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Hill-Mail 8-21-14

Aug 21, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the previous 24 hours, the main topic was the story of the girl allergic to nuts traveling from Ireland.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. -- -- -- And on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Each unit -- to talk. As the Hill Man Morning Show Brazilians -- old man out. While big daddy are you up all of that is that -- it is what it has been very. Genocide that let. So on W hey -- yeah. But Texas says that wasn't Johnny Mendes well in Framingham that was obese I think things that you. Doctors -- -- -- -- joining man's nose in print I love our. There although I obscure reference the guy from New Hampshire that drove agreeing probe that pat and Rachel thirty guys that he was you know. What about he's my my other favorites are curious to real quickly -- that -- you know a lady a lady -- mean John -- John blonde act. The old diamond where it was and agree these before it was a find out. The -- the -- game up in just blown rated John Guam and says how could you pretend to be John blonde. I know John Maloney took me to do his cabinet and -- -- -- and I here and Democrats -- we don't go out and enjoy it. You think the girl what do you think do you think that your own premiums -- noted in football or do you think I don't think I thought I was well within a vegetarian and it's I'm just -- there's 3 o'clock AM to present at the so far this with the longest hair and a flat aren't happy football you don't -- -- to be out of the front -- of -- or that thing about it. I -- Days -- mail messages are brought to you by the city of busting credit union broader lending needs including mortgages home improvement loans and home equity loans to visit the city -- and -- website city of Boston CU dot com. That city of Boston CU dot com and MLS number of 403469. Equal housing lender. When they. 7:29. PM. And then we'll sit down here we -- over the news. Or put that don't feel like the good record on letting them. And that that everybody's been asking me if I'm gonna quit that because Curt Schilling. You needed Curt Schilling it's only telling you about cancer I feel like all the way every night that's that's why are so whenever I know he never had to be here yeah yeah you're in denial -- it gets close I did pretty. Well on the way and I didn't have my normal my didn't have my normal -- on the way in this morning in. IEI -- waited till I got here and and and I'm what country you're -- out right now. Iowa and I went by and did you can I mean when you scramble around to try to pick it up yeah absolutely everything bad that -- -- -- flights and it kind of addiction and. -- minutes China. Maybe arthritis. -- -- I think I'm going to I've tried before on the call now cancer I'll illegally pinch it's not it's it by the way. Kudos kudos to Curt Schilling yeah -- -- that that was awesome you know boring you know government and went on and on to these Sunni area the national the Argentina and opponents talk about it and Kenya it's -- So very very tough time in his life and so after after an average selling them out on computer deal military items. I don't forty on -- It is important -- little vote on the road Barack. It's -- -- And that meant are you people that spanned more against that it minicamp this morning it would mean calling our number is some bad -- And now in balance. Happens Jupiter in our hearings. And happens. The Johnny men's -- story reminded me of one time. An and I love you can he's a friend of -- yes but on. When you quit had first learned that the year before the World Series when he was brought up at the end of the -- And what he does exist -- it isn't necessary he was a concierge and we were all standing around and some ladies came up and and that he was introducing himself and and today -- they didn't know who we wise and he said. I'm I'm Kevin Youkilis and and the girls are like you know they -- that chicks huh. And I and goes you know. This is what he said verbatim in now. -- He started to repeat what the but what the crowd and the all symbolic and throw the Red Sox for the right it just gives you a final 24 -- he can't. Yeah. The. There own. Didn't the that it has everything from the year. And the message. I think who signed him. There -- bad bad bad bad bad bad. -- didn't that the move. And glory inside -- -- -- quandary or. Spent spent spent. -- -- You know it I didn't. I watched Davey and Goliath as a child into Sunday I didn't know I didn't even know it was a religious yeah I in the way the stop motion claiming Asian and you just -- Man what are really. I do a little impression of -- Don't -- -- -- mean that's going out and there was always a moral message deacon -- -- -- -- now on the Hydro voted. It was a dark and the boy and it's -- -- he does now. He's gonna catch Obama and finally it -- -- there was always a swim and -- -- let's see here somebody says they -- -- at how at the moon two years ago and I cancer fund raiser packeting -- Well I mean what am I supposed to do I have one of those you don't think about it until someone points it -- -- like Pollyanna. -- try to give that much of the deck I'm amendment dominant trying to give. What did you was there like a stick sitting up on your seat this morning and not and now stuck up your ass I just you know given a real -- since. And I think you would not knowingly do -- That that much and again. -- I -- -- it's an addiction it's -- -- -- it was like everything else yesterday at the Jimmy -- I walked out of Fenway after after Z man was armed with we're environment be. And it hunters and big motivator Jamie on. And there are three people smoke him standing there ribbon bar tab and then I go back here I -- and I get -- -- the other volunteers god bless and I you know our government. You can't help you know apple -- Judy don't you believe. -- twenty -- only. I'm glad that I -- incident analogy could give you need to be and that's pretty known that -- -- know that you might not. No that will never be out of my -- Always been my dad that's why there might -- might have been about not my that the more negativity that that can never not. You couldn't fathom the amount of notes that have been in the -- claim it in my neck and my and that will be here. And that that is a problem with a family who wanted to. United flight could be not free wizard not allergy and united said you know what our flights are not in the country we hand out maps too bad so I said. You don't wanna go on irons not like you -- on the known not slightly sorry your second news via we want long. 40 man. Eight remember. The particulars of America. Oh. Or that the. A -- that is -- big -- probably referring to the incident in wind change student was suspended. From school. -- his stuff for filling his assignment which was to write a fictitious FaceBook posts. And he wrote that he killed his friends dinosaur with a gun and and he was immediately disbanded. From school and -- out -- as we like to show -- on the show. Open 24 alien. Order. I don't. -- -- won't necessarily but I Fred didn't oh -- you know a you know any of this in -- time to me. Texas says Michael sounds more like for us now. Now I think. I'll I'll go legally what is deeply -- they see that's I think that's you know remotely remotely -- -- everybody can DOD but knowing I can do boo -- It's true you know I mean affect you and you can do go wire and nobody nobody can really do -- 28 -- Hear anything their ability airline D'Amato is one and out. Knocked out. And then now back at abducted after I as I said earlier. You are required to have you are not out when boarding. Anything those -- I had no idea around are stewardesses will check your -- yes no inspection just to make sure that there's no. No excess baggage. You have no idea -- what I that there is there was airborne particles that marred c'mon c'mon that's Yahoo! of the that's what happens throw them. -- -- -- In Iraq is a little Irish girl who was alert and not apparently hadn't shared by Atlantic flight. A question of all that is why wouldn't I wouldn't. Important here is. -- investment -- great question yeah. Yeah the family connection or Ireland and a few -- I know I really how many do the show over there we does that mean we take all night of the -- and government is react. Just -- -- that invited by the kind of racket is that the talk more -- panel invited me over the heavy fund trivializes it opponent yes and it's going to be a good time. We have the week off and not -- right here you're gonna be here. I don't think so I Kobe jailbreak it. I will be down I'll be doing the show -- -- but I'll be in Ireland you'll love it we will begin video conferencing while in the shower and Clinton calling to make of that in academia you know you can do it everywhere but at the you know. Them who wouldn't want. And it went directly without being. That it cannot tell everybody don't always drink second block. Endorsement battle to get that these are your dinner got accustomed to three seconds your -- -- -- be wrong and then. I let the reason you might not ignited not to America but what they can one man underdog. The liberty -- not well. And that message night guys a little worked up this morning because they're not there in the news this wind -- there in the -- is how it's decreased bonds.