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Inside the Warped Female Brain with Danielle 8-20-14

Aug 20, 2014|

We once again go inside the warped female brain with the help of Danielle. This time we try to help a man who's girlfriend is a model and has recently started doing a lot of nude photos and will not let him attend the shoots.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. -- -- -- -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Are you ready to go inside the war to be milled grain absent truly look at. From time -- time on the shelves. Danielle. Is kind enough to give you. The man who listen to this program the female perspective on just what is or may be going on. In the war the image confused. Screwed up rain. Other female that you care about and so here's an email that I received yesterday. My girlfriend. Sammy. Is a beautiful 24 year old model. How real your face but it must it seems like a real model object. We have been dating. For just over two years. Recently. She has started using the same photographer for every shoot arena the dude is a bit of a creepy 46 year old. But she says that he is the guy who can get -- into the right agency. That modeling yeah that would and it's a -- He has recently convinced her to do nude shoots. And it seems like at -- minute and -- and its serious the question right now. And it seems like every other day they are shooting naked. Yesterday. I asked her if I can go to the shoot and she said I would make it uncomfortable. Banja. This is driving me insanely jealous and I think there's something going on here. Can you please. Couple if you get a -- -- wait a minute. -- all of a sudden she went to oppose him with a sweater on -- national -- of the hoop full line from miracle like Poland. This sounds like textbook. FaceBook model looking to advance her career beyond doing -- promo with creepy photographer story like. And I have to put a disclaimer out is how do we know we eat we eat and I have a lot of friends that are legit great photographers they do a lot of work for her you know charitable things. They do real great professional work but there are so many -- you -- -- out there. Who will fully admit that you're just -- -- to bang -- Yeah EE eight years -- creepy -- and you elect yeah I know this guy I know that Paris news issue we're all I can't wait to issue with silencer on shooting with cell. Nobody gives a crap you have a FaceBook page. For your modeling career that has 312 likes elect share this photo a fight -- 25 more like self posting new photo you're not African -- get over yourself OK have you been slung around in the bars and all the last three years -- big break right here at this. I -- -- and made it famous and all of a sudden you're doing new with the new appearance like Playboy Netherlands where our. I couldn't get. I don't I -- Deirdre have you been and they came for twenty years now. Name a name that name a famous actress or model that hasn't done news site LB. Great point came tend to hang out from -- -- I'm Vanessa Williams played OK go to -- man why -- we don't -- -- yeah. It. I don't care is certainly. Yeah it's paying but I guess Stacey do you learn and I mean yeah. Well I'm I'm sort -- has not been named to women that are multi millionaires who have lived a perfect life by -- I mean Africa there in order to be an upper Echelon actress slash. Model the with a yeah I mean you got -- -- we not did we not wait for -- edited and you know the famous actresses to get -- -- nude scene right you don't get the way you don't get the when he mill as a unit singing on a -- though. By the way -- no it is not our friend Ian parade company -- is the consummate professionals -- a little. Very much -- -- as -- and my artists and by the way grabber Jerry and got a 5050 shot while I'm here and even if they're an incredible for choreographer. Yeah it's your duty taker rent that you can't really tell -- I got you for making my point I. -- -- I'm not all of them but isn't this guy. And one is mr. insecure. Listen if you that you UB EU will look to again I have. Have to go back -- guys that dates runway models. And guys that dates actresses. Who said why don't why don't the marriages and why -- the relationship -- -- out to the guy gets jealous it you know swapping -- it was somebody or she did a nude scene on -- on a -- -- she wore an outfit in front -- They don't. 5000 people that would -- and she was buck naked she was the one had to Wear the clear plastic new. Design from song Hillary besides she's -- a solo or. Intel are all I airliner. I -- -- says girl is clearly a whole war. And cheating on him with the photographer. -- -- gain favor for herself I know that she's necessarily cheating this could be all innocent and you know -- came on her part but you know you do have creepy -- out there to take advantage of the girls and -- it's yeah it's and this is this is this and I love. I'm shocked at how many people. Are calling me out for being quote unquote bitter and jealous and -- -- -- -- considered accurate today when I was -- seventeen I could've been a FaceBook model and a lot of lot of I -- -- whatever that's your bag that's fine but I'll you everybody knows that one or two girls like this -- like I am I'm legit model normally know you're wearing something you bought at the stripper store. And you're doing a photo shoot at the local parking spot in the swings we did spank. And the guy many -- and you should be if the guy is using his phone for the shoot the should be yeah I'm suspicious and I tell you though. You do sound -- any phrase that starts was -- with the when I was seventeen I could have been that I was about seventeen what you're -- and I was 28 points ahead in the shut down. -- in my fan asked. I slow. You think. Everybody's saying -- guys who are texting and are saying. That. She he needs to ditch this chick that is bad news nothing good is gonna come out of it for the -- a -- service. You guys -- I gotta drop the smoke show. While. Hold it -- wherever -- -- -- analysts and just as you go for on Friday may -- your buck forty something beer guzzling. You know alleged. Sweetheart. Does that equivalent to -- the -- that's that's discussion you -- with anything coming out you know it's like if she's shooting yet hundreds. Every other day wouldn't you at some point. Come home and go honey look I finally got this published. Nothing to have a I I would question to wonder if this guy is even sending these photos to any kind of -- -- you know and immediately he's just got a collection on the laptop probably that brought it looks good under resonate on mono mania. -- -- -- -- there for you yet not I they imply -- -- they actual news -- -- and you think that this chick is cheating I'll come -- and I don't know how high she did nude shoot and you know that was for the portfolio my. Danielle said you know it did going to be good for the -- may -- Embryonic and it's not how many shots of nude shape the news -- really get you the mode oh easy -- gas on all this from our Garrett makes one -- his serve pajamas. I. What about. But the -- why or what about why she won't let him be there for the new photo have you. The reason we never let it we we we would pool pool in the main town girls would bring their boyfriend and quote unquote boyfriend race yet they sit in the corner with our arms embargo on how to. I don't know what Larry I'm -- get a mention on the radio during the interview -- mr. accidents do the photo shoot the viewer a man. They always thought mr. X was something that all attempted paranoid of their -- got -- yeah. Now it's because this -- -- and you just like when he tees and a girl how to play pool and again behind and this guy is showing her the exact position he wants. I think that he's right up -- and and and the best -- move on that is the golf -- you know -- you got a instruct on the golf -- -- gotta get right you got your hands right around there right around there for the product yes and when I contacting me at that time acting out of pot. As the grinding -- a lot of minutes there was this -- really honestly it eight. Well all in the hips and I think Danielle believes that this man. Should be less jealous. And L or that he she dumped this. I got out dumb battle over there like I don't know that this relationship is necessarily gonna work out she seems like she's got her eyes on the prize minute he's a listener now LB has all these thoughts. Had about how she's gonna do Playboy Antarctic guy who's going to be -- she's gonna be famous and make like three grand next year to everybody scenario where they may focus more is what a whole bunch. Why is there -- east coast league -- it's not like nobody from the East Coast is not as never made it to the area job. But I characters says he should just get her pregnant nobody wants pregnant -- for a conference room photo shoots some people -- -- -- that and it's been detected.