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Hill-Mail 8-20-14

Aug 20, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the previous 24 hours, topics covered this time were porn and the Brighton peeper.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. -- -- -- And on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Now beats you returned to talk. As they Hill Man Morning Show acquisitions Hillman off. Bad -- I thought I really didn't want must -- and no doubt in my quads. On WA. Eight. Coming up. Shortly right after your hill mail messages today ladies. Would you be up for going lesbian if your husband became a woman oh. Yeah it's a very interesting news story today and under him very interesting news story. The -- mail messages this morning brought to you by the city of busting credit union. Choose the city of busting -- and for all your lending needs including mortgages home improvement loans and home equity loans. Visits city Abbas didn't see you dot com that city of Boston see you dot com for more information. And MLS number 403469. Equal housing lender. To me -- twelve and again. Got about. Thought about it not a lot but I don't have not. Picked up. -- it nonprofit that's profitable -- is doing well yes. He's got he's got another baby to support him another child on the way. To me 7:41. PM. While they don't have it right this minute support that that is why. We don't know that our -- has that they did not only in the most Kagan who touted that. And then that. LB Texas says you must have cried. At the end of Braveheart. What what Braveheart yeah at the end yeah. I mean now for now did you ever cried during re right of course and via braver than movies incredible when they -- parents -- That loser. Way back just. Decry -- who doesn't back -- does successful. That Russell now narrowed it. With a and I was married to Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell Russell or Kurt Russell Banks. I don't remember -- -- much it's a champion but he Kevin Chapman was a bonus for big big big moves. I've always -- they're 508 text -- a thousand times correct. I have balled my eyes out during Bryant's on top man play -- weekend you can -- me any odd times. And I cried during Brian's on 341. Man. Now being -- value Obama. We play without knowing it is look in the very and I -- -- that I'll let. WS. Oh this person cries that Marley and me. -- -- about the -- I'm doing and we've announced that seven pounds made me ball and that Will Smith moving. We don't -- to -- to Rosario Dawson when she's dying spoiler alert congress throws jelly fish in the bathtub with them so they sting and then his -- comes over and collects his body so that you get a heart or Dario. The only -- The only person who hasn't seen the actor does this that I didn't throw -- Yeah I went 1981 yeah I don't -- years sorry I don't I asked him -- Field of dreams every time somebody cries during fielded dreams now lone survivor about the I cried during -- survivor but it was an on an incredible movies on here on demand now I you have to see why what you bought it's it's Wahlberg playing. The medal of honor. -- -- you you you look yeah -- so great. Isn't it. And you -- I mean that's those movies where your I was. Ranging all watching him because some of those scenes yeah where you're watching the abuse that these guys went through just some of the stuff you do it's. Just unimaginable that the human body can go through that since I know you're not gonna watch it based on what you said earlier the porn version is pretty good to my bones -- survive I don't know if you throw I tell -- it's -- -- office yeah. That's okay. Well it's really they're back to earth at. We need. -- -- I'm fortunate -- to be working right across the street -- market basket. And I have to -- the protestors are being hit with that anti Hispanic. Palin is you know it is -- the proper etiquette on people not all right you know -- the entire democratic side trying to make eye contact with anyone -- -- because you know I think that -- Situation. -- you think. And -- -- -- deep every time give yours alone. Absolutely him bomb my girl. When Macaulay Culkin -- again it's wait no wait wasn't it. Was whether it was her right we get his we've got -- -- yeah well -- -- it -- the groom adults. I Am Legend at Texas odds every time every time the doctor dog Dennis. The spoiler alerts are mean and yeah I mean learning program and you have visitors and give the movie Christine phar lap of the -- up with a -- H a apparently. And of the saving private ride yes spread any idea and then give -- In saying you know leave any of them in the war movies -- what about -- painting. Now yeah I don't parallel lines and -- pulled them out over the cliff. Now a political couple days ago. -- animals. The in animals. MLB probably cried while watching ET it's it's not a priority team now. -- When you see little pod and only goes to walk away with a chrysanthemum and then to. -- its commitment wanted to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- With this oil cooler cars. Forty man. Guys that certain other go to Africa -- Then ultimately won out and rented a movie called the. And the method. It is it is me maybe show us that formed -- that -- going through him. There's somebody who wants to know if I cried during supersize me now live. And not cried eminent American mourns her a lot of that Morgan's -- Vilma did not that the blood diamond LBO recommend Reagan -- -- man but what -- you would get a new -- At the end he -- he. He gets the when he gets to people out of Africa then -- -- -- dying on the hillside to keeping the rebels from. What about old B Ella everybody I've never seen an audio signal caller from lassie you pretty good now. Com. Legends of the Fall yes yeah I don't then you'll -- at. I have yet to educate your real men after the stroke he's given the finger and -- are arrogant. I think it was a big. He's a great act there what's that these names. Isn't a why is meet Joe Black guy. AEI meet Joseph black and meet Joe Black is a super sad movie. 'cause he's that's another one of those soul -- things. Like those two -- in love and meet Joe Black. He was it yeah are due -- somebody just walks away at the end of the company's -- he's taken that got away like. And then. -- celebrating his birthday with his -- I mean -- guy getting a spoiler herculean confidence Anthony hop in the house and yes. -- a movie you went with the bear. Now loud and remember the barracuda Alaska Legends of the Fall down and I'm not really in the line -- -- problem when that. That's premium movie the buy dot com. The other one. That would Anthony Hopkins it's sad is when he's Butler in England. The man servant. And he liked how isolating award Stan and the game easily so mean driving mistaken for the remains of the day remain Emma Thompson the remains of the day. Such a great movie. Think 36 and then. And you know breaking into the fire people -- at 635. Well remember what that's the good technically anyway. And the method allowed in -- 720. -- and. And that that you ought not. Advocating are more important that all of auto workers -- contract -- And that meant that. Does that work -- people listen soundness of that does that -- share in the pinch in an apparent. In the pinch go to concerts -- and a but yeah good point in a pinch. 411 work. From Romo -- a female operator initially you look at the restaurant and bars a an informant. 28 and again. Don't get it right. Thought it or not ordered. And yet format Britain that says it bought computers and great Britain and rice and the message home irony. Mine wanna bring that word out that I think it is often and. I don't know man. I kept. A little bit up in court today Pat Summerall it got or not. And then that. There's no lawyer wouldn't come power to about one hour. -- -- you're gonna captain Topper of them left now are about if we're at and we don't know if you'll only have one. Although I don't know problems on both. And yeah for money yet. Mean. What about Oden Rudy -- up the field in the -- there. And I didn't show up -- not full hour and tears to your school and yeah. Green mile. Yeah can be evil side. While this is older listeners may be the Last of the Mohicans. If the and of -- Armageddon. Sorry for the delay -- money out well yes you're on the happier a little bit behind what Bruce Willis is -- Armageddon -- the. Ruthlessly saves the world when it I think -- by the international yes it does India because of the east is space station on the N has learned to blow that straight world. Rest of the news this hour is a Barack TUO we we still don't know why aren't we getting nice -- I got totally sidetracked we have a few ailments and -- the greens I turn out right because of that I call yes -- 709. And. The red. I can I help you ever think it would have been fired back there and -- -- Yeah well you know I know. You very much we had a great melody golf is that. But it wouldn't doubt when -- threatened LP and you'll also pay is out. You probably did leave it out there at the red arrow never and can't they say they take care. There is a plate that indicates that the red aero diner in Manchester that LBs that Lyndon byers -- -- year -- just inland empire sincerely form on. Them you it was paid by the letter on the and things remembered when they got a -- now. Lee is basically like George Washington slept fears and Lyndon byers. That here. 39 AM. Look like that kept the -- -- invite people. All in court now we have wrapped -- the -- include. That it accountant. From there. Oh -- now the -- and people is under arrest. He came up with the excuse that LB hasn't used yet. Lawyers -- court yesterday that he was in that area because he has the diabetes is Annie had a -- in the bushes. That's why have going to be looking in are windows of ladies here is facing the building here and beautiful -- right. -- -- We are. Out there. Might not happen that could not at your feet at your feet sweat. Over a pint of split the day hello -- May -- -- how are you. -- it back in traffic on the right. --