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Is It Fact or Is It Schmact 8-15-14

Aug 15, 2014|

LB with lazer show descriptions and explanations during this edition of Facts/Schmacts with topics covering the orignal Big Mac name, do people walk faster than they use to, which country drinks the most beer, and why does 1 testicle hang lower than the other?

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. -- -- -- And on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. But -- Hill Man Morning Show invites you to test your wits. Again still weeks -- not Fernando and I just watched the whole scale of the -- well -- on the other side that with a jacuzzi. Is this walk before. -- -- I -- people would choose their toenails he'd step they took facts she Mac. Days of facts she acts winners will receive tickets to go see Judas Priest at the strongest center on October 14 who could -- so call right now. 6179311. A a -- And you can join us. For a faction Max before we are joined. By former Boston Red Sox pitcher Jon Lester who will be on the show at 7:20. This morning hello does the I'm Derek what's gone dusty. Until much on trying to do the talking and video of of these sites but it's shown -- -- That. Are -- big plans for the weekend that's the work where they're -- -- -- yeah -- that you can obligated he's now going on now -- they are right dusty. The big Mac was originally called the Mac daddy. But that means flopped so they decided to call the big Mac is that fact or should act. -- -- -- -- -- -- In the beginning but it was not the Mac daddy in his mediation acting yes and if it is it's -- a -- you know that yes from the economy meant when McDonald's in McDonald's started back in the fifth yeah. It was called originally the aristocrats. Classic -- you have a president and a commitment and that didn't work you know missed her long legged Mack daddy and I badly I felt like yes you know what they called. On Nazi you know nearly I don't. Less than ours I did but I did Lorena what musical partner prints but yeah I'm completely Royale with cheese -- chi chi -- big -- -- at least it was the other what's the other burger at McDonald's the -- quarter -- The whopper even a lot of -- and work on the conference -- -- -- -- a rodeo which he's. -- -- All right next how are you but. What about you big plans for the weekend. I'm just so parties. Just what what is it a little thought it was -- college. Excellent. All right -- people around the world. Now walk. 10%. Faster. Then we did ten years ago back -- mapped. With. Does that have stayed in many are becoming -- I think that. You're gonna thing with that I'll be audience that it's inevitable there's no way we can not be faster because were bigger. But a we're -- -- to what we beast when -- -- -- forty years fifty years ago if you were five foot eleven you weren't tall -- now. -- shrimp bowl. It was this fact we walked faster and visionary yeah but yeah world we live in now known him for nobody anymore it is it is indeed stop its the water cooler shoot the -- after the kids are doing is it is a fact that. Well Brian white was. Ryan how Mario. -- don't -- in the country that drinks the most here. Is Namibia. Fact -- Mac well there are. It through the electric car that's -- I'd like I mean and bring it I wouldn't let that happen and I you know me I love the tour for 2% confidence from all over this directories to run -- -- -- the -- and actually act that. Absolutely. Nice job by -- the -- The average person in Namibia drinks 376. Cans of beer per year. The house cents per person parents per year and surprising -- drink the water ya gotta hydrate went on -- with a bugs here in the United States the average is 249. -- for personnel be here and out. -- Soviet unite crashed yesterday especially affected the curtain -- am amateurs hello hey Alex. How are Alex period there where he come from. -- The hometown of Mike Hsu yeah -- Yeah but Alex the reason that one testicle. Hangs a lower than the other. Is so. Is so you don't hurt yourself when running stacked or smacked. There. That's funny here's you know it's about the idea that you give me a loan and was. Just great everybody played -- -- like thousands and thousands and thousands of people men and women. Listening to -- that are just like picturing senate -- upset but -- ones yeah I am trying to figure out on the Internet they're good at the legs are lower at the right -- it can -- yeah its match. It's that -- and I got a revolution -- yeah -- it's got to be able to escape. Sure the tiger Orion whenever and they even wanna have not pain while running away from and it it from the line -- -- similar -- -- -- look out. It's it's called it's called evolution god what a genius it's called the evolution of the not -- and why one hangs lower than the other.