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Hill-Mail 8-19-14

Aug 19, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the past 24 hours, topics covered making fun of LB and the news stories of the day.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Now teach you to -- talk as the Hill Man Morning Show Brazilians -- old man out. They're great I think he should lighten up on that Morgan employees -- in Ohio there again. Who doesn't like a cold front there and work. On WOK. Okay. -- -- Story for their lives streaky. Why today's hill mail messages presented by -- kind of the number one Honda dealer in sales in New England on the auto mile route one in Norwood come on down. Here's a woman. Who says nothing is worse than hooking up with a guy and tender and you go to there. House and it's sketchy house. Means. You know what's -- why -- -- what I did you go to our darker cellular arm and he doesn't clean -- dirty dishes in the CIA and he seems to get crap everywhere you know I mean yeah I would think that would be scary. Yeah that -- a dumb ass thing to do I got to go out of the house of some dude you've never met that you just ran on an aunt that that's robbery and whenever the. He's just making it there's nothing there's nothing worse enemy and it and it happened if you did you hook up as somebody you'll back to their place remotely the bed as notions about it. As you know pillow under an overhead strain. -- I mean I'm not saying you don't still. Aren't. Finally text -- for a second five latex or met a girl on tender she passed me off to her friend after we had bullet -- that's a compliment. My way to work in the -- that. Jeepers I reaper -- Immediately barring -- as the body says definitely different had to take one for the team that government -- that fear -- You're not company -- -- -- that we're -- we're going to be you know it's just he announces outgoing alone this thing I've and the thirty something -- -- and it. All right let's get you today's L mail messages. Monday five. -- -- -- He went way they -- -- -- and let it be eight and left it there anyway we really didn't anger. We recognize the political current state we've -- access them. And the company custom group that. -- won 14 AM. -- It yet. I don't know what it. It is that. Part of it guys get. Out why you -- -- -- -- -- Maybe a we've already got caught over why. -- -- get the qualifying. Apparently the work. I'm -- I didn't. -- -- -- -- -- -- Early in the morning -- again this morning stared at a yeah pretty impressive it really is and really middle and in the middle of the morning -- you see these two bright shining or herbs. They are Venus. And Jupiter. And all this week. Before the sun comes up obviously. You can see Venus and Jupiter shining right there in in the morning sky itself so what was yeah it's execute -- today that put that plan has brings out there has generalized it's surged knows this both sides there ever -- -- as racists yes Saturn has the there ring -- -- -- -- -- I mean how much -- in my quad. And that is that that's the. I. Think eighteen and then. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When you're out of human my buddy alone the residue in Iowa the admittedly curious and -- we had a big debate about irony. I said it was ironic. That the legendary announcer Don Pardo had passed the way. And the only -- That everyone was playing. Was when he screwed up. The very first Saturday Night Live a program. That I thought it was ironic. That the man had announced. Thousands of television broadcasts without an error. And everybody was playing that as as a tribute I thought that was irony. Danielle tells me that that is coincident. And not isn't really -- that's like an alignment or something else. Somebody -- an earlier and had that suggestion I forget exactly what the word was but it it was on point thinks he can for him. And yet. What contact -- attacked while under the -- didn't know what it did. On the moon. -- They didn't Indian. Man. That that it -- everything -- that I haven't hit yet. That was a little bit outside of that and that I didn't want credit and that -- Europe that it didn't they. That -- -- bank. This -- but now. I'm out with a guy that didn't bat an. I read it and get you know credit. That. -- at -- at epic epic ice water challenge I did a good job with the guys but could challenge. Although I'd for a third to watch all of beautiful lady our doubts were now doing it. -- that it mrs. Brady. You can challenge does that Lebanon and vision vision and informal -- who all. That's -- line. It didn't -- -- quit his job as a producer an area. And that -- We need for a loan and. You know the good thing about killing net ball that went nuts -- a little confine it. Market basket now hasn't had. Out into that. There are hoping the market basket thing is worked out this week. I saw an article today that says that should be award this week. It real well and I was like yeah yeah they're ridiculous. I'd bet its at least. 500 million dollars -- would have been 414 week yeah. I mean -- you know. At some point. The board of directors. Ought to operate. In -- you do she airy. A manner and and do what's right and responsible for the conduct -- in a -- there illegally wouldn't they be in the wrong well if at some point they can't get a deal done. You know -- today they they should. Expedited appeal and get a deal done I did and you know news today is the board met yesterday. At the law firm. Governor Deval Patrick's wife for votes in -- I'm sure she wasn't there because that would via a conflict of interest since the governor has been tragic network -- trying to trying to mediate in the dispute so. It would be a conflict of interest in failure wife. Represents. One of the CEOs and you're interfering in the in the actual settlement that. Of the dispute obvious conflict of interest. -- -- he had. Great security noted how ironic Larry let -- -- a lot of domestic. Look. -- Right. Thank you for -- they're per leaving a hill mail message. This morning.