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Is It Fact or Is It Schmact 8-20-14

Aug 20, 2014|

LB went a perfect 5 for 5 this time as topics covered Abe Lincoln's son present for 2 assassinations, do buildings skip the 13th floor, can the Army dismiss you for only having 1 nut, and how much sweat does your feet produce?

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. -- -- -- And on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. And now. But he Hill Man Morning Show invites you -- you where it's. Against bill please I -- -- not -- I just watch the whole scale but that will -- on the other side tonight with a jacuzzi is just want. Crusty man I mean people would choose their toenails -- -- they -- facts she maxed. Supporters during backs she Maxwell received a pair of tickets for Judas Priest at the song -- center. Coming up on October 14 the morning -- How are you do any good hours earlier we're rated cable line right where you from. Are -- throughout -- and home the old timer. Are so early great spots now Danny. -- -- Lincoln's son Robert. Was was president you -- that sport to other. Presidential assassinations. Backed Porsche -- Primary role. No. Not all that okay well I'll just say this I had no idea that it -- and it's not now. And so that is teachable moment -- -- and so by now and irate I love you and I know how you rule and you always loved to teach -- politics. So I'm gonna go back to because you're trying to give some of us. Lesser. Intelligent people some info if and when we have to. Discuss. President of the united United States I'll be at the fact he was president. For the McKinley -- field assassinations. As amazing as that is hurry up and I think half the -- of the fact that there was just like a hundred people in the country at that time somebody hung around together -- and the same places I don't know if you know -- isn't that amazing. -- know when you know it's amazing he -- -- about who wants to be president now he -- assassinated you know it's amazing poem on the shell. Show Michelle how -- you. And that let me let me tell you that while. I'm glad you told rob it's a Wednesday because he played Monday and replay again this morning. Does start to -- -- -- nearly Kelly. Michelle your feet and produce. More than a gallon of swept a day fact or -- back. And more Tony Allen. Yes more than a gallon. And at age. Okay well we know one day yeah that is fact here to yes Baghdad Dallas what does not come on my arm pits and plus write this -- here drag people his hands doctor Julius Jackson and I will say each Mac. But it is going to be a large amount that is first -- They're corrected more than a pint but it's not and again. Hey guys are correct no it -- What's -- what's going I'm -- Where -- from. -- Whitman that even though most skyscrapers. Omit the thirteenth floor because of bad luck. The Hancock building has won here in Boston -- the -- -- -- Just for the record every building housed a thirteenth floor. And it better when I'm one of the great tests did things that I ever got to watch was the dope. At the college dorm. -- and faces of death yeah. That had the rope. And he was gonna bungee jump from the top of the dorm in front of all his friend yeah. And you can -- in the video he gets ready everybody's cheering and he has added thirteen feet because she is very important. If -- -- out of either guy who's writing that weren't there any SpinRite to the ground and died in front of his friend that you a couple of it's what you say it's fact. -- staff yes there is there is a thirteenth floor over there at the old Hancock building hello a -- -- I don't know what's going on Bruce. I know it grows the average woman now wears a 34. Double indeed draw. Fact or should map. Rule and I don't -- backed down ahead. -- we are -- about this lastly it's like the youngsters you know he everybody's getting bigger everybody's going up faster everybody's reaching puberty faster the whole loans and television. It's in the meat and milk it's in the process to damn you know at -- fact. It is back -- twenty years ago. The average woman or a 34. 34 bands you don't think that hello Travis. What -- -- -- -- I'm Travis. At what you gotta wait where you from. There -- blue -- and the shoes that he. Well the US army Travis can reject a recruit from an unexplained absence of enough. Factors Mac. It brought it back. Out -- Just illegal -- for the sweet spirited I would just say this if they can say takeout night for flat -- and I had a bully game. You know Iraq and warned that they can tell you you -- -- sets -- You're right LD they held it. Now that's great if you have an explanation it's okay if you have an explanation for why you only have one not pacified but an unexplained and not since you're out. And -- are not fighting for the for the eurozone get taken doctor's note of that million kids on descended here that you can.