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What Would Deacon Do? 8-21-14

Aug 21, 2014|

For the first time we ask advice of one Deacon Downer in what would deacon do, this time we help someone practice honesty.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. -- -- -- And on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. It is now time at 704. For what woods did. -- didn't do. And you know Evan opportunity on the -- offers some moral turpitude. Two year every -- alive than. That comes in the form of some advice from very religious man our producer. -- -- and downer and so. I received an email from a woman -- And I will read it verbatim for you and she is looking for you're in. Vice during what would -- do WW DD. One of my best friends Bonnie. Just got divorced. From her husband. After eight years of marriage. I have known for quite some time. That her husband Rick cheated on her frequently. I feel that I need to tell Bonnie about how many men. Excuse me how many women. Rick cheated on her -- and who they were one of which is a good friend of ours. Please enlighten me. And tell me what would he can do when it comes to being honest with someone who is. My best friend and investment an awful in the corner all Robin and then come back my blood is like the oil is boiling. But I'm -- I'll -- a process. I thank god this isn't what. Would've deacon -- because. Why didn't you tell how are when you shot is going on you you put this game Joseph amen so much jesus' ops that one act. But you're to -- -- time because that's rumored that the different segment what deacon would've done yeah. Listen moving forward at least you got some of that good all of repentance guilt and -- -- at the plane down. And that's why -- reaching out to the laud because. You need to go and be honest I believe somewhere in the Bible Jesus said it's better to be a broke gas honest person then to be a rich gas -- Wait a minute how are they talk about anybody and here it is added that are somewhat or very hard. Why do you think Jesus is nickname was the truth if you -- honestly admit I didn't. Going to look at Google it while I wanna I wanna ruin the food but they're divorced. Like why did you have to go -- the the CBI. The reason she knows but we don't know why but the reason she knows about the zinfandel. And it's -- you know because -- Mac hey and that's my output on the radar you're not going. She's gonna rule and a friendship. Between this woman and the other lady that really don't like Rick had sex -- that the temporary. Lots of talk talks like a lot of I don't know and I -- that. Hanging your friend's husband. Pick up a bit bumpy. So you're coming over to have wine and you don't nine. Her. -- -- this is very infuriating he would like like rob said in the beginning what rob would've done. She should set them back in the day anyway. It. Is later after I've broken up with one of my boyfriend -- Some people still come up to me like how did you know he cheated with all that she. I don't care like water under the bridge differently now what if it is what it is like. -- like to see you. Every thing we talked about what I was just stand around -- knowing all this was happening so many people finally. Why why would you only. Did you don't like I don't need to know is that beautiful thing you're practicing honesty. Lot of people data they go about their lives and their liars they don't even realize is that there association. Well knowing knowledge and not being honest about it makes them a liar tomato eating just everything they just don't want to interfere in the lives of other people only want people to just how their own business that we're -- -- -- this chick. As soon as her friend does sound then posts them on Twitter shall come over and go really would you why did you post that it wanted to put that photo option is no problem interfere when it comes to someone else -- when it comes to this. Then she doesn't -- practice honestly say you practice honesty so the next time you can go up there and -- I have realized and do in this -- -- think about it. But you can interfere. Right when it's happening and maybe you can save your next brand from a possible 78910. And maybe a decade of -- with a guy who's cheating with so basically you're advising that she -- -- out after the divorce is -- she -- rule in this lady's -- further by telling -- that -- cheated on on her with many many women I. Putting the government regards or she wants to go ahead yeah it has not -- -- -- it is in her mind she -- despite that she's she's doing her friend a favor the the do what it truly is it's it's in it's incredible selfishness. Because you're Britain with the guilt you know the divorce. And you didn't -- anything done and your Jewish but I directly to you guys -- you wanna shoot. You wanna get rid of the bagging this -- what are the rules of I love Danielle and then I love those people when they say -- when the elected people come up -- and say. Hey did you not feel like you're you're you know you're totally just passing yourself off my round was like incredibly right now and you've got that I feel good -- they're they're expecting are just flying an -- job than expert let me know that flaw that makes me feel so much managed. You -- -- going in that you're going to be hated for having this knowledge he's going to be here that's going to be knocked out but what is the what is the other side of us now. She keeps quiet. Somebody it's she's gonna find out at some point so somehow doesn't get a Talabani and men and -- this -- is Brady's gonna turn and they -- you know she new pair of finding the loyal and what's not carry out tonight and I and I. And -- -- he did -- -- -- Yeah -- -- off. Sounds like reactor was a lot of Taylor apparently apple react when Rick and his way through the hole all the -- All right so that today is what would -- them.