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Inside the Simple Male Mind with LB 8-18-14

Aug 18, 2014|

Every Monday we go inside the simple male mind with the help of relationship guru Lydon Byers. This week LB helped a few ladies with issues ranging from a boyfriend who was caught wearing his ladies underwear by her 6 year old, to how many dates a man should pay for, and even a woman who cheated on her man and needs to hide her bruises from some spanking.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. I got a lot of text messages sport inside the simple -- mind. So you wanna go in there right now let's do -- thing I. This is the WA AF Ira motor group tax line 971. Of seven ladies. This segment on Mondays is for you. If he cannot figure out how the mind of the man in your life works just text your question to LB right now 97107. And if you will help you go inside the simple mail mind. LB my boyfriend told me yesterday he hates the way I spell things in tax. Can't stand it tons of exclamation points Andy papers trying to figure out what abbreviations. Mean. What should I do about this court Jackson him lightly and I could just. I what we talk about. -- time ladies. Your guy gets out he's got a full day of work ahead of them he works is is is bag off Oreo. And you just weeks. -- after he gets done work and it gets home. I have a chat with them then bother him that no one what it would happen. Alone the only after -- rates generally don't actually my Bud's talked to both spirited out go to the backs. -- goal for me me for a wobbly pop. I mean everything is abbreviated announced a brighter here and -- -- even not even dries me crazier than the single K. Well someone can't be bothered to -- OK what about they big K little KK okay what does that mean. Your -- while that's an hour. All right these young. Thank you can whoop -- and you're my. EAB and. Latest volley in -- but what does that mean you're not my -- CN that I guess that is standard results earlier serves. All right listen to this one this is the one they came in during the 7 o'clock hour. And I'm I'm I'm I'm really concerned about this child. And memories that will last the lifetime. I just found out. That my boyfriend. Has been secretly wearing my underwear. And I'm crushed. Unfortunately. My six year old son and that was the one who told me. I'd been dating rob. For just over a year -- Well Saturday my son asked me why rob where's my underwear and not his opponent Barack teachable moment. I have so many questions. But why does he do this and should -- stay with him I think -- the most important ones. What's DO -- here nor. I mean -- and I and everybody. Is still all everybody's got a little ridiculous and and we wish you know it's a teachable moment assuming -- you say you're -- paid Jimmy. You know high you have a favorite pair of jeans or figure Paris socks that don't you know -- have a -- -- issues now that your most comfortable pair. That's that's the easiest he's -- you know it's just their comp. I've never understood this. What is what is it that why why is that the man and it does it eat you out of the woman or do you think it's sexy that a man would be wearing your unmentioned. Actually incidents that are now and I don't think middle class -- -- -- a dude in a lacy and don't ya. -- -- Wanna see Diana coached tight -- don't think that you -- does -- yeah. It doesn't get do a good provider news he's getting the rapper he takes care of the -- he's -- with the -- -- what does it matter peace plan a little baseball would Jimmy in the backyard -- And he's and he's gotten. And is mumbling up is where -- have a I doubt the ball short -- doesn't speak through his short -- well Jimmy obviously sunny underwear in -- -- like the underwear again and you know it is just -- didn't need anybody. He's gonna get a single and with the kid she says she took a chance -- this guy -- -- mainland -- kid and now she's like -- now that's that I can't let it around. Yeah if you make a big deal about it the kid's gonna remember sure -- -- can forget about that in him and is -- -- ever gonna forget -- -- of course I know I don't mom who oppose the lacy -- I think -- Jimmy so innocent and don't walk walk -- we're having fun and what a little Jimmy wants to get six year old songs while. And little Jimmy he's insecure upon who cares a tea and that's an army has bigger problems in the world and that others bigger problem is probable dear as life that poor -- They'll never forget that hello John. It's actually shot Greg Sean let's go to early members speaking outside the they let that we've -- to -- -- you know hot to uphold jump in down. You know there's there's a woman not only -- under underwear. And it actually in the bedroom. Well I ears saying that her underwear would have to be big to fit him is that we're saying -- Well in the frontal area yeah I think I'd jump he usually hanging and well -- -- all jump though how big is the guys -- what acted to get them really know where it. I'd like to know out in what context the child saw the man in his mommies and there. I thought she had him in the greater happiness upper big Jimmy opens the door knocking faces moms and there are. But on zoning -- breakfast. I guess I -- you know I mean it's just. What's the big deal that's really disturbing and so many ways what's the best way to hide bruises on your bomb. I cheated on my boyfriend as we get and the guy hooked up where it went a little overboard with the spanking. Now on our now I'm worried my word scrambles -- when we go to the B. Shadow of what he's of course sort of the big -- of all I would say is that I went seat just giving this one could still be right up front. Hey I'm I'm going for a massage. And then and then you're you're all -- legitimacy -- -- home elemental and demand the masseuse got a little beyond the you know the -- got after it. I did the best out of those are tough ones I have been to bite marks. Like -- you know the girls like to bite the lippold a little bit. But the big brown nor the scratches and -- scratches on the back after the dead giveaway. -- not easy for the tide that's that's one of those things the year started board for and I -- that works enemy away from the week and they go to achieve a spirited Franzen -- your mom and -- -- Medicaid to winters -- Visit Texas says here's an idea don't she fuel -- hey there's a -- -- we can't when he got to be so mean for TV HOT that essay yeah I want -- played pretty pretty hard are the are common the five finger of -- with sand -- millions that is -- -- -- it's you know. It's 819. And we are going inside the symbol male mind as we do every Monday here on the Hill Man Morning Show you know I can I just go back. Can I go I go back to this. You know what you gotta do. Flying home. Have a session with the with the lights out I'll have him and haven't spank you -- a good ideas you -- back to -- -- can you needed 24 hour -- that's that's exactly what you gonna do it. -- -- -- a way to you know get yet throw the PGA's aren't turned the -- so wait for him to come to the rapper can't throw it and -- even between sessions grounds. This Texas is that what that woman got a massage on or Ireland. She aside. I just found out that I I just found out on the credit card bill. That my husband has sent flowers to a woman he works with several times. He says that -- he says it's because she got. Promotions. Is that legit or is he cheating. Many promotions as yet well every other way -- and the grass is a dual -- record while. Again Ian yeah you know what you know hours that he's been waiting assessment not an hour Aaron might a document owner of the -- while I mean the only team -- -- -- -- credit -- -- -- -- eighty is she's -- -- you kill me and he smiled at the beach Saturday my husband's that I should Wear one piece does that mean he thinks I'm fat. It took part but I. That are battery go maybe get the stretch marks -- Lazard. I'm making up. Oh does that mean there are diseases like one pieces that mean you think she's. I think of course I think you'd be he's got to have some street credit -- wanna saunter out on the beach and under rodeo and -- that he's so bombed out and and Dana you know hit the hit that hit the gym Wear whatever you want -- first world. We're what -- you want don't worry about the importance as -- were bikini united fired out. They make affect Cheney's man I have been dating Seth for a month. I mean I really like him there. Last night he started questioning me about pictures that were on mayans the -- Korea some -- Donald Sterling. My question is why would he do this and will this be an issue going forward -- law. At thirty days mr. and security terms of thousand and there it is insecure. Checking the ins to Graham -- that I think that's unbelievable I don't eat I don't I don't think I immediately for for trespassing. You know what to do that. That's only the beginning to how -- -- -- how long before he's allowed to -- I don't believe anybody should realize okay. That's our private stuff yeah if listeners -- on your diesel is you can't trust. Someone. Then one would even do and the other. No. -- 774 text my husband likes to talk about other women during sex. I don't really mind perhaps. I don't really mind in the moment. But after unlike -- is this normal no. That's not that's unbelievable that it's completely lacked a hundred. So hot hot team and how do you even get turned on but there are so -- -- on your Becky. -- That is down bazaars. Could. This is let me be specific to Maryland and ourselves out that would be okay because it here enough time has passed -- not too soon know Lindsay. I am I didn't care. -- to date getting out. Happily married I can quarterly haven't got a crush on you know I think I think you're still high and let your voice -- -- -- about -- and you're on them. And what's your -- What's your husband's name. -- -- OK if he does he listen to the show. You realize how desperate are you realize he just became aroused when he heard you say that yeah. Now I'll -- house and. Absolutely and -- You're talking about this lady went terribly different issue was wearing into action and it -- sheep oops they're -- That -- underwear interaction do you -- well and that -- Let me AT&T. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and great time commercial. Are people saying things that state -- -- -- lot of different food -- coupon and committed to grab and -- like. I try my -- -- -- -- a very very stunning and I really am a little -- and FaceBook Lindsay hagel thank you and come out on opening day do you know usually that subjects that -- -- -- -- -- that -- like I had gotten. The statute of limitations on mentioning that has run out a six out of the more and I haven't argument going with the guy just started dating. I think he should pay for our first ten dates how many days do you think you guys should pay Fuller. I'm I'm I'm definitely always fares are usually don't like I don't MEK commander wants America project and we and -- remembered for breakfast of -- but she took care written. Yeah I don't know why not envy of the most guy should pay. For most topics really now for most of the day yeah. I mean -- you know it's nice -- you know once you know what's in bloom and you wanna say I -- how I wanna take you to lunch if you if the girl says I wanna take little inch. And that's coaching and take utilized but the man should I'll let you guys are going out on a date -- -- should pass. Yeah. Chivalry to that guy who's about to pick up his phone and calling mention women what are all women's let me -- wanna be treated equally you can debate that. -- then now and -- -- I'm dating a 48 year old guy have 26. Like a lot of things a bottom up these always try to do things to make it seem like easy that he wears clothes that are inappropriate for is a check. Text me using the hash tags and abbreviations. And is always sending me sell -- it's kind of he asked why would a man do this. Because he's having a mid life crisis -- yeah welcome to my match. You know there again and I'm types ZI I'm I'm I don't know play act young younger than I am. But I know that you know I mean I mean at a point when I turned fifty that are monitored out in July down let's not confuse young and immature and yeah I mean not only that I don't hold taxing thing I just I don't I don't get the texting tweeting I mean I I understand you have to do it because it's it's. It it's a world we live in. But the whole -- -- Arctic crap through the phone what's romantic about what what is I think he's doing. I mean and then six and 48 now for not frivolous she got a boat loaded you know get out there yeah. As such I mean I I get it if he has all the toys in -- you only have to see him maybe on weekends. -- holidays we've got another you know boy you know that the money that that kind of thing. It'll yeah. -- -- A -- my boyfriend a year now -- has custody of his kids but he hasn't introduced them to me yet they don't know like I -- -- even at their dad has a girlfriend. Reason being the ex -- physically -- won't leave -- should I put my foot down and tell -- I'll leave if he doesn't let me meet them. What he wanted to -- for anyway and our listeners that a well a lot she -- -- -- you don't want to keep -- you know I try to get out and I just gets sucked back a government. He did -- in -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't really it's just that he -- epithet for your own happiness might -- Just you -- get out instant family about it that's instant knowing about it yet it's overrated overrated them about you. You know if you if you don't do what you wanna do in your life and be happy -- and then -- and I don't think anybody wakes up tomorrow and if you don't want. At a -- me again I would like three or four kids I'm. What I -- do it today here's the 978. Texas says by any chance are the inappropriate closed the old dude is wearing shorts. Well I don't see -- I guess I'm that I'm not the guy that would creep her out -- -- -- -- -- good fifty year old guy that would be awesome for 26 year old perfect zero pressure -- I don't care when you wanna -- -- -- what you do when you're not with me when you're with me here. Double take care you we will have your -- incredible amounts of fine yeah we'll do. All great fans who are these statements card go to McCain didn't Jane Miller super duper intrepid. Blasts -- heard -- it vineyard amicably Jack didn't go back the -- plays what the whole -- jacket Bob mirage little -- out of them. Courtyards are getting he's getting very specific loses but gives us -- right it's Sunday I don't right now we come back and then you do you -- fight me don't have to -- -- when everyone is teaming up. All right as you know well I don't hashed -- great weekend how passionate he can't wait to. This this has bid as it always is on Monday's inside the simple mail mind.