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Tinder Talk 8-19-14

Aug 19, 2014|

Another Tinder Tuesday has come and gone, listen to some texters success and horror stories.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. -- -- -- And on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Remember during the break and I can't even remember how tendered Tuesday's I must have been something in the news and then had to have been everybody started calling in yup but. And I always drives rob a little crazy. Because and there is when I when I'm like when I mentioned a half an hour ago. That it was tender Tuesday. Several text -- said what's tender rob always says -- that he feels like he's he's amazed as a Christian man. That these random hookups. But he is that the other social networks are happening all around. Greg the morality in America today is just kind of diminishing. That it's been gone in the community really that chivalry the morality. The I don't know any other words like that -- is just kind of disappeared. This why. Above finger yeah you've decided to -- gonna go smash ugly -- And I really. With the swipe of a figure and no nothing I mean -- the -- you know when MySpace came up I know now is kind of like -- the beginnings of the booty call on the Internet I guess then what they spoke of progress but at least you saw. -- hosts. Yes job -- like some movies that they had watched you guys read posts about them you can write. This is as I'm not on it hasn't you know Betancourt -- Happily married in my own way. I don't believe I should be on am prepared because. And at all well -- -- I don't care just a photo though right there's no people on there yeah I mean when we have. What we have discussed in there on tender Tuesday previously. We've had some really interesting stories of things that have gone. Well and things that have gone not so yeah and so I think that. I'm now rob are you saying that previous to. The. -- like tender and -- planning affiliation whatever the whether it's the dating web site or. And six or are you saying previous today out. People didn't have random. Anonymous. -- -- they did but it wasn't as easily accessible as it is now -- when you create. You know just the straight path for people and they don't have to do any heavy lifting it brings out more. -- more of them don't moralists people and the book for at least of you were gonna do these hook up Sarah. You know engage in this kind of don't know -- otherwise you wouldn't be known. And you had to do the leg work yourself now with the Internet people can sit on the couch tonight have to get up and all literally for a cool or hook ups for and you literally don't have to leave the house and you can. Engaged in anything what and that's what happens and that is that deep in the the stories are coming into the attacks then you can certainly collar taxed on tender Tuesday and hopping on right now -- are you receiving at the fodder for the Asia here's 774 attacks -- is part of the downfall of society. I'm not religious but another 774 tax that I am not religious but the -- correct. Here's a tax. I listen to two -- Tuesday a couple weeks ago in July and I'm 42 and divorced. I had to eighteen year old come over the house Saturday night because they wanted to get naked in my and I AFC -- -- -- And they get LCD and game crazy -- see it happen. I -- -- and I and I in this tournament and alert here. And when our listeners can't incentives agreed screened shot in the -- And who appears to be in a. Bathtub covered in ranch dressing and -- Strasser and and that's her profile photos that ranch dressing challenge at all. It sounds pretty good command and get right to be both the powdered and the bottled oh. You mean that is it that kind that you make by just downing -- downing want to. The little packets Shia. Now see that's something I would swipe is it do you swipe right -- right isn't just left his -- OK all the haters can -- play and that's the. Computer into the Booth at the that it alone. It's. It is she chanting -- She's she's -- I'm really look pastor their breast chooses very pretty girl. Perfect tragic tender tale from a five late text there. Hooked up with a kick in all stand on Friday found out after it was my boss's daughter -- it off and made. Half past I know that's the anonymous. Apartment Robin thought well -- like you only in my office and -- look at the pictures on the desk in elect a little wouldn't you wouldn't know now. All cool you haven't see that's thing is that. You're on this site and -- not knowing anything about the periphery. Well -- -- -- -- being noble want you to Entercom this morning and go and buy down the hallway by your boss on. But -- the guy. Man am I have a good day you do that in -- Not. Those -- great stories here. I had on his 978 tax that had sex with a girl on -- -- four or five times and then she told me that I was only the second boy this year never kids. Wow wow well clearly she was. -- -- only sixteen but the no assurances that a fault. They never do us a picture now here's the seven. 774. Attacks. Greg your curb your generation loves the of our generation crap for the way we pursue love. Bring your generation are the ones with the highest rate of divorce in human history of vitamin well -- -- that. I think that people now don't really get married that's why I write the right isn't that a exactly. I mean governor but it wasn't our generation -- do you ever watch mad men. Cook rice at fifty knots well that is a TV show not a document here but maybe that kind of got into it and that may -- right -- -- -- boss was -- -- -- -- I was at the that would be awesome job you can get in the world -- in -- in the fifties. And the early sixties as you get to be the secretary get all the money. The side apartment the car from the Boston. I promised the Tinder grilled dinner when you got to my house -- told priority eight and collector bacon we had sex and never talked again. That's a great -- that is separate entity there. The makings expensive care work with the guys recently divorced had sex with three different women on tender within 24 hours -- outflow graphs abusing and that is really. That Viagra is. -- See it's. That's TD written all over the Atlantic and -- that does help a race. The capacity. -- about it probably probably keeps it -- -- in the courage is the allowable a lot of middle and on my face to face -- -- Those fields summer junker of them. Now. Here's -- -- Here's somebody who met a girl. Was -- this is was it Saturday night I think that's what that says. -- coming over her didn't arrive for 2 hours. Next morning found out that she had had a car accident well I mean a different aren't transposed to. -- -- I. It you find that aren't as -- isn't there -- the -- -- while I don't find that greens out here is supposed to care like you should care that she had a car accident because your left right here. Looking for a lot of obscure signed no reference. Yeah -- supposed to go to the movies with gets into a car right the Lisa Masterson juju bees and it's very upset. My brother takes down. Sounds like he's hunting big game we've -- my brother it is down. Girls weekly on tender recently just found out that he smashed two sisters. Simultaneous knowledge they're they're different ones and see that's the problem with the intimate environment there. But that's a perfect opportunity to reach out to book that stat. You know if I dig out a guy a guy wants to know if there's an age. Upper level age that by which tender is not appropriate. To be on how we found out we found that a plus and entertainment events if there's no original I. I think I'm mid thirties you're really gonna cap Martha Miller junior you know you're in your forties -- just isn't the greatest story of time with the start -- stated he would I -- -- -- -- divorce broken hearted. The ice kicking his ass in the financial department and it gets to eighteen year old from Indian girls in his hot -- guy feels like the king of the world. But -- being England did was he was the richest man on earth for that. You know I had hours you know I could never actually besides having a boyfriend you know I can never be on -- is because so far in the time that we've been playing with this and I'm controlling I've gotten four messages. None of them. I've used the contraction your proper. Really know if you are hot why don't you that. What are you on their ads ninety business look I'm not no we aren't out. Yeah. So in that with a fake thing. I wanna make a white picket packing to derail what are what are you going on as wind and buyers can you imagine the action -- you want to you wanna do look good don't try to. Like it's for radio play Hawaii -- but you can cut. Get more than a seat on that thing. Let's be honest I gave him my phone again as a former ruling and Lyndon former Boston Bruin lead. I just. The announcement that sent the quality of the guys that there is Europe yes it is Mary Mary. Out of college students -- -- the one is the big 343. Plus four equals itself and you know it's. You are a few liner. Yeah trying to get my tendered it tender. Attitude my attitude get on. Here's a 978 Texas says you go LB Danielle is being aegis yes she is emanating -- -- -- is discriminating against the -- -- -- year old -- yeah. Because of your age what here's somebody who I -- their friend. Found the girl on tender he was that a casino. Never thought. Texas -- never thought she'd drive three hours she did she drove three my time to the casino. Hughes that I mean that is desperation. On the 46 year old man went on tender last week because -- year's show ended up hooking up with a mom and the daughter. That's creeping -- that in -- -- BP and I totally I'm gonna about the same time her. Or at different times that's saying that the that the book but the argued Garciaparra. What's -- with the same -- LB year's screen name should be hate kids but it didn't pay but yet the pocono out with a dude why your mom is involved. I'm gonna try to tell me there that's not weird thing that I would have went and what I mean you both have sex is valued at an enemy to each other hot spot. -- colonial liar and -- hooked up with a 42 year old divorcee on tender and her son is older than me. And that is. It is I guess the one thing. The man. And then I was -- breakfast I'm 21 and I would definitely hit up LB on in their. Yeah me smiley face that this pilot manuals do a lot of analysts and you -- stocks cheap -- a testament. Senate right -- -- girl met a girl on tender after two days of chatting she checks on my FaceBook figures out she knows my life. Possibly balance the crowd to go on huge C -- -- problem that people don't get -- is the reverse global image surged. -- -- look at the pictures you can even -- invasive crappy picture with you and a couple of other people if you just whoever's Google image search a proper storage fees paid. Mom right now careful now here's a question several guys. Have. Texted in about this there alarmed after here in this segment because they met their girlfriends on tender my own fault it was and I wanted to know what -- -- -- are they dating that go over there why does it matter if they married the 44. Guy that she smashed on Tinder. -- the curse -- 'cause I'm sure she would never heard this kind of thing what does that matter oh my god I I never do this. OK so I can't. But I know I am not get a feeling nice girl really. I don't want you to think I -- naturedly I'm here I can't believe he gave up a freshman. Guys Jackson and this didn't -- -- you're on tender matter and tender but can't figure out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Appealing and I Tinder -- our Elton -- in real life you like and do what kept you with a bar and you literally swipe left in front has been a and you like -- -- woody -- don't let them swiping left but I'll move -- -- common drive -- -- -- I don't. I am sorry I call me I just wait yeah I swipe left. Here's the five late Texas is correct. You're too old for tender if you use that term more more apps than -- your -- I am too old for that. -- it's 803. Here at WA AF and WA AF HD one west robust than WK after WK FB HD one rocked in Boston. Hello Derek. Welcome Derek. We're. -- -- -- Yeah. I hear that I had premarital sex I didn't get saved until play out. I think the okay is ridiculous I didn't get city Iowa later. Did you get me that I -- He'll get baptism in the earth type you know I love -- do you know why I was back down and you know him burying someone on you know kind of a mess it up. Crushed that and Jesus and think back down 215. Tax. Yes -- works for us old men per Danielle. I tried it as a result of the show I work two hours from on and now -- noon time arrangement. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hard during trolling by the way we've got five guys that wanna make Smart -- -- one dude got right down -- actually wants to know if my eight. Character is submissive or dominant really supposed -- unveiled his stats and and stuff by weight of its size and geographic region right now now win. Submissive or dominant makes me think he wouldn't may be one it will order as announced by yourself -- you demand your own secure. And he wants to fight once he finally rent those classified -- she's gonna wind tomorrow. But -- slap a blog -- armaments during -- into the roof. Here's somebody says they love when women say I've never done this course. Yeah hi I've never done I never -- you know I just sense I never like god why our. No I can't see I don't know guys you know I think every way -- -- put into perspective for you look at the revenue well we're -- wife at church. Probably isn't that nice then you find -- choose a hooker for fourteen years I Wear sheets but I got saved. That. -- me and I'm now. Canadians smoke show one tender who's out who's an absolute freak in the bedroom and accurately -- -- -- -- you imagine candor against giving us a chance cheaper eats the threatened. 978 tax I -- -- the first time you guys talked about it Wentz -- found that I've had tons of success well. I mean look. Apparently -- -- it works it works created and alert that deacon is not a expand its going to be the downfall but -- comes -- and it's like going you know travel really helped progress. Diseases and -- -- -- people that couldn't travel you know war they had to do it on foot or by. You know ship or whatever. Now you know there's thousands of flights going to days ago just -- -- sick diseases are spread out there at the same thing they can't because you're making the hook up process an instant before. Believe it or not is data by a girl -- tour at that dinner record dinner or movie hoc tour and a -- and her parents. And how action from her parents -- why. And you -- and at somebody's house and think these people said do not only -- and her daughter mom then -- -- and I mean it's it is next thing you know you're not gonna realize in his bedroom and on fan I can't I can't can't walk. And the the it is marriages menu is stay I think that's why we have the super gonorrhea.