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Traci Bingham in Studio

Aug 21, 2014|

To follow up on her ice bucket challenge to Greg Traci came to the studio to discuss the plan and a little Baywatch showering.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. -- -- -- And on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Pretty good idea from a bunch of listeners via tax Tracy bang on. We should get one of the guys working next door on the new balance site where they front end loader to load the bucket out. When I see it playing with the ice and the water I would love that you think they could -- that. Nancy Weiner I have a Hilary resign they are fabulous and over -- -- -- yeah impresario mark and -- about building to save a lot so we can and yeah. Look out there right now I would see it on NC if somebody raised that way with the crane and impaired. -- That killed nearly an hour every or -- it that they do is drop that that 7000 pound I believe -- I might work that would be different and balloons on the front and -- idea. But he should I. Have you seen that -- and academic the Phoenix coyote the hockey player I wouldn't. Out mayors are climbing atop a mountain and they had a firefighter helicopters. Would like 2000 gallons of water they used to doing a far he had -- dropped in on it. Oh my gosh I with a line when aunts Texas that's been done. It's been a minority that that doesn't mean you can't do it again yeah exactly if I would like. I don't know I think Tracy. Would look. Look good under front and looters. I made burial in darn but it has been kind I -- I haven't done and we don't know yeah as a -- that would Tracy Bingham. All right here's -- here's the taxes says Tracey I'm sorry to say that I have I have heard Greg. Get more excited than he is today and that was during a high eating contest. Well yes of course that would be excited about. About AM pie eating pot pie eating hot -- not much sports and for the I ranked one gallon of water equals weighs eight pounds and feel that front and -- you guys -- probably break your back now look. You don't you don't -- a little time you know I'm just a little first arts and an -- jumped. I'm -- -- up. People. Why the negativity yeah do you have mountains that -- -- it doesn't matter how we do agility for. He's here doing it reviewed it. It's on him it doesn't matter how we do it it's that after -- Hellman and -- -- man yeah. Hope he snapped his Q do you want to know it's not optional resigned paid like it doesn't matter how we've got like the water. If a guy. Did you ever actually like bill in the water on Baywatch he'd ever. I don't know of yet to -- TO could you have saved anybody if you'd have to look I elegantly teach you how to really that it alive they do -- got because if you didn't -- get -- so if there any moment let me ask this. In the ice bucket when we do the ice -- challenge at the end of the show and -- one minute site if I am and to pass out England shocked. Would you know how to give me mouth to -- yes I don't necessitate you'll UE and and it would be -- line malveaux line mouth to mouth tongue to tongue mouth to mouth isn't that the NCAA. It -- irresponsible it's a growth. -- herald times. I felt. It's now Tracy Bingham kind enough decline and a kind enough when you know what if anybody else to call me out element like I'll make the donation. And you did it. I go now I think about you and I'll listen you guys yeah morning and it's exciting and you know I designed that. These brand teacher I designed he designed this and from the sell somebody do that particular. Percentage a look at -- The mail -- for the irony so I thought I'd like to get wet with you because -- I just wanna see you went. So that coal -- well. You know you might be surprised. You know you might be surprised when though it does the white teacher it will kind of brilliant. Show my. My definition of my chest I got their yacht and -- yeah. -- you -- throw brown yeah. -- -- man -- demand here so that is sure how the people buy it if they want donated trees and you generally. I don't know where I pitched it I'm just about wrapping up but it spoke it's -- -- -- the website my website and also on my hamster and the count my Twitter account. And I can get in Korea I. Well keep you updated on that yeah. Running a -- right now on 128 data mobile over there the economy out Pakistani it's only if these guys -- Iasis. -- the support we have to get to -- you can hang out for Lou the F fifteen or twenty minutes then we'll go do this thing we added we got to get to the news. And you lose -- poured out keen in the ocean. Is actually good for the fish -- -- -- tell you don't you pull a pencil to that. And that's the golden -- liberal parents don't via mobile. I don't swimming near Charlotte adelphia and I don't vote and I -- -- -- the -- -- -- mixes with the chlorine -- bad chemical reaction can cause severe respiratory problems however young American Chemical Society says that the -- is so -- your -- diluted instantly so it can affect anyone end. It's chemical make up is actually pretty similar to the chemical make up the salt water. -- -- -- -- Let me ask an expert on this a lifeguard. At Tracy back on the Tracy is it that when you're in filming in the water yeah. Did you ever have to go in always -- -- -- -- let me just what you do what TV. Does -- -- right there in the hair and the coach Mike -- could be standing and yet you and -- matter you would just hugest. Pam Anderson which you do the same thing absolutely he would. Yeah that didn't there now when you're on -- lake with you guys obviously you must -- seen each other make it all the time all the time yes yes especially because after we before we would not on the -- bailout we'd have to. You know -- -- Ended up shower. And you know what it's like a lot or done whenever they pull on. Hold on every -- there was a locker room. Where you would all shall we -- well. Interest and I wanna owning owning -- about the school because you had to. -- the producers of pressure really wanna GQ BA life -- and so he was trying to get everyone to do though Jerry Lewis and. Yeah there isn't -- getting you know beeping of the day you had to some of these so you'd go out in the beginning of the day -- -- and you called -- yeah I am. Yes and I never finished swimming yeah. We have to go into the locker room and the -- you know in the pool where was the locker room all in the pool play and the -- yes and then you would all. Pam Anderson. People who else -- -- -- I'm an electron Pamela Anderson and -- -- now and you'd all get in the shower yeah together while he had just with one big you know that's why don't hang our camera -- And it's just it's you have your own separate stopped her home by one huge shock over the country's our heads down in my lower giving it up another and it. This is. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No it's I don't know video that we -- given enough time merely immoral and out of yeah. I'm sorry did I thought I had Christmas greeting and you know it's happening at the. Was anybody who like really wanna be argued that they really want to do is like staring at them and what it's really funny because you know we -- it was -- -- contract hadn't been seen -- -- -- girls like in -- around you know. Check and you -- bunch of the girls or even on the show from the people who come -- to swim after yeah. They don't come in and check out. Right that they like LT Allen tried to disguise myself as the -- if I can give -- our you don't get a cut him by name. I was pretty interest that that is unable here's a Texas as my head just popped off I know it's I don't know I. It is. It was it's just this -- and -- anybody coming in hose you down from like the salt water actually yeah actually when we got out of the water we had new. Down -- you did via who did that like and David -- -- was like well yeah. Well it's because no easy it is our grip but that's. It actually you -- like important to have a flapper yeah. I'm Baywatch you have any designated -- hose or -- you yeah I we had to be hosed down from the did you go swimming and he -- -- did you know if you're better you know. So same thing but your husband -- now -- also because the water excuse me quote of the day photos from head to. From head to Tel hash tag closed from head oh. -- know it's pretty interesting because you know the water with when ya. What about the -- -- likely to the country now would would you -- become Iraq to a absolutely all the time all the time now did you and he. What did they have any like restriction on -- they -- -- -- -- that I now there's new tape there's no -- -- nothing like -- is -- -- and everybody. Now I got a lot of music they wanted you to being at they all they want you to react quickly to get around it they've tried for that to try to disguise that they did in Japan like. Like that thing yeah patting -- degree -- Again we know didn't work further shows silly for us illegally as silly lady -- lady produced exactly analysts say actually for some of the girls who weren't that well and down. With the fact that on the yeah. They give those give them the problem with -- -- -- -- -- up on them -- to not to make that got them and then when you're running big fall. I don't it feel different about it but yeah. Let's fill out you know that how would you shoot new running scenes there was you only have to do that everyone's them all now. Every federal odd -- and yeah I'll Iowa new running scene and we and it was like every time now like OK -- -- like you automatically there's a scene where you're running down the beach in your boobs out doesn't mind I was I think that was the staple of the and -- touches -- You know this is no sound an agency you know the beautiful scene and. All the fund dinner with I don't know why it's famous it's everybody's still love that idea right time and I am -- the whole Baywatch like everybody showering together Powe show thing is credible this such an episode kind of. -- -- episode and what that what that will win the girls are all taking sharp but they have understood yeah of course the idea like showers and their -- exit. You know I think there is an episode that way and that you know doing -- yeah we actually -- use our. But it after read them but like when women so when your showering. This is like about the the female mind so when your finish our way as you said Pam Anderson. I'll let you know in gene only Nolan on -- -- -- -- go get me -- Yes I guess we had a really beautiful body is that it's it was like that. Bigger girl at a very. Not normal body -- announced his underweight with big. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- From that and hurt her boobs word didn't she did she like a reduction something I think she -- -- -- to take him. But yeah but are you looking are you are you critically looking at. Other women in comparing yourself to them all the time Miller and I'm not mean we don't actually think -- you want you and who wouldn't look at Pamela yeah. I mean she's it's -- now an all girls are going to -- what you was this. This is like for Africa in the nineties it was mid to late ninety's yeah. That was every did everybody like Truman opera wasn't like AM I was -- with the help all people yeah I was -- bald it was oh yeah to know -- cares what you can and I yeah yeah yeah that was not a millionaire now hand it. I don't know -- And I get the -- yeah. You agree with you punish our all the steam -- -- that show is called the shows go -- -- what I'm not I didn't make it up. -- -- Well I'm not there I happened happened and now than ever gets old when it's booze and and scenic views I agree I I agree I I think -- And it. Well we are just a few moments away from the Tracy being on ice bucket challenge that she has challenged me. It will land outside shortly right downstairs. And then. What does one do it is one drive home their clothes and nearly a fifth day rather and -- one drive home naked. Yeah I don't wanna be -- you don't -- What is what is one. We're. I here's a text that says I love when Tracey says Naples Naples yeah. On demand I don't -- there I have nothing. Went to the very open of course you know I can't learned from the bad guy you call right from the bedroom and yesterday you sent the picture Newfoundland -- -- and around -- -- I text -- says. Is reverend rob bright red and crying in the fetal position. Is this conversation is making the -- religious -- -- -- beautiful souls. And an audacity -- that that's where rob rob rob -- -- just can't wait for her to get Tracy by himself. And and sand saves here and say there's little -- -- think he pretends to be happy -- or somewhere she's. Now. After the EA LS challenge I assume that we would do. The bacteria in the water we would have to shower yes OK yes we're reviewing we can -- that -- I have an office over at how that the moon a couple of my now. And I thought we do over there. -- we could do that over there Iraq. Robbery you can watch the ice -- -- the lord would not would not -- that's where credit is there any -- narrative -- where I am also very good god love charity it's you know it's Canon deal the united married in the -- -- aren't able -- he -- I think she did all right ladies and I actually. Yeah. Around really well president I don't know anything about it yeah. Rolled back down and I don't think. In low hanging sacrilege that I don't know. I don't think Barack and they made abroad a tough one I'm Sarah begins right I don't think they have an option -- the birth control pill yeah. Very -- right well listen let's get ready to -- ready to -- there's absolutely. The so we're going to tell you highlights of today's show will be podcast for you in about an hour at WA AF dot com. The ice bucket challenge -- Tracy -- from Baywatch. And occurred hill and the moves will be up top we'll put that up at WA AF dot com -- tweed it will face for the we'll do -- stuff. Tomorrow morning at seven it is backs should Max today and then we got to get to that -- game the the brochure and challenge so little crucial quiz whenever you wouldn't know what -- wrote down the road and ran out -- lay out a broad ground down. -- -- -- -- -- -- And yeah I wanna get a life and I don't know I I'm not I don't think I'm not gonna happen I -- -- well no I hesitated then he organized as we will -- name the song yeah and I wouldn't be able to did I am but I. Yeah if he could you've gotten into me I wouldn't -- I went to see the Counting Crows and these people making economy and breaking and three while he was an event I think I got three other guys. How the public that it was greatly your high fives and fist bump and -- resigned from -- -- OKMR Jones yeah round here. Miss yeah and wait to see -- okay yeah I'm a long December it's here yeah round here great stuff you know I. Where at that stuff. -- -- up at -- you don't mind a Rochelle occasionally I was show you don't know you don't get a broad broad Kelli arena and in Tampa and so again now that's the yeah.