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Former Red Sox Ace Jon Lester 8-15-14

Aug 15, 2014|

Former Red Sox ace Jon Lester called from Atlanta where his new team A's take on the Braves. The big lefty gave us some insight on the Sox communication with him during the deadline, his life in a new city, and the possibility of a return to Fenway next summer.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. Joining us now from Atlanta. Where his Oakland days -- take on the Atlanta Braves tonight it is former Red Sox -- I hate saying that former Red Sox days. Jon Lester Johnny there. Yeah yeah how are. I just wanna warn it may get a little emotional reasons and minutes we we miss the irony. And -- Appreciate. The it. What what do you miss most about Boston. -- -- it just in August oh relationship that you built over the years. You know -- are. Cute but -- changed but not many so. Oh you don't read -- and shot terrible thing anyway. Alert new people saying yeah. You know your your way around it he actually got GPS though it. You know army to boot the little -- big -- -- or granite. Or are so law. All yeah I mean is it is you know your. When it comes to the West Coast in California is that is it tough adjusting to that there's you know come in coming from the East Coast. Our meet -- yes and no I mean act grew up out there so if you don't believe it -- where -- -- out. You know look it's similar -- all. Yet the water color but I think the bigger they. Beat you use are used to being on the east -- -- -- -- Turn it on an -- and -- being all. About winded and -- that sort of thing but you don't beat -- a quote from McCain here. There's not a popular thing that is what the late. So that that that will be different sectors he used the tax the arcane. At all. But everything ought. Did it did DA and you know this is that been talked about by everybody -- Nazr and since you left because people people really love gears so did did the trade catch you off guard. I mean yes and now amid epic is all those deals where. Sit back if you look at the situation to look at. What's going on it and it then was ready then. Object. Kept me by my agent a little -- bank. -- episode that statement and -- try to make sure that we knew. What was her her book which true what we go global goal ought to the big states so. I guess -- in it actually did -- -- get a kick your your -- don't they beat out -- -- but. You bet that they that they did a good job of communicating. And make sure that we we found out from them as opposed to you're reading it all -- and outward so. -- -- time and -- you know your Johnny don't you go through just about every year. -- future that it catcher -- At all when it comes to two bro hugs how do you rate the one that John Henry gave -- Little awkward. Yeah I thought you know who's who do weird you -- hundred gig you know out all about the law. At the truck and drive. To move and he's just an -- -- I didn't worry that you walk up. And it traffic he kind of surprised me. So you argued that the truck and I but -- just you know commercially -- and then you know union vote figure by. I can't win it but. Of more of expects those. You know it being pulled me aside he wanna talk to -- at which got Bob Lewis was very hard to. -- appreciated that you told me there you go but fights are closed doors where there was no. No photographs. -- I expect. We actually shook hands and actually had -- -- -- so. Nobody at that -- was a little awkward. We're talking would Jon Lester it was Zahn. But after that first offered you know that knew what was considered real lay low -- offer or who was was there rat animosity were you upset. Or were you just like cam and a dominant pitch my way and then through the season -- happens. You know and are I mean -- you know I don't sort of people understand just. Keep saying you know nobody nobody behind. -- close doors -- us talking it. And dealing with ownership and I'm dealing -- and then Wednesday opposition so you know I understood. We're starting or worse and and you know it didn't. And it's not like they offered that and -- stop. You know that the -- was. You know closer to the industry training so we had a little bit little bit of time to negotiate we use that time. The best of our ability and just couldn't. You couldn't come up with a deal from matters so. You know there -- animosity there is no. Patriot or anything like that I know you know those guys didn't get so -- The Boston Red Sox -- stupid and just. You know starting at a point where you -- EG -- -- -- Are you that you are are too low so they know what they're doing and adding that other organs or purchase a set their -- -- It's you know but I I just wanna give you a heads up. You know go to school on him -- -- Tom Warner is different mind news we plea deal when classical and went there and he played in the game -- those. I'm gonna make a point maybe it is going over Chatham up a little bit see if we can get some of the -- for. I'm thinking you know five. Five five. Years 25 mil a year with with your options your choice. Very sick here -- for thirty. And that I'd like you know what I'm thinking maybe is that because there -- things not so -- -- you're gonna pull down you know World Series ring Oakland this year and are going to be nice nice maybe get ship. Forty -- front guarantee. Yeah let's get to the -- we guarantee the whole deal will be your your options -- it's -- so I just want you to know that and that's what I'm working on behind the -- it is an idea I think -- -- an important part. Out of our movement forward now in Boston LB is been consistently saying that you're coming back so eight the are you are you open to coming back here. Yeah then I think it's just been that and and that -- that. You know when we actually get to that point are old but -- doctrine that get their -- -- you -- hope. You can only hope at this point that. You know looked very serious true that they want to beat editor at upper they're off the back so. -- you said the other day. That you would you would consider playing for for less somewhere correct. Well yeah I mean what the whole point -- was. That the the question. The question. It was -- they are you gonna basically be booed by the highest bidder and Mike Martz what art that is. It is I don't need to go to the highest -- If that's not gonna make me happy. I'm not gonna just take the highest -- the most money. The most years just because it's funny to me that. That's not how -- make this Arctic this space Iraq. He -- -- it and is this place where -- spots in order to either. Of the 29 teams that this place going to be good for me in my family that the -- Then yeah. You know if you leave money on the table or that position now that it said it made people respect -- that you had to go that you. But for -- you might be informed decision of you know they can just put -- make me happy and do the right situation to meet. And and you just go from iron and experts most years to the most money -- and that's what did it. And is it true. That happen. Cancel your cable yet is that is that actually got. A better accurately. Exactly. Paying bills well. Let's hear it Jon Lester is our guest that John I appreciate come on this morning what's your what's your favorite memory in animates our team for. Implode mean there's there's so many. You know obviously I think the one that stands out the most news it's game six -- -- Last year I think anytime. You win a World Series is great. Well it. At the fact that you know we finished at Fenway Park. And it got so brick proper credit cents. I think it's probably -- -- archer. And their difference between the Oakland fans in the Boston fans and your plan NC be careful. Expect a I mean yeah -- anywhere you go you're getting it at different. The difference seal those quotes -- transpiring. You know the other day was great showed -- Korea. Or Saturday big game and their people are you know are there 830 they'll be pretty incorporated party at the gate so that. You know it's it's a bit different atmosphere at the same time it's cool sometimes deter Ernest is -- You know this this is this is now on premier and we're gonna work or do especially. So and nobody out there is saying hey last that EU soc. He's here yeah. I haven't heard that yet though. We'll look we'll wait and see how how the rest -- the people in Europe. -- -- IE you know it but that everybody misses you here and and and people who are satin and I think people want to come back so LB has confirmed that you're willing to come back. Third like virtually no money. And and by the way I got it in the deal I will host it out of every. Now he wants you -- -- -- but it. -- -- -- -- -- But hey did you ever get that -- did you ever get that do you ever get to -- from my Norwood caddie before -- after the not to Libya that. You know Leo we we got it and I got to drive for a whole lot but like predates -- how we had the British Open on the Georgia we've even been -- take it out here driver around so. -- I listen John thanks to check and and and the way you look at it. Can tell by where you know what would always eleven were priority we want you to win it all with -- Oakland you know and then now we'll see what happens. When my negotiations in not coming back for -- court -- next there. That it's -- go to appreciate it all right John thanks I'll -- decent.