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Hill-Mail 8-15-14

Aug 15, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the previous 24 hours, topics covering some news stories mainly the man who died having sex with a donkey.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. -- -- for the and on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Keeps you returned to talk. As the Hill Man Morning Show presents -- old man out. But like. I think it looked at and amp amp because it. We don't want them -- open -- On WA. Eight and a half. Is it true this is a tax that Benny Hill is Ozzy Osborne's real father. That is about action and Mac I don't. I'm not I don't bowl I don't believe he's younger than on -- -- But I don't believes mr. Bean's wife is a smoke show yes have you receive yes yeah he's amazing a -- he's one of my -- do -- like -- -- -- -- -- -- you -- continue. -- -- Yeah here and tell you that -- -- yet yeah yeah yeah yeah eight aggregate a little note back. Bet keys song we don't talk anymore by eight Richard yes was written -- outright otter. About. Harry Potter. And again and missing and yeah our water cooler or. I'll I'll I'll -- -- I got I got a. Kind JK Rowling was working as a waitress answer Cliff Richard and now she's ninety billion dollars. All right. Today's hill mail messages are brought to you by Cadillac of Norwood the dealership you deserve -- visit them on route one the auto mile or online at Cadillac Norwood dot com. They've -- 7:33. AM. Yeah it is outdated. And I think that that is an -- it is. And I will back. He. They have been days. Now he's got a pretty good attendance. Record in the instincts. And on the Mariners aren't married it's no alarm -- my name -- everyday life so let's get an extra day pause -- -- power lines we don't hear it falls right on Obama next Thursday -- is in a missed work -- earnings after the meetings Friday which means to be spent a week right through labor. The algorithm yeah haven't figured it out in I -- I -- -- Labor -- -- -- and de -- yeah. I think it tries to -- and out. Where you suspended around holiday weekend now the twentieth of the 21 lesson I guess when you -- -- -- in -- -- laughed so drifting in. A I've worked my business that went that it. And you're done. -- -- 7:33. AM. I think -- at all based there. I didn't -- blood today and I -- that. The second car unload. I gotta get going and. And the men who would yesterday -- audio of a guy calling 911 because there was there was that chickened out of it and -- -- -- -- America -- get mad at your current acumen chicken in the casket hate today hate. -- yeah. Hello -- American chickens in the -- easy and. Pretty. That -- actually got a call up certain kick it turned out in less. And which is -- the lights out. I think it's almost. Yet this site it's really until Google -- They're not a total -- The ladies she she is she's on the show I think a few policy than perfect right right it traffic prop yes it's causing a five minute delay -- And might cause a seven minute that takes the chicken a long time to walk across the absolutely. -- -- 7:58. AM. That -- -- site he'll get better in the wild but the -- is that it don't need to be directly. -- -- -- -- the message on the -- month. It was someone's -- on -- 7 AM. -- credit problem map right they're not open I -- out of my car alarm fire. No more critical by the outside a huge problem I thought why aren't and it. In this message keep Komondor on that's gonna prevent road rage I play it's somebody driving bananas if somebody gets cut off and there enraged they're gonna see that -- and Alia I should keep -- and and just drive by itself when I wanna go back to Bristol obviously my family and I say that. They bust my balls on airline -- if they contract line but -- -- -- -- that's an aspect centers kills me. Seventeen and. I know you're an elderly women do -- -- was there -- -- -- better what can write more. And that message and yeah rob mentioned earlier than he's got a couple step daughters and everybody's been all over them and ask him how whole. Eighty is -- And you know any of these lax as Ali said couple years yeah all -- -- him shift over them like -- fifty users know now. I have no idea. I guess it is known. -- -- -- Think 36 and him. And you're. Down a lot of those all my nose here again now that he's sending all my mom. And a year who. What the -- boo in here yes there are you. Mahmoud Abu -- There Luke Donald is. And that men. In Saudi Arabia died while having quote it is with a donkey kick in the asked us to all. Well if it is several times the -- they -- in the face once in the chest did I should say he's from Saudi Arabia it happened in England. And wonder what position restaurant you. -- I would imagine it not get without. And coming up next the 119. By the humanly. Moving five spots -- number. Donkey style. He beat Ian. -- but no it didn't that he didn't art and I can -- well. -- -- -- People are pissed about Gene Simmons in the comments he made about suicide in the wake of Robin williams' death -- -- six column out others are calling him out. They've basically said if he sees a guy allege he says job there and it's yeah. They've done he doesn't he doesn't that I believe in mental illness and even depression doesn't really admit that depression is even Hitler budget season after Andy's -- likes to call their Block's easy for gene assay. I mean has -- been diagnosed with parkinson's like Robin Williams -- -- was diagnosed with parkinson's. I I do think that. It must be very difficult when -- do when -- told by a doctor. Your life is gonna get. Much worse horrible it's it's going to be -- junior then my grandmother had it. And yeah it's. You're mentally intact and you just its agenda like any other degenerative disease you don't lose the ability to do everything she was confined to a bed and had to communicate with a tiebreaker I mean it's just my no doubt that died on Parkinson's disease yeah it's awful it's -- it's just it's is no way. You can I you know I know that's coming up but I can even imagine. That the internal struggle that you would have knowing that's your face him. -- -- -- Battle there with our current air forty I don't -- -- hate them all helping this week. And then that it until until we can get it must. When you're not a good job. I gacy case of what was his says signature alive. Keep your hands got to keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching during this guy's. Idea and generally don't and -- drive on and keep your hands -- good jockey. And -- -- sting like a champ. And an older. So they don't like that that are going to be that their commitment they thought I. But before that I did that I got -- -- -- hear all the talk about -- -- sure what they have to make it more interesting but then I thought to myself. By the great run as an advocate inordinately sensitive spot to be -- And then now and that's what I do. Three innings for four innings and may make it more exciting. I think and everybody get home and get some sleep out of they have to get up the next -- That would charity golf tournaments -- yeah. Just make -- nine holes. That would be awesome you know what I mean like in the final scramble yeah you know it doesn't need to be six hour -- to do three foursome was on each goal -- and -- nine holes like 90 absolutely insane -- if you could just party on every ball blog you're to be great time you're done social event -- Rule and then. So -- man. Everything except you're unemployed I'm -- they -- meant that didn't help him and then you have kind. In Britain and mom I'm home I get that image and when you get into but I'm hire somebody I thought of hiring a smoke show. And that includes a dollar for every benefit of a deal with Ukraine he isn't -- didn't know where to drive you or the right condition at a place less than you usually turn to -- JE initiated are somehow a them reason recognized. Yeah you're watching imagine. You know -- -- -- -- right on JD -- -- she's gone with one of the single bright athletes -- and feel better salesman no driver who did call screening takes a year to learn to drive being great driver and social coordinator does at least it actually enhance your learning curve on the that's quick easy Dan. Rewarding what's happening again. Talking about that that donkey incident -- an obscure record yes. Monday animal that the JK the movie the other guys they play in eight years -- JJ in the Prius. Oh yes yes -- then move forward and. Coming up next. A tragic -- story a man killed over a piece of that. -- -- -- -- Though it's funny. That's affiliate links between people and -- There -- and drive down the tonight there are lucky that they know let's pick myself then I -- that the banner that. Oh yeah that it. -- It's eleven thank you -- her participating during held mail this morning.