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Traci Bingham Ice Bucket Challenge 8-21-14

Aug 21, 2014|

Our friend Traci Bingham called in to personally challenge Greg to the ice bucket challenge.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. Greg deficits aren't in Europe but we have a hawk missile where I got a treaty. In them on the line you want to -- of Tracy's number oh yeah Baywatch lifeguard extraordinaire. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I needed body what's happening yeah. Don't worry I. Well good I have yet to apologize to officially for the fact that. The Greg Hill foundation booze cruise left do you on the dock a few months ago believable I really how were you late for that event -- you're you know why because you're a beautiful woman. And it takes it takes beautiful women a long time to get ready. Oh you don't regret now I do it you know particularly on the range that they I don't know looking our collection I can't there. And I know I would moneys and kind of trying to get very quickly -- kind of what not of what you thought you liked. The DNA. He's really irate -- out province the -- that something's. Hot track that wanted to make you happy. And all the sudden they need in the -- like a light on site running out there and and I thought well you know it. -- I don't know your excitement and energy back and some didn't and you've -- -- literally tripped and not and I'm standing now waving and screaming and it just talking out your name etched. A couple of guys like -- -- mean kicking like screen that the matchup that they yeah. I was and I thought at one point it was gonna turn around to come back again. Do you believe -- usually Egypt and it was it was really LB -- that I didn't kind of how sorry I was so that because I want you there. For my cruise and it was believe me it hurt -- it hurt me more than it hurt you that that the level. I feel so I'm so sorry I have to do what I can't make up -- I really wanted to be there and. We used to just have sex -- -- well -- Let me just I mean I. Our intention here is what -- -- -- -- -- and I do think honestly that Tracy would. I think she -- does -- mean I don't -- -- -- we -- we discussed -- yet. -- -- -- And we make that three. Maybe that's another no no thank you you just totally like that's it. In her and she knows how to put the kibosh on his enthusiastic I got out of -- mandate it that really set. Why the -- It was probably nipple nothing was going so well let's look at the list. All right well as what are you calling about. Because. You know I've written -- every morning yes actually I had my detonate that. The of course I want and I like -- held pictures prove. So into it. And -- -- pitchers. Did say that I'm not aren't pretty aren't. Bucket bucket -- On one another -- you don't go right. You have been. I have been challenged. By who challenged deal was it well I don't know. Was the hat was at the hall that -- the -- has the -- Madani a challenge yet is he dummy I haven't challenged yet. Don't think he has. I think you're. I don't -- that I haven't heard it. So you would be I -- in -- nominated and I've been waiting I was nominated by some employees at the restaurant -- lovely alana who was one of our bartenders and. Relevant and presenting a guy. When he -- -- -- I wish I was there are hearing now have you done yet. I want to sound now and I want a welcome. But the morning note that when -- that you know action. I don't do that and I wanna challenge I'm sure a lot of the night deadline that the brand dot com yeah I wanna donate it to. -- -- -- On his idea LS charity and I want you. I don't think I bucket. -- -- That it might have actually ended up. Yes you absolutely having your Buchanan Donna and could -- on the boots moves on. Why don't let me ask you this. EU or do you wanna come down here and we'll do it today. I would love to come down their dealer that you can say and how did that all African continent and I'd like Obama yeah. I wanna note cold water did is what leads it cold water equals shrinkage and her I. All that's. What did you come down here. And will do it today at the end of the program. -- that -- the. Now let me ask you this. Are you still in possession of a red Baywatch bathing suit. Actually from one slain by an optical glass frame in congress elected -- that -- think -- -- I -- that he didn't buy that and bring it on American. Stated in your life. Also emergency -- well I I I I would like to have if you're you know because I get I'm afraid of something cell. I'm afraid of the ice bucket challenge without having a lifeguard around. So if if you become downing case I need mouth to mouth and bring the red bathing suit and bring the white teacher. And now let's do it but let's do it right out in front of the studio today like 10 o'clock. Absolutely look I am so excited. I I'll provide the I'll provide the eyes if you know a million. I and the perpetrators but yet -- -- We have the luxury -- me I don't -- flowers did read. -- -- -- The -- and dad well listen I'm so glad you caught so basically -- because you made your money and -- you're just lying around in bad news is that you do all day like like I've been. Completely indicative of what kind of wrapping up around. Yeah it's fantastic. Idea. Yeah we can just continues to -- -- feeling that you know we are yeah -- it to each week we feel about yourself this week into violent. Well I hope that. Now argue when we do this ice bucket thing are you going to be pouring the the liquid over me or my pouring a liquid over you. Yeah let me let. You've probably -- -- -- -- forever yet. Trees. You know I I yeah that sounds -- -- That the did the -- daddy grossing you out very much so he has -- -- yes he or Tracy Danielle gets upset by collar daddy can I call you daddy. Andre was. A way to. -- yeah can you call me daddy. Yeah yeah yeah well absolutely not me she wants or she wants to but she's she's nervous you know and she's -- on disgusted. I. -- We'll sit we'll see what was the US what plan 10 o'clock -- -- earlier you get the parent company yeah I don't you get -- -- nine. Yeah let me get there again and you know I have to make Iraqi People that actually a back up at about you know. They're not all a -- about the end of equally. All right come come coming 9 o'clock. OK don't. -- -- there is the lovely Tracy Bingham yes I hope that she knows I am taken. Because why teams the body by checking -- -- -- deceased needs to be a little she seems to be a little flurry here said. And not a big hit -- You know I'm not interested in that kind of thing just like and -- I wanted to be looking -- deacon. When we do the ice -- challenging she is wearing some kind of be white teachers all know around literally -- -- only -- where you're going to focus your highs and unicenter that people looked straight ahead at is the kind of cross on the -- announcement. Well you know it's not in -- yeah -- yeah he'll -- he'll -- what he'll be leaving the studio get halfway down the hallway at the -- and he'll get it'll get zapped by god. I don't drop to his -- and ability I have to go back into production -- yeah I can witness. AKA the opposite of what happens LB when he's trying to -- -- just -- appears that Texas says they feel like I'm listening to a porn right now I don't know I don't know like I now.