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Logan Mankins of the New England Patriots 8-14-14

Aug 14, 2014|

Patriots offensive lineman Logan Mankins opened up this season of the Hill-Man Huddle to talk about Carey Williams and the Eagles joint practices, and his new team mate Darrelle Revis.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule had WA AF dot com. Okay. They're Hill Man Morning Show cruising this football and catch the -- Bay hill man I don't want. It is always a pleasure to have our next guest on this show. And got them is a big Fella and so I think we appreciate today like yesterday when it's raining and it's not ninety and sunny. Logan Mankins. The New England Patriots joins us this morning how are about eight. There are doing great. An exciting time here not only accessible and put -- -- are you good every other week hospital that this. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hey listen be careful this there's a health warning. On the Rama noodles so I don't know if you ever in post practice enjoy any Rama noodles slogan but. There's a severe health warning on those to be careful. It hit it leads to heart attack and and mass stroke and diabetes as of the end of the -- beat his -- sodium. It I think about 90% especially neatly did this to. -- I'll buy it at that site to denounce as they say only -- Robert didn't. Three -- a little worse so. Yeah hey I want to ask you about Cary Williams and spy gate -- Is I mean are you shocked that this is still brought up. Yeah you -- -- give it. He quite outlet. Some people they just. Can look to bring us something to. Follow controversy may be too big name in the newspaper so. Some people just -- -- -- -- or anything like that. Bit of -- just amazing to me -- you know we're talking. A considerable period of time ago and did you pick the team has been very successful since it out so. Contributors. Like it's -- to be him right. United and that you -- -- -- some predator or well not every bit. Some. Some people -- yourself. Still we've won a lot of games since that period and that's pretty good seasons. Surely don't want -- to double play area. And had a cabinet saying you go to your garden we've been right there. Do you guys -- players enjoy the joint practices. Yeah I do. I think it's just for the team. Because -- credibility gets the same -- the same defense same techniques and then I think it's really differ. I know for just a -- position to see different rosters and basis so I think you're also able. Is there a -- himself be -- is is it tough so I quit until take me to like when you to have your little brother and had a lot can. You want and you wanna make -- crabby you know your data teacher asks they can't make a crabby as one -- a little bit is that is that kind of how the the joint practices go for you -- That's what -- order. Got to go out there were divisive that game and then there there's not a lot of there's no. -- -- no cheap shots so. And then -- -- it very clear. -- It's a very good. -- -- Political equality -- Logan Mankins our guest -- huddled here on the Hill Man Morning Show. I don't I don't think that Robert Kraft got wet enough during the ice bucket challenge. What what -- easier how do you feel about that didn't. I don't know. I -- guys vote for I think it would go low budget but I don't. There -- a couple of people don't bill and I'm rich -- in over the top with an actual vote for and so nobody really. Still a gap that I mean you have to pretty good people. Yeah you don't get it or -- -- to be pretty confident the laughter bill right -- have to be confident in your own abilities and the kind of player you -- -- -- -- Bill Belichick. I don't know if you do it have been sold out. What I guess you could yell -- him -- -- It's -- a big column. -- is Revis when you when when he when you see him in person. Yeah. Yeah you target this year they're great especially. -- what it's all part -- go to -- thought -- very. He's. Because they're fun to watch. When it was a -- particular play in particular they are -- -- -- and this is significant W assistant. It's so expect. I suspect -- chartered England. Both -- all meshes together for a certain patients to do -- -- is the good guy I mean he's one of those guys that we you know seemed like a real Dick when he's playing for the other team. But I I'm sure that we when he's on your team and is a good guy. Oh yeah he's been it's been great so parties initiative and you know I don't go to these people are put -- those guys seem to that embraced and then they can only get along. Editor ruffled a few in my and so there's there's so -- and but if you make. Yeah which which -- UN when it comes. To a longer distance for the point after -- -- -- -- somebody thinks that this golf or not. Did you get through -- yeah. Yeah she shouldn't it doesn't matter debate. Into this. It and it it. All -- -- to retreat people who are. There it doesn't matter where you have to take care of some bases around the that. Either way it's trichet after the you're gonna take on the that we just to start now. All right well listen it's great to have you on again this year. I clearly good luck tomorrow night good luck in the rest the -- see -- Lola we'll talk together and in a weaker couple weeks I. I guess it is going to be back on. She didn't do it what should. -- you know it was you know is coming back on his light. Light is coming out of retirement to join us every Monday this season. On the ice. That scripture and try to -- your sense. And I -- -- anybody to. It is the great and you're terribly. Very well thought out opinion. And as he did Yeltsin. Do what I do see -- I -- very surprised Logan Mankins. New England Patriots here on the Hill Man Morning Show.