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Rob Ninkovich of the New England Patriots 8-21-14

Aug 21, 2014|

With week 3 of the PreSeason looming we talked with Rob about Manziel and the Carolina Panthers.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. It wasn't -- I. They're Hill Man Morning Show cruising this football did catch the -- Bay hill man I don't want to see. Well -- great to have this guy on our show again he is good friend of the program Rob Ninkovich New England Patriots linebacker in the the -- in -- this morning make. The -- of what's going -- brother. Not much snow on the great alarm clock -- not. What is on the phone at this sounds like the call from. Now. I'm confident. I got it. Yeah a lot of this is the latest in the Bill Belichick interview technique this is that Niko can say anything yeah you don't you don't load this is really. -- public strong. I. Outside it sounds it gets better might be are you what are you doing are you driving or you have practice. Sausages served tomorrow or not. OK in the house. I want to ask you about this old Johnny football thing when I -- because LB was saying the other day couldn't believe that people are worked up about this. You've been in league for a long time now you got a guy who's who reacts to. You know guys in -- dollar signs you know guys taunting him a little bit. Were you surprised that he reacted middle finger lives. They hit it they're saying that -- been awful all -- and -- -- I'm really not certain Vietnam. Quadrant. On her hospital -- when you. Don't. And that's just this little saying it. Younger. I'm sure. -- he's trying to. Stand up for himself and here's some things -- silence -- in this instance you know in -- -- needs to look here. A little sensor was served with. You know again it's. Slows things you know moment home. Sure wouldn't thinking to include. But but. Union and so -- -- a big deal. Does that I could handle it in the league where guys stepped my guys had sent us a bit and guys malice if I mean yeah I did the idea go on an -- and that this this poor kid is under the microscope that's barely. You know -- -- -- -- really I have to I have to talk about who's who the starter -- Cleveland this morning when we. We -- we have an incredible patriots squadron yeah. -- of the Super Bowl let's see let's do it ESP away LB manager what's the worst thing that what like what's the worst things and then the unit. -- -- to Guantanamo and I hit the ball there was like scrawled note that looks more dumped in their gut it. And so it was grab them urged you know what I'm trying and that means a -- -- up. Yet here. You -- you're -- you never know what's gonna happen -- this is everything goes in -- in the orange argued that a lot. I mean this is anything goes and goes -- you -- yeah you know for the knives. -- don't know whose hands who's that's why the editor of the cameras on the -- you don't do one thing that's a longer. Ball just just. -- -- -- -- -- Course I did bomb there where you were you surprised to buy -- are you bothered to buy. The access flags the other night. And -- you know the apparently the NFL's gonna stick with it seems like there's a flag every single play -- Yeah I mean that's and to figure there's emphasizes. You know the and no contact for Favre obviously in -- can also. Again I'm discharge brought there and do my job and you know do the best -- -- -- And Pope stood it was in the rules and so we should do very so yeah. Whatever it is it is used arguably. But is it I mean it isn't hard to figure that out I mean you know you you you wanna make contact that that's we've been doing your whole life. Is do you just. Continue to do it the way you do it and hope you don't get a life. Well yeah they mean for me you know -- -- its current difficult because of our current commuter plane are unsure. If all the corner for safety and yet you have to definitely. Observed. Although both things have been cold then trying to the question can -- But just the way it forward so. Again that's just the rules they put importation. You know. Maybe that is appreciated this is still practice you know on the court and sort of other -- a -- games in. -- yes yes. Well my camp by the officials are I think I I equate this to what parts you went through. Probably like like 56. You know there always change your rules to make the game faster better for the fans and -- you know you can't lift you guys did create -- if you put your stick on top of the guys tickets apparently you -- his -- it's not apparently. And and and everybody is yet testing coaches use the testing guys yet penalties used to be a major part of hockey and the game and now you see guys guys go to the -- are still don't even. They just go to the -- busters. They don't know who is apparently if it wasn't wasn't wasn't wasn't there about penalties apparently applies going to be applied for you guys so he. Syria and and I think if that's how it's it's just going to be that he had at some point you're like OK just call it and no harm no foul you don't have to feel bad words. You know it may be last year you get apparently you feel bad notes IK let's lineup and snapped the ball get to start. There are definitely. Hagel ballplayers you know so offensively defensively. You know it's a cold the same way and answer. So for tomorrow night Cam Newton really great when he gets outside the pocket you -- Part of your job is control I mean he's a guy who can run and he can he can throw. Uses certain talent. Big big guy on and other parties instead please. You know last year against -- so let's understand visibility there. The helmet the play a lot of nonsense so long. As a psychological disorder where. Of course lanes were here unless you were here on the field and you know keep them in the -- Rob Ninkovich New England Patriots are guest Hillman huddle today before -- exhibition game number three. I -- Troy Brown say the other day that he was really happy to see you guys all do the ice bucket challenge. Because that was the that patriot team mentality. That existed. Awhile ago you feel the same way invade the do you feel like that has been missing at all. Thought I was those bring in -- director. You know they LS. Let's -- it sounded good you know it's great things for good cause. Actually quite -- greens and so. And -- personal and you know censored. He's done further awareness. You know it's. It's unbelievable and you know have a normal have been seen nothing that he's gone through our. You know. It doesn't let voters -- -- so yeah. You know I guess instead. Further it's been building all great. A lot of blacks and that was that vendor and the purpose so prevalent. Was look at her and I spoke to them. But. They guy in Vienna gadgets that I get after the quarterback talk a little bit about how awesome it is to have Darrelle Revis behind you that's gonna make life a little bit far for you this year. Yet -- This is a great student. They cannot. -- A little bit of all of this -- No reduced the very -- on the worker came in. As his jumper in the system and you know done everything. You guessed -- on them commissary to play with them. Got more preceding games here in general insurer to see -- certain. Is the is he cocky like he was in new Yorker as he can image is he like that in person. And or has he adjusted to the patriot way rob. You know I think that he's you know he's summoned and he's worked hard and use adjusted source system. On the you can just trying to better this year when ghosts and you know we -- with the jets you know we have probably the salary arching so you know what could have him. We're excited you're. Have them on our side this summer. What was was he surprised when he got here that that Belichick doesn't like to to focus on the feet and his players. You thought it. Familiar to you in there and and crying and I was domino little you know that went down with Welker is -- -- only ask some tough mentally taxing. I am who led the object. Listen good luck to and I looked tired the end there in the season I -- I want everybody here it's it's Rob Ninkovich here. On the Hill Man Morning Show at W it.