- this country that's got to I think you're gonna get away. Yeah a little tough yeah -- is there is. But you can take to help. You dial either. Forty communing with the fellows over there is certainly a -- yeah. You have to turn your radio down. And now they've been doing that and radio. Since 1961. Turn your radio but I got Robby got one for me yeah I'm gonna go a little tougher out there. In Adam -- it's his lyrics. He references a female name in multiple song Monica potter. What a female name all this and he -- and a is that your final guests. And you jumped all over it I think that was your phone quickly -- got better to -- happy and I 'cause it's one and a begins. -- Iran. Really is Maria in -- studio and he says it's cut up Maria -- on -- In and around. Here. -- -- Grand Slam all in our percentage of our guys and around here he says knows all the I don't know if I that's gets the -- hit and then you can avoid it secretly loves she secretly loves that and there aren't bro you reading you know what -- what. You know what Danielle likes about Adam Barrett flat. He's crazy -- she -- The only person who has a it's -- -- -- seen new develops Miata and know that I mental stability broke question for Kyle during the wrote down -- Kyle. What -- song that won them a Grammy for best pop performance by duo or group. -- -- autumn. Air mean course you -- -- Just bond Brock. You just -- business. -- my it and pulled my hand. I'm sorry not that's not so it was elect her cry letter that's a sad 100 that's one of those sad love signs LD is that as one hello Dan. They haven't. The yeah and -- an Obama market Smart guests. What's happening Marcus. I don't know it what are you what do you Cuba. -- I get through with a theory I am I would say question for me to I had about. What Hootie and the Blowfish album had four hits songs including hold my hand only wanna be with you time and let her -- What was the name of that album. Load I was I think it was column that was it called letter gobble. -- I don't know I have that amount an -- the -- you're done what he's. -- it was cracked rear view all -- Via okay I question for markets markets you -- In the song mr. Jones. Who does -- endurance. Say he wants to be. Adam terrorists say he wants to be. Just like -- just like him. I'm sorry we're looking for a public. Celebrity all I -- a celebrity figure that he's inventions yeah and which -- away little side note nowadays when he sings this name and songs he changes -- you. Different. Unless there's going to be able. -- start off. I want -- and now it's not a Bob Bob Dylan Bob that's a wannabe Bob Dylan yeah mister Jones wants to be. Someone just a little more from -- When everybody loves you so are I let's do one more a deal only half of cut pros who -- questions are -- other broad bands on there have been on the bright and give me another -- -- -- get down -- EST here during the broke down below Dave. What are our upstate. Where I go ahead rob. Name of the reggae artist who was featured in the sugar ray's first hit single fly. I'll so in the video he's options in Australia Peter Tosh. I don't know I don't know idea I don't you go out of the -- that's kind of out of my realm of bras -- it is super cap. Super cat no idea that question for Steve Steve could be a winner here go Steve what album which sugar rays hit. Every morning on. What album. Now saying is not a lot of browse. Is it not text Bible APEC summit 28 year old female and getting all the answers to every one basket and that's I don't that's and that's what makes him a broad yeah instead. Indonesia the size in Hillman is a drop us a thought hang out that's.