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Masshole Theater: Good Will Hunting 8-18-14

Aug 18, 2014|

Every Monday we take a trip to the Masshole Theater where we take famous scenes from movies and put a Boston touch on them, this week Crazy Ron Emma took on Good Will Hunting.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. -- -- -- And on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Hill Man Morning Show Chris. It's cold. I don't wanna get real excited but if you win Masso theater today. You get to Vegas to go see Colby and five finger death punch -- beanie what I show and she the song -- center on September to sit -- I think you're going and that should attract a Friday gag you don't particularly. -- DoubleTree hotel here we come on the polo and how are you Aaron. Where -- from. Colossus that alone you fisherman. Yeah are you a fisherman rob -- -- no no I doubt it irks you valley times. What's the nicest car these taken out of jeweler realized that the unit hasn't held. Up. But no I don't hate other dirt cars on camera -- -- block it out and get a good is I. Take a listen to today's mass whole theater selection have you can identify the film. That has been mass hold using the unique language that is spoken only here in Massachusetts. Than you'll be our winner today. And it is crazy Iran. Lola is the the man behind Emma is pizza and was embers public. All -- -- -- -- crazy Ryan is our actor today on mass -- theater. So of Diageo mom music you probably give me the skinny on Aerosmith and every album they -- put out. Stephen dialing in now a lot about him don't yet. How Stephen and the rest of the guys on Aerosmith moved into the three -- on com haven't Brighton but even got a story about how one time yet. Ran into him that's bags on route nine and -- but you can't tell me what it smells like backstage at mama canceled because you would just a little while ago wearing -- running around with -- -- -- when -- Kansas rocking on lands now. And if you ask about sports you'd probably give me a syllabus -- personal favorite championship games. You may have even taken that -- to the bank not gotten -- you may have even sat on the monster at that do Sox games. But you can't tell me what is like sitting and then tiny yellow seats at the ill gotten. With the -- bag of them until Sally smoking butts -- -- -- -- that Johnny most lose it when Larry legend stole the ball in game five. Of the 87 conference finals against that Detroit Pistons with the series tied it two. And if by Asheville but love you probably. Goal on five days about some speaking -- you banged on Kevin and I. But I expect in that nine out in the combat zone haggling the price down on the Connor and Scully square seek tough guy. When -- look at you I don't see a witness my Downey had no front feels gone up. I look at ill and think to myself kids at school. Any -- no lace curtain Irish kid like he's playing in the -- But you were -- my life -- pages scenic painting in my office. Do you think I know the first thing about you because I seen the movie fever pitch -- I can't Glen Annie and LeMieux unless you wanna talk about it. You know -- chief. I asked them better if you don't know an active I think -- and then you don't know it Aaron what is it. -- There are gone no where she is being held it was him arsenal conversation with a back as the guy who. Aaron. -- Donnie hello -- Too big blitzer usually and -- what's the answer. Oh I thought. -- -- joke and I write you now. Johnny Johnny. I. Wanted to say to -- it's. -- him back and allow you to be the winners and play games this morning hello hello Evan. When he got. -- -- -- -- -- I don't -- movie that everyone gets that 30 my god everybody gets this every week hello Mike. Our goodwill under yeah. Thank you -- kind of -- old movie like -- the image that agent right nice job where you're from Mike. -- every guy it's in honor of the late round. Williams there you have goodwill one thing. And you -- is of these go see bull beaten five finger death punch. Bonded a pretty good job that Chris I don't outstanding that was a crazy run left a message for reviewing and that's -- he -- chart our -- -- mining show is the best. Don't forget crazy Iran says we get the best browser and paid to have. I don't know -- sells a lot of pizzas because he's crazy. That's why he's crazy 89 cents on Sundays if he was sane he wouldn't be selling a lot of pizzas by the you know that's why it's crazy because there -- yeah. And it radios while on -- -- -- -- for it and that's that's crazy you must be crazy crazy you're crazy Iran.