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Adult Toy Price is Right 8-19-14

Aug 19, 2014|

We once again play Adult Toy Price is Right where we learn the prices of the Death by Orgasm Scorpion Bullet, and the Heel Do.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. -- Hill Man Morning Show presents. I. If you win this morning to get out there champion club tickets for the Deutsche Bank championship which benefits the Tiger Woods foundation on Labor Day weekend over there. Out of the TPC. Norton hello -- All. This morning -- -- and young I didn't call you today Paul or not some where do you come from. I come from here sure. Salem New Hampshire all right and you are up against the Bryan this morning during adult toy prices right hello Brian. I got my dear friend he had. I thought. Okay Fitch -- here is. Adult -- number one from then yells sex dungeon -- pick this one because it's kind of an irrational fear -- sex toy island one about this thing it's scary looking okay it's called the death might orgasms scorpion bullets scorpion -- scorpion bullets -- hit a black latex. Giant scorpion shaped vibrator now that comes in eight coughing and he found when you open it. The the little legs -- scorpion make it kind of crawl out of the thing on its own job reality yes that good does it seek its it's targeted directions. That through use of radar is kinda goes and -- -- team to -- well here so it's creepy crawling it's way around basically by at twelve toward pleasure yes I have no I don't -- Org yeah you know it's garbage remind me -- -- generally is Muslim warrant that they are not they -- -- that's whether it's -- what did you think they were -- -- I'm a mammal I don't there's no mammals and all the their vote in Sydney I was sailing -- and out there and acted. There and his look at their best and well -- they are there so I don't like my friend's friend in my lives and arizonans that post pictures like scorpions and how easily now now. You look what Allen their hairy that on if they don't want to now. -- well that and one in the middle of the night. Paul what do you think the actual retail price. This court pianist. -- -- they are 1995. You know guy what do you think Ryan. But -- brother just returned. So -- statement 1873027. And third he got older white ones -- -- -- like be blocked. Now I'm sorry gentlemen -- -- over it's actually 1819. -- man while it's happening and for my orgasm what the deal and I. Sorry -- up next this morning it's END hello Andy. What's your own -- Andy where you're from. Great wins the. And you are playing against Adam this morning hello Adam. How are Adam. At Adam. -- playing -- you know how to play. Guy here is the next delay on adult toy a price. Is right this one is called big healed now. They feel well -- out. This is basically. A foot sheet. With sex toy attached to it that so you put the little foot -- her on. And this is up for women who want to engage in himself play and basically if we get in your -- as though you're crouching down and that thing goes on near the back here he'll. It happened well in her -- needed -- -- you have to be very coordinated. Same thing I don't want to get that the foot that -- -- -- IE -- you have to be able to sit native American style and in and where. No not on on the other examples now CD's get and you needed anything I definitely. And you kind of raise and lower here back yes I'm down to work on their heels are the foot right I got it yet it I got it. Does this got an Athlete's Foot did they not used properly I'd watch out for are not buying dire fumble transmission error in position to be in your news room. Out of them what do you think any actual retail price of the -- though it is. Let's have this day 419 and I dragged. One do you want an off 99 how about you Randy. -- regarded her 3299. And. Was -- -- it's a death 39 and to -- was he is close this it's 34 and 99 -- -- healed now. Nice job brother you know your adult toys the -- though. Viewers for just 399. And I didn't nick Kennedy and us. That nick neighborhood. Don't know about it. It.