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Hill-Mail 8-22-14

Aug 22, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the previous 24 hours.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. -- -- -- And on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Now each you to and to talk. As the Hill Man Morning Show presents he'll make up. As readily than you might not. And the united not to America but what they had one man underdog. The liberties and -- not fall. On WA -- Today's Friday hill mail messages are brought to you by the city of Boston credit union. For all -- lending needs including mortgages home improvement loans and home equity loans visit the city of busting credit union's website. City Abbas didn't see you dot com that city of Boston CU dot com and MLS number 403469. Equal housing lender. -- -- -- 15 AM. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In -- -- and that's. I'm sick commits. -- -- -- 15 PM. And that would have been warned -- -- but it quite well. The talent unlike what -- it like it is not -- Through an idyllic -- the -- thought it would Victor air is they're ethnic. Although the rest your party. You need to find somebody to reveal that they thought LB have a great day. -- under messaging I'll start boxing when -- I'll pay alive let -- like fifty pounds in three weeks you'll be able to hang out with a real David Andelman if you join us at the mantown film festival. Saturday September 6. It's at the men in twin drive and carload of people when he put six in a cars -- And it's 25 bucks. And the movies that you'd shows -- to be shown on the mend in twin drive in screens are die hard. God father. Terminate the room. And that -- goodfellas. 10 lineup. There is about beer garden there there is here food they're cigars. It is on September 6 Saturday night. -- in twin drive in to get your tickets before it sells out. Go to WA AF dot com. 5:32. AM. I'm a bit hot but there's no -- that we have. Met today -- the other the other earlier in the week or every play so it Adam -- out on -- -- I don't know I thought I had at night. And awards somewhere I don't know how to get out so I. I -- I PM Monday like a kid. When I -- my jobs here yeah. -- here. Conduct did not faze me no -- little little upside down -- backwards but that we Canada and all that mother. Other Friday show you're here present the touted war. Conscious and yeah he'll be here on Monday to and think for a long old man. I don't think hey when I think it it would have been much more worried about people three can hear much at the Motley crew partner over the weekend. The country are there great work. When that happened. They're trying to dialed. Still -- at the activities. Up. Though you won't be able. To drink I don't know if the red Solo Cup provision will be. We'll get you out of that or -- I think they're probably going to be pretty tough what does that show tomorrow night is learning honor I just want. Brad Paisley Motley crew on tonight and yeah I mean you know they're all freaking out knives so I guess when it comes to tailgate they say you can cook food. You could carefully but you can't have any other fun things there like. Year there's -- every into the VIP where to go yes -- twenty me. -- -- Big -- I find it funny you. Well I think they can -- and Walter -- hero. That message calling Smart only did Israel. Not only that but that again notice that I took my time pouring the water over who heard should -- and resumes. That was -- your normal speed of the based on the ice bucket challenge but it worked out well I think everybody of your job. Enjoy watching I -- it challenges when spouses help out yeah and they do the extra slow -- and -- like com. Some injury that'll just this. Some and I got a little too much daisy Lowe did a similar one yesterday who. Tracy's where she did not have. And wore a see through shared -- all right even more see through and got way. 45. AM. -- -- I liked the way you take offense to being referred to -- of 1% -- but then when you talk about barbecuing and it -- Party development and better articulate their directory group 1%. When that -- The many -- surveillance I do like the big gigantic shrimp being asked do you find success of the UA slogan -- and you gotta go of Israel and from. -- -- -- -- But I do really be careful what you say now being. Yeah that's in the fact that I think he can -- and -- -- I haven't been I think it's a bad it and yet it did get back in the bottle. Although that we didn't let. And it's not gonna let it. Ebola in Ireland that's a home in -- because I mentioned that I will. Be doing the show live from Ireland yes a couple of weeks -- are you worried about a volcano look at why don't envoys there what was -- -- all the yeah. 900000. Flights a really are slightly dazed. Doing all that Nash UK ever. And I think every college football till there was supposed to be played their Central Florida verses. In my stance. It's where I you know I am I'm not worried. I'm one goal of the all the more the new column more dealers still -- -- -- -- -- Here's the Texas says you know who will never know what it's like to pour water on their spouse. And that. If -- like yeah why -- etiquette autistic it's your set. Yes some very -- loneliness and only time by myself crying in the corner hugging kittens when emblem. We're here ice bucket challenge that's -- I haven't been home I've been I've been going should we cannot have been adjusted it to seem to go to -- ghetto out front here. Like that I want to make it this story into mean if you want to just bang out the quick 152 on the on the that I there are we are -- write a book on -- -- I'm I'm assuming it myself -- people challenging you only have like 24 hours to do my charity -- donation now now I'm not it is I'm not I don't need Dubai and I went four hour rule. I got challenge yesterday I challenged like two weeks ago 720. And -- and I did it and he has to be honest they make waterproof makeup I don't have to. Has nothing with the makeup a you don't have to Wear away teachers -- I -- now by the -- the number of messages that I have been getting on FaceBook and and I mean it's almost disturbing that they're only gonna. I got a T -- -- -- -- you know we are right teacher and number out now sorry argue the point and are you not doing it because you're Catholic is that what is known as. I'm not insecure I'm not touching that issue that is challenging thing for me but. My grandmother had Parkinson says that a relative of yours I believe your -- illegal yeah it's a challenging. Yeah. Well it's it's it's it it's it's -- it's kind of a tough moral thing to -- -- herald and the answer no doubt that -- on a Friday. I just think just it's an interesting debate O'Hair the ice bucket. Our bench -- and the ice bucket challenge has raised incredible awareness is. That people are fighting a disease yes and market. Union for the Catholic Church to be so hypocritical. As the tell they're. Constituents whatever they are what do they bearish mariners their dollars knowledge that they cannot do it is ludicrous. I'd like me what is this the stone age. Only that people are trying to have fun on the freaking Internet or -- they're trying to raise awareness. And these. You know includes -- trapped back in the fifteen hundreds when they ruled the world. Are trying to tell everybody that they can't do some with the ice water -- the finding him Pam Anderson you -- she refused to -- Became an animal's chest and she's approved two. That tell you get fastened her beliefs are. Am take your clothes off and do the Asia Paula day. Good morning good morning -- -- and happy Friday to all of they haven't -- off the job one that part that tight budget challenge. You don't. Effect that you don't -- I would say it today you know that I would. -- out and tell you call us. -- Beyond the area the area realize you know yeah there yes yes yes -- -- -- -- you know Tracy uses a gifted lady she's. He looks fantastic. Fantastic. Six he's been silent he had. The mobile. Home. More than modem -- get more than. And that that didn't. We think 7:17. -- Okay period that on the map they're okay -- upload it -- -- -- bag guys. Because if you don't guys and I don't pretend to back out wasn't as it is apparent that could feel the revolution or. More on the message. I would like to be -- this Alex during the reenactment not the -- that NASA Italian him and his what do you want okay. You wanna be -- red coats see you Monday. This is OLBs on the -- hangs right in front of David is on the phone hello. She oh and pocket. Rocket solid clear. That's OK you can challenge is that that to speak you all can speak Medicare CK ST neighboring fine. Great job of those fire farm yeah obviously that -- one and one Euro lost lost his like that fired gentleman who went back in light seven times to save people in the house really triple -- and he -- the last time we went immediately -- -- I saw the fire -- here in my students -- warned India. Took wrongdoing and develop in the basement died -- allegedly. Saved many people to me that tripled there. And then you and over did you go over there right way to check on the KFC and make sure everything was OK okay we we did a double down on the debt doubled down with a -- Minnesota a -- think what he thinks and want. If you really -- All ought to have their concert. Site. When -- you utterly pathetic pathetic it's fun and it's. 7:30. -- David and my view about bet the collar about it low. Could Britain and out of that I'll be retirement or. And the men and the equipment. People.