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Hill-Mail 8-18-14

Aug 18, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages over the weekend the main topic was the Ohio man having sex with dead bodies at the morgue.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Each unit -- talk. As they Hill Man Morning Show presents his old man out. I think that's how big. I can come into work today. But aspect. Of the second club most. Don't yet. On WAA. It. -- mail messages today. -- by the city of busting credit union for all your lending needs including mortgages. Home improvement loans and home equity loans. Visit city of Boston CU dot com that's CB of Boston's CU dot com. And MLS number 403469. Equal housing lender. 749. DN. Column and drive. You're correct in just now. I thought that all weekend -- -- -- pisses me off a nice spent. The majority of a weekend back in traffic like a rookie I went Saturday. Saturday -- and I were driving up demand. And he completely. Screwed me over with the he got the Jordan retro threes sneakers -- rhetoric but could only pick a -- From like between eleven and noon or something I would have -- the whole trip now I would know and I'm sorry I wouldn't help capture -- tiger not a parent. Title -- thirteen mile backup so got a late start and like it and five people died in accidents in New Hampshire right before this. Right before the bridge in the -- just a nightmare so -- yesterday. He and I were coming back and I'm like you know what I'm -- it was like 1 o'clock normally should be fine -- it's like a reasonably. Partly sunny day and just did three hours that like -- ridiculous. Just be tricked by -- by the record chopper can it get Alec -- orca you know be like the I'd like to borrow one helicopter. A brand new as a helicopter it's like the boat you know by helicopter in a -- on user. I'll borrow helicopter. Send me twelve. 51 PM. These comments that are not -- a lot out of Kabul on these intermittent hit right into the act -- people don't ignore this dot. Everybody that I'm not here that believe apple is -- guys there's news. -- -- -- That was all over the place keep comic drama what's the next one or do you remember and now -- -- an excellent going to be all -- I was gonna (%expletive) me off -- I -- is set I was at this is is this morning our last night when I was heading into town some -- Of course was in the left lane doing like thirty on the highway doc and like it just ride the and screaming at myself in my car like -- the hands waving my hand shaking and thrown my from my hands up in the air. Eight people a on 21 AM. Did this -- because then there's apparently Illinois -- Lopez and has been put down. Potent power with a steak sandwich you cannot. And then hit this bull. 2000 pound -- attack that guy. And they had the police in Littleton had put it down had to shoot it breaks I think I was court right -- -- -- get a couple times. That is that's an irrational fear in Littleton. I don't think he signed. And then. -- don't like you saw. Or implement US forward LB grown confident with this gallon of milk and as we've made double and they have with. And that it. I guess apparently the UFO that I thought I saw this morning on the way in. And that many -- you may have seen was Venus and Jupiter -- They were there were these two bright lights in the sky and I was like. I think that's I think that's that unidentified flying object that's because I now. Who think you could see Venus and Jupiter and apparently. All week. Correct in that early morning hours just report on just before Don who you will be able to see Jupiter and and Venus is visible were right there in the going to astronaut and an early morning sky. Six eighteen and hands. But it's sound -- over eleven million dollar fine -- let me get out were doing the talent and donate more than money. LeBron James Oprah and we only half a lot of -- and our people this area. Get out in donating. And then that some of these NBA guys when they challenge their bodies they challenge and to donate like 20/20. -- -- the year -- on trial I think that's where a lot of the money is I guess I'll add it up so quick but it's amazing. It's it's amazing if you do it right unlike Bieber who took a saucepan. Of cold water and ordered deported over his head. And didn't quite X accused the ice bucket challenged the way it is supposed to be executed. Well the best yet the best yet is -- -- NHL freeagent -- former -- Phoenix coyote. Well with the helicopter thermal I see that we have ASEAN now oh -- Sosa out in Arizona he climbs atop the mountain young men firefighting helicopter. I want her dad died at all covered the heart of the problem and then -- like a thousand gallons. Law that is disconnect between Obama and that is that the best lunar ice wouldn't accept guys but so it's. Now I nominate. Barack Obama. I felt like somebody spilled a glass of water they certainly had no water exactly would have because he used there's a saucepan there's also -- ice and it. That it's and that he had he had sex with every girl I was laughing immediately -- -- -- with those girls are just lying there nude. A legs spread waiting from the finish -- expected challenged offense that's of them iron I get in on the 150 no -- -- minute -- that. The evening the president will accept his challenge because he's Bieber you know. Didn't accept the challenge from Ethel Kennedy nobody nobody -- it means that that from. On the beads. 703. AM. A threat and under colonists thought you had such a great night last night I won't have a greet them. I only needed two more people man. Clinton noted that. More than 0:3. AM. I was so relieved to hear live in -- but the radio this morning there was. I don't have an accident and brilliant and I love debuted got the bad diagnosis from the doctor. Yeah -- could help wounded and a lot of people been texting me I was you. I'm not your own -- completely 100%. -- collier fine you look great. On the a man -- now issued open it did help in they safety and Hillary was his name is from an opinion they saying. That's. He died from blunt trauma which you would think would probably be obvious that case I think some more and phonies who can I mean you've experienced skydiver. On so I think maybe it's just case of something gone wrong they say and believe they city died from the impact when he landed a cell that she did open cell. I'm sure they're gonna do a full investigation. 705. AM. -- that you wonder -- -- to clap when they want to grab. Because the people of all. And then now. I don't think that's appropriate word what was weird years those little person a little effort via. But that would tickle it's. And progress -- That's that the that the that the you like that is what you'll like by. When now finally upon us well now I'm. There are a little -- there what does this low hanging fruit at you know seven I think you -- -- -- and it was a -- it was a -- I -- question. -- with a male -- Well. It's a Texas as they're shocked he that you haven't low low low hung routed the -- -- reference I think that was the honor of the for that I think -- -- -- I think the greatest yeah I long there was a real high moisture and recruited reign as referenced earlier that's -- earlier this morning. Wouldn't think -- That's more important -- -- better put that body. You can literally like have the experts think it works particularly cold and that's where it's every bit of the Atlantic -- Oh now I knew that was coming. Automatic in Ohio. A mortician has admitted. To having sex with hundreds. Of dead body yes I couldn't even put a number on -- it was busted because it is. Wife said he came home and he smelled of sex and so and he admitted it to her and she alerted the authorities I don't yet. I don't think you're dead body would smelled so -- well Vegas he gators smell that smell -- Rob Schneider whatever of Iraq right. How bad do you feel though as a woman if years you're so bad in bed that your husband once that's excellent at. I know it's bad embedded I just it's there. It all there it's there yet did you have to understand that the simple men are it's they air. Not everybody is gonna do a dead body but sometimes. I'm -- with embodies everything you know one that checks cannot nobody around nobody around around at night originally Kelly. Oh forgot your Kindle -- -- awful reveals the same Rivera if no my radio -- did what's the difference what's the difference. A little bit of -- 47 AM. -- There's definitely -- an anything goes you're all. And that message. And you know I'm not a -- that the greets them in the in the funeral home. And doing goes faster and cook but -- we don't have anything goes the and he opens funeral home. That. Poor little old. They're great I think he should lighten up on that Morgan employees over in Ohio and there couldn't. That electrical work there and work. And it meant. The this is Carl from Scott's glass yes that's Carl. And it -- -- don't really. And then you and that is going to admit that we RB. That this. The guy who does the -- grass that commercial I am glad I got to the Scottish guy there senior roles yes this golf and it's guy. Yes. We won't then he can't. That guy at some more regularly are afraid the government office that it wouldn't let him in the you wanna get the benefit of the Johnson it was just archer expert and now you don't know I -- there I assume you think it was all women. Oh man I have. The pulpit -- -- -- I mean take a candidate to when I just. You're lying in there now -- you're supine. If you're the -- The rigor mortis descendant is their -- after the well because I mean how he how do you really like about the way ya well. I mean the easiest thing in his confession. Was when he was talking about how he went into the freezer. Get his next victim out yes it's so clearly the bodies were were frozen not only when they frozen but there was. The rigor mortis. I do remember. Well the freezer full minute or -- rooms and bad. -- You quote cruel and I. I'm like -- he says I do remember it he had clearly been questioned for life. You know thirty times and that now he didn't and then he goes oh yeah oh we oh we -- video oh yeah I confessed my wife oh yeah I do remember yup you know what that's right. It was a Tuesday night and -- things were a little slow and I do remember the one in their -- grabbed. Of the body out and tactically this was. 617 tax man will say anything to get their wife to leave them alone while last year when it was announced. Maybe that's what is. Let's see rigor mortis goes away after a day or two. OK so that they don't have these animals and an open and human humans you know. Interest that's like that makes America I thank -- What -- -- just -- it's okay that's better if you're snapped I don't get up and then we'll per game and they're totally Lambert did not. TC OT that -- over there the only liquefied inside. Another thing it's just gone and just discuss. Are right well.